I Freakin Reincarnated With A System Book 2 4chapter 159

Volume 2: Reborn In Irregular At Magic High School Chapter 159 Vacation Part 4

{Ding dong ,Guess who bitch!!!!}

"Comming....Please wait..." Said Tatsuya as he walked towards the door and twisted the knob. He pulled the door open only to see Ichizu standing at the door.

"Y'all ready huh..." Asked Ichizu with his trademark smile. He was wearing black-jacket and long jeans ,the cross on his neck hanged loosely emiting a subtle dark-aura which went unnoticed by everyone.

"Yo Tatsuya.....Come fast man, I saved a seat for you...." Leonhard waved towards Tatsuya ,he was wearing light blue shirt and ripped jeans.

Beside him Mikihiko also nodded towards Tatsuya. Suddenly a shadow grabbed Leonhard and threw him backwards.

"Hey Tatsuya !!!! Were's Miyuki ?????" Erika wearing a red dress appeared in front of the bus everyone was sitting inside.

"She is packing some stuff, just 5 minutes more and then we came proceed. I hope it won't be a problem ????" Asked Tatsuya.

Ichizu shook his head and replied "No ,it's okay take your time."

"Oni-sama, let's go the packing is done." Miyuki wearing a light blue dress appeared behind her brother while dragging a bag behind her.

"Ohh....Let me take care of your luggage...." Said Ichizu as a magic sequence appeared behind the suitcase and teleported it inside the bus.

"Come Miyuki, we saved a spot for you !!!!!" Said Mayumi ,she was wearing her orange dress and cape.

"Okay let's go then." Said Tatsuya as he locked his house and went inside the bus.

Ichizu also entered the bus and said "Okay guys from here we will go to the Ruujiki clan compound and from there we will reach out destination."

"Yeah let's go..... aghhh...." Erika shouted loudly but was immediately smacked by Mari who scolded her.

"Don't shout...!!!!!"

"Come on Mari-nee...Please !!!!!"

"Hahhahahehhe....You look good when you apologize, you should do it more often." Commented Mizuki ,receiving a glare from Erika.

Nikasu looked at everyone inside the bus a smiled a little before returning to his stoic expression when he saw Cynthia smiling at him.

"Y'all ready !!!!! " Shouted Ichizu as his eyes turned sparkling blue.

"Yeah let's go....." The bus started moving, it took a turn inside one of the tunnels.

"*Transformation-jutsu:- Vimana*"....Ichizu's blue eyes glowed with a sparkly brilliance as a magic circle appeared beneath the bus.

"What is this ?????" Asked Juumonji as he watched the bus transformationing into a plane shaped vehicle.

"Rise !!!!!..." The Vimana flew above the road and turned super sonic, zooming past everything.

Due to the internal space magic used on the Vimana, everyone could see that they were still seating on their seats but this wasn't a bus.

"Can someone explain me what is going on.????" Asked Leonhard.

"The space around as is not real but rather constructed with magic, these seats are in an isolated space ,meaning they were never a part of the bus. Transformation magic was used to cover the true self of the 'bus'." Explained Tatsuya.

"Ohh.... Cool." Said Leonhard.

"We have arrived guys..." Said Ichizu as the Vimana stopped in front a huge mansion or rather mansions covering a gigantic amount of space.

The whole place was surrounded by traditional clan walls covering the whole place, the huge *Legendary-eye* on the entrance made it clear that this was Ruujiki clans compound.

They exited the Vimana which disappeared in air after they left. They walked towards the gate, which opened on their arrival. Behind the door of Okasumi Ruujiki, Izani Ruujiki, Mahiyu Ruujiki ,Semiramis ,Jeanne d arc ,Medea ,Rider and others.

On their trip the servants would also accompany them ,including Karna and Artoria.

"Welcome everyone !!!!, Come inside....." No superfluous words needed, Ruujiki clan was known for their straightforward behaviour.

"Let's roll guys...." Said Ichizu causing everyone to turn and look at him with awkward looks.

"Cough cough.....Not literally....." Said Ichizu.

"Ignore him..." Said Nikasu before moving forward.

They entered the Ruujiki compound and saw two individuals standing in the center. Seeing them Tatsuya's eyes went wide, Kyouko, Muraji were also coming with them on the trip.

"Lil-bro ,I invite two of my friends too ....." Said Mahiyu.

Ichizu looked at her sister and nodded indicating he didn't had any problem with that.

Izani holding Mayuri's hand walked towards Nikasu and Ichizu.

"Welcome Oni-sama, Little Brother Nikasu....." Greeted Izani.

"Wow she is so cute, on par with Miyuki....." Squeaked Erika.

"Ichizu you to are a member of Oni-sama group, well Tatsuya congratulations you aren't alone...." Said Mayumi in a dramatic manner.

"Ichizu-Oni & Nikasu-Oni ,are they your friends." Asked the adorable creature hiding behind Ichizu.

"Now...Now Mayuri don't be afraid they are all good people...." Saying till here he glanced at everyone before stopping at Erika.

"Well most of them....." Everyone burst into laughter while wat hing the tick mark on Erika's face.

"Mayuri-chan won't you greet Big-sis..." Said Mayumi as she walked closer to Mayuri and patted her head.

Mayuri smiled merrily and gave Mayumi a hug before quickly hiding behind Ichizu. Izani looked at her little brother Nikasu and saw him smiling.

She smirked and made a face ,saying 'I know you.....' that for some reason bugged Nikasu so he...Teleported away, causing Izani to laugh merrily after successfully teasing her brother.

"Let's go everyone, it's time...." Said Ichizu as the group walked towards a *Teleportation platform*, in the whole world only Ruujiki clan were able to use Space magic to such an instant, second were Juumonji clan along with some of the Great clans.

A bright light covered them, everything went white in front of their eyes before everything returned back to normal. As soon as they opened their eyes, a beautiful City of ancient times came into their view.

Tatsuya accessed his phone to see where were they, but his finding greatly bewildered him as according to it they haven't moved from the city. An idea suddenly clicked inside his mind causing his eyes to go wide.

This small detail didn't go unnoticed by the group as Mari asked him "What happened Tatsuya....????"

Instead of answering her question Tatsuya looked towards Nikasu and asked "Don't kill me for this, but wait for the next chapter..."

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