I Freakin Reincarnated With A System Book 2 Chapter 131

Volume 2: Reborn In Irregular At Magic High School Chapter 131 Invitation From The President

Tatsuya and Miyuki were standing at the school entrance. They were currently waiting for Mizuki, Erika and Leonhard to come at this place. Even though not much time has passed since they started going to the school.

They have already became good friends with each other.

"You guys are late...." said Miyuki in a soft tone.

"Hahah....sorry Miyuki, this idiot here dragged us back otherwise we would have already be here 5 min ago." said Erika as she put the whole blame on Leonhard shamelessly.

"Erika it wasn't his fault entirely, you too were busy devouring the ice-cream at the café like a hungry wolf....." said Mizuki as she adjusted her glasses.

"No...!!!! Ruujiki-clan's ice-cream are the best, I just couldn't control myself. It wasn't my fault and don't forget that you too were eating the ice-cream and forgot to see the time." Erika defended herself.

Hearing Erika's words Mizuki blushed and coughed twice before she retorted back at her "So what you also forgot the time ,it wasn't my fault."

Tatsuya looked at the three goofballs speechlessly before saying "Is there really a need to hype up an ice-cream???."

Leonhard, Erika and Mizuki instantly looked at Tatsuya after hearing his words and gave him a suspicious look before saying "You have never eaten Ruujiki-clan's ice-creams.???"

"Though I do know that Ruujiki clan also sell eatables and many more things ,I myself haven't tasted any of it yet." replied Tatsuya with a neutral expression on his face.

Hearing his answer the three goofballs turned to Miyuki, expecting her to answer the same question.

Looking at their penetrating looks Miyuki blushed a little before mubbling to herself "Is that ice-cream really that good.???"

Hearing her words the three mouth opened in an 'O' shape as they gasped and looked at the pair of brother-sister as if they were looking at aliens from another planet.

"Erika remind me that I have to treat Tatsuya a box of Ruujiki eatables." said Leonhard as Erika nodded her head seriously.

"Okay guys we need to go to the classes now. There was an official post on the school server stating that 4-teachers have been assigned to the course-2 student whereas another teacher have been assigned to the kendo club."

"Also 7-foreign students are now also a part of course-2 batch." said Mizuki as she shared this information with her friends.

"I wonder how the teachers and the new students are like...." said Leonhard.

"Excuse me Miyuki, we need to take to you for a minute....." a voice interrupted their talk as some students with school emblems of their uniform came into view.

"I am sorry but can we talk later, I am conversing with my brother and friends." replied Miyuki in a soft tone.

"Miyuki this is important, also you shouldn't hang out with lowly Weeds." said Morisaki Shun.

"You don't need to tell me ,with whom I should hang out or not." said Miyuki in an irritated tone.

"We just want you tell that you should hang out with people of your standing like with us Blooms." replied one of Morisaki's friend.

"Dude didn't you listen what she just said???...stop pestering her ....Okay???" said Leonhard as he placed a hand on the shoulder of the person who just spoke.

"How dare you touch me ,you lowly Weed." the boy furiously slapped away Leonhard's hand and held up his C.A.D.

Before he could do anything ,Erika strikes his hand ,sending his C.A.D flying in the air.

"Who do you think you are just because you scored higher marks!!!!.... what's the difference between Weed and Bloom." said Mizuki with a furious expression.

"I will tell you the difference between Bloom and Weed." said Morisaki as he activate his C.A.D.

"This doesn't look good.....stop this.!!!!" shouted Honoka.

Honoka is someone whose appearance would easily qualify within the boundaries of cuteness. She also has very large b.r.e.a.s.ts and a curvaceous figure.

She activated her Light-magic ,hoping to stop Morisaki's group.

Shizuku, Honoka's best friend was standing beside her hoping that nothing bad would happen.

Shizuku is a girl whose face and voice are rather deadpanned. Her way of speaking lacks the normal voice inflection, so even if she personally doesn't intend to, she still comes across as being solemn.

Suddenly the magic sequence which were being constructed were disrupted by Zone-interference thus negating the Psion sequence and forcefully ending the loop before completetion.

"I too would like to see difference between Bloom and Weed ,please enlighten me...." a smoothing and calm voice traveled in their ears as they turned their heads towards the direction of the source of the sound.

Ichizu calmly walked towards the group and his cross hanged loosely from his neck.

"Ichizu-san I just wanted Miyuki too interact more with course-1 students." said Morisaki unwilling to submit.

"Who are we to empose our will on others..." replied Ichizu with a smile.

"Ichizu-san I...." before Morisaki could finish what he wanted to say a voice interrupted him.

"Use of unauthorized magic is a punishable offense....please come with us to the discipline community room without any struggle." said Mari with Mayumi standing beside her.

"Sorry about that. It was just horseplay that got out of hand." said Tatsuya without any expression whatsoever. Ichizu had an amused expression on his face as he looked from the sidelines.

"Horseplay? Yes." said Mari as a tick mark appeared on her forehead.

"The Morisaki Clan is famous for their quick-draw technique, so I thought I'd ask him to show me for future reference, but it was just so realistic that I couldn't stop myself from making a move." reasoned Tatsuya.

"Then would you care to explain why that girl was about to activate an attack-type spell?" asked Mari.

"That was just a Flash Spell. And its potency was considerably suppressed." said Ichizu who was standing on the sidelines.

"Is what you said, the truth Ichizu-san....???" asked Mari suspiciously.

"Are you doubting my eye-abilities....???" instead of answering her question Ichizu asked her another question.

Mari quickly shut up, why the hell would she doubt Ichizu's eye-powers. She herself experienced it and knew that this power was far stronger than any magic.

"Morisaki-san you have been recommended by the authorities for discipline community. I myself will be welcoming you to join the council though we need to work on your atitude."

"Remember before being anything you are a human, so treat others like humans treat others.....with RESPECT!!!!!." said Ichizu as he patted Morisaki's shoulder.

"Your name is Shiba Tatsuya if I am right..???" asked Ichizu in a polite tone.

Tatsuya nodded.

"I read your theory paper and to tell you the truth, I am impressed. I don't mean to brag but there aren't many theories or articles that can impress me and your work is just a true masterpiece."

"You surely will become a successful engineer, I guarantee it. If you are willing can I read some more of your works when I have some time...." asked Ichizu in a polite tone.

"Sure that won't be a problem for me...." replied Tatsuya.

"Thank you very much my friend ,I will exchange it for my own theories...." said Ichizu as he looked towards Mizuki and asked "Mizuki-san, did you make any progress....???"

"Yes, thanks to the method you told me my control has improved by leaps and bounds though it is still far from full control...." replied Mizuki.

"Practice hard and I wish you all the best...." said Ichizu as he nodded towards Mari and Mayumi and disappeared.

"You are really something, Ichizu loves reading books and articles though I have never seen him this excited over a theory....." said Mayumi with a playful smile then she looked towards Miyuki.

"Please come to the student council ,there are some matters we will like to discuss with you." said Mayumi.

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