I Freakin Reincarnated With A System Book 2 Chapter 135

Volume 2: Reborn In Irregular At Magic High School Chapter 135 Nullifying Innate Ability

Kirihara dashed towards Artoria with his sword and thrusts it forward. A orange colored glow covered the tip of his sword. He strikes with all of his strength.


The tip of the Kendo stick made contact with the dome like structure Artoria had created using her Sword-intent.


A loud screech resounded from the tip of his sword, Kirihara's *Point burst* was a technique which he had created after years of practice, he had studied the Vibration-motions in-depth and finally after 5 years was he able to evolve his *B-grade* magic ,*Sonic blade* into an *A-grade* magic.

In this magic sequence ,all the Psion was compressed at the tip of the sword so that when it came into contact with anything ,a huge amount of Vibration-sequence code would modify the Edios structure of the thing and shred it apart.

The attack was like a pressured frequency canon, containing large amount of power but couldn't be controlled beyond a certain level.

The Large energy generated from the highly charged molecules blasted towards the dome. Light ripples could be seen on the surface amount Artoria.

Nevertheless the attack was successfully defended against whereas the left over force was deflected in all directions.

Tatsuya draws his C.A.D and fires at the shards which were thrown in their direction. His *Gram dispersion* nullified the leftovers of Psion energy.

"Nice reaction time Tatsuya-san...!!!!" said Ichizu with a smile as he turned towards Kirihara and asked "So what do you have to say now, Kirihara-san....."

"I..I apologize to Sayaka, I shouldn't have used Magic in a fair duel and questioned the power of swordplay...." said Kirihara.

Sayaka hearing his apology snorted coldly and looked away.

"Ichizu-san can you tell me what had happened here.???" asked Mari as she, Mayumi and Katsuto arrived at the scene.

"Well you should ask Tatsuya-san ,after all he was the one who apprehended Kirihara and stopped him before he had done anything foolish.

Their eyes turned towards Tatsuya who was standing near Kirihara and Sayaka. Seeing them looking towards him ,he nodded and went towards the other parties location.

"It all started like this..." One by one Tatsuya recounted the scenes as everyone slowly understood the truth of the matter.

"What amount Kirihara???, using a lethal spell is a large offense." Asked Mari.

"Since he acknowledged his own wrongdoing, I made the call that no further measures were needed." said Ichizu with a smile.

"I guess that's fine." said Mayumi.

"The Disciplinary Committee has no intention of sending this matter to the Correctional Committee. What do you say, Jyumonji?" asked Mari.

'So this is the chairman of the Extracurricular Activities Federation, in charge of all club activities Katsuto Jyumonji. The heir apparent to the prestigious Numbers clan, the Jyumonji clan.' thought Tatsuya as he observed the other party.

"I appreciate your lenient ruling. He used a highly lethal spell. Normally, there would be no escaping suspension. I'm sure he's aware of that himself. I'll counsel him to learn from this mistake of his." said Katsuto.

"I'm counting on you. But what about the kendo team? The moment she took up the gauntlet, she was equally to blame." Asked Mari as she looked over at Sayaka.

"Since she didn't use any kind of Magic, there isn't a problem. Leave it be...." said Ichizu as he turned to look at the Instructor before saying with a smile.

"I wish that this time around, under Instructor Artoria's guidance our school will clam the first prize for the High-school Kendo competition." said Ichizu.

"I will try by best...." replied Artoria with a smile.

After dealing with the club matter , Tatsuya and Ichizu left for having their lunch. Tatsuya headed towards the café where his sister and friends were whereas Ichizu left with Mari and Mayumi to have his lunch in the council room.

{At the Café}

"I heard that second year named Kirihara used a Rank B Lethal Spell, right? You're lucky you didn't get hurt." said Leo.

"That spell has a restricted effective range. It's no different than dealing with the sharp blade of a sword." replied Tatsuya in a flat tone.

"So you're saying that it's easy to deal with a real sword???." asked Mizuki unable to contain her curiosity.

"It's all right, Mizuki. There's nothing to worry about when it comes to my brother." said Miyuki with a proud smile.

"You sound really comfortable with it, Miyuki.???" asked Erika.

"Yes. After all, there are not many who can possibly defeat my brother." said Miyuki.

"Nullifying magic sequences is Brother's specialty. Brother, you used Cast Jamming, didn't you?" injected Miyuki.

"I'm no match for you, am I, Miyuki?" sighed Tatsuya earning a smile from Miyuki.

"By the way, don't you need some kind of special rock to do that? Anti-something?" said Erika.

"It's antinite, Erika. If I remember correctly, it's extremely expensive." said Leo.

"No, I don't have any. To be precise, what I used was something that applied the theories of Cast Jamming , *Specific Magic Jamming*." said Tatsuya but he didn't explain more signalling the group that this was as much as he could say about it.

"From Nullifying-magic, I recall Nikasu-san one time saying that Ichizu-san is also adept in magic nullification." Mizuki who had been quiet all the ,suddenly spoke.

"Ohh...can you explain....???" asked Tatsuya.

"Once while practicing a spell I lost control over it, just as I braced myself for possible injuries. All the Psion that I had collected dispersed and my spell was forcefully destroyed."

"Due to what had happened, I was totally stunned ,I turned my head and saw Ichizu-san walking towards me with a worried expression and saying *Be careful while using a high level spell.*"

"I couldn't understand what had happened back then ,so I went to seek Nikasu-san's advice."

"He said *Some people are born with special power ,called as superpowers and Ichizu as well as he himself belong to that category. Their are also ranks within superpowers.*"

"*Ichizu possess an innate ability which makes his completely undefeatable were as Ichizu-san's *True magic* makes him Strongest.*"

"*If Nikasu-san were to be excluded, they there isn't a single magician worthy of a match for Ichizu-san.*"

"Though I don't know what abilities both of them have ,I do know one thing. Nikasu-san is extremely strong and I don't think he is capable of lying....." said Mizuki as she observed the solemn faces of her friends.

"Undefeatable.....even though I knew Ichizu-san was very strong, to think that it wasn't even the beginning..." said Leo.

'An Innate ability which makes him invincible against magic..???' though Tatsuya as he frowned deeply and decide to investigate the matter with his aunt's help.

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