I Have Countless Legendary Swords Chapter 433

Chapter 433: Chapter 433 The Talent of A First Class Great Emperor

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha stretched open his 1,000 arms, each armed with a sword. It hacked and slashed at Mo Yuhe.

Over 100 legendary swords that were wrapped in a dragon-shaped Qi surrounded Mo Yuhe.

At one glance, it was like an army trying to press down on him with such a powerful and imposing aura. Although Mo Yuhe was suppressed, he still had the power to fight back.

Compared to Gu Moyuan, Mo Yuhe was over ten times more powerful.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. If he were to observe carefully, the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha appeared to be losing its advantage.

This guy's demonic Qi was really powerful!

If this continued, the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha would disperse even before he injured Mo Yuhe.

He cursed in his heart. Does his armor reflect damage?

He immediately deactivated the Emperor's Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

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