I Freakin Reincarnated With A System Book 2 Chapter 136

Volume 2: Reborn In Irregular At Magic High School Chapter 136 I Think She Is Being Controlled

After exiting the café , Tatsuya felt the group as it was his turn to patrol the school ground. While walking towards the *Chemical class* he remembered what Erika told him.


"Guys did you know that another teacher has been assigned to the course-2 students. I heard that the new teacher is a lady ,who will will be teaching us *Chemical chemistry*." said Erika.

"Yeah, I also saw a lady wearing formal teachers dress ,walking inside the teachers area." agreed Leo.

"It's good that the authorities are providing us, course-2 students with teachers. This will surely help elevate our status as students." said Mizuki.

"Well do anyone of you know the new teacher's name????" asked Miyuki.

"If I am not wrong then it is Semiramis Suguri." replied Leo.

"I heard from Morisaki-san that Semiramis-san is extremely talented in chemical magic and also is considered a prodigy." said Mizuki.

"She is also very beautiful, no less than our Miyuki....." said Erika.

"Let's hope she is equally talented when it comes to teaching." said Mizuki.

.../End of flashback/.....

While Tatsuya was lost in his thoughts, a voice broke him out of his trance.

"Excuse me Tatsuya-kun, can we talk for a bit." said Sayaka who had approached Tatsuya.

Tatsuya glanced at Sayaka and hesitated a bit before answering "My turn to patrol the school grounds has just started....."

"I won't take more than 15 minutes of your time..." said Sayaka.

"Okay....!!!" replied Tatsuya with an impassive expression.

{Inside a café}

"So what did you wanted to talk about???." asked Tatsuya.

Sayaka took a deep breath before saying "Tatsuya-kun, as you know that due to our lack of talent in Magic, we are suppressed and loathed by those Course-1 students who consider themselves to be superior to us ,course-2 students."

"I don't agree with their behaviour, even if we are less talented in using Magic, it doesn't mean that they can suppress and underestimate us."

"I would like you to lend a hand in improving the condition of our fellow students...."

"I thank you for your assistance in subduing Kirihara back then, your capabilities can allow us to extract justice for our fellow students." said Sayaka.

Tatsuya quietly listened to her words before asking "How exactly do you plan on improving the condition of course-2 students.???"

"I am sorry but unless you agree to join us, I can't tell you anything...." said Sayaka with an apologetic expression.

"Well you didn't really tell me anything, how can you expect me to make a decision just based on morals." asked Tatsuya.

"I...I..." Sayaka tried to justify herself but no words came out of her mouth.

"Well I need some time to think about it. I will tell you wheni have made a decision...." replied Tatsuya.

Sayaka nodded before getting up to leave.

"Thank you for your time..." said Sayaka.

As soon as she disappeared 3-figure came to Tatsuya's table and sat down.

"So what do you think????" asked Ichizu with a smile.


"Hey ,Mari-chan isn't that Tatsuya and the girl beside him, is Sayaka....." said Mayumi.

"Hmmm....you are right, I wonder what they are doing here, isn't this the time for Tatsuya to patrol the school grounds, why is he here." said Mari with anger in her voice.

"Don't jump to concusion Mari-san, let's wait and see..." said an otherworldly handsome being standing beside her.

"Let me you a cloaking spell on us...." said Mayumi.

..../End of flashback/.....

Tatsuya took a deep look in the direction Sayaka just left and said flatly "I think she is being controlled."

"So my guess was right huh....." said Ichizu in a soft tone.

"Huh... what do you mean by that Ichizu." asked Mayumi.

"Yesterday Sayaka-san asked me to teach her the way of sword. Apparently Instructor Artoria was able to sense that I myself am a sword-user. So she asked me to teach Sayaka in her steed."

"So when Sayaka-san came to me yesterday, I sensed a very minute disturbance in Psion dimension."

"Due to my own magic, I am very proficient in sensing *Dark-magic*. Someone has used a lesser magic on Sayaka and she is being manipulated by that person...." concluded Ichizu.

"We should apprehend her and try to break her out of that person's control...." suggested Mari.

"No.. I don't think that's a good idea...." said Mayumi.

"What do you think Tatsuya-san.???" asked Ichizu.

"I think we should just observe her ,for the time being. We can use her to find the mastermind behind this matter and then deal with him." suggested Tatsuya.

"Hmmm.....I agree but your suggestion, what do you saw Mari-san, Mayumi-chan." asked Ichizu.

"We also agree with Tatsuya, we can monitor her using the *Broadcast room* but I don't think it will be of much use...." suggested Mari.

"I myself we take care of keep an eye on her so you don't need to worry about it...." suggested Ichizu.

"Tatsuya-san, try to acquire more information on the behaviour of the course-2 students. My instincts are telling me that a storm is coming." said Ichizu.

"Mari-san and Mayumi-chan, be ready for taking immediate action. We must minimise the damage...." said Ichizu.

"Very well....." they replied.

"Tatsuya-san, continue with your patrolling...."

{Outside the café}

After dealing with the preparations, Ichizu started walking towards the school roof top.

"Medea....." said Ichizu as a figure appeared beside him.

"Yes master..." replied the *Witch of betrayal* in a warm tone.

"Keep an eye on her....." said Ichizu.

"Don't worry master ,I would let your prey escape..... fufufufu...." said Medea before teleporting away.

"Ishtar and Scathach....." said Ichizu.

"Yes master....." said Ishtar and Scathach while still in the invisibility mode.

"Chaos is coming, remember to stay by my side....." said Ichizu.

"Yes master....." said both of them in an intoxicated tone.

During these years Nikasu and Ichizu were able to get two more servants.

Ichizu was able to summon Medea and Scathach whereas Nikasu summoned Medusa and Minamoto no raika.

Even though the reason between Ichizu ,Nikasu and servants was a little strained at first.

With time the servants were also not able to withstand the charm of Ichizu thus adding more members in his harem whereas Nikasu didn't care for whom his servant would fall for.

He just loved Cynthia and no one else could spark his attraction.

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