I Have Ten Strongest Beasts Chapter 755

Chapter 755: Conflict

Nangong Ling Qing was dressed in a suit of Tsing Yi, and her gloomy and deep eyes revealed a look of cold arrogance, and her whole body exuded a kind of kingly aura like a king over the world.

"Young Master, do you need me to investigate this person's background."

The people behind Nangong Ling Qing noticed the change in his expression, and as the man's eyes looked in the direction of Suning's group, his expression was slightly surprised.

"It's okay!"

Nangong Ling Qing waved his hand and said lightly.

Several people took care of themselves, walking slowly on the Bluestone Avenue, turning a blind eye to the crowd of Mo Family behind them, and speaking softly.

The strange beast in front of the Mo family's chariot let out a deafening roar, seeming to vent its dissatisfaction with Nangong Lingqing. Around the chariot, some people with low spiritual power were blurred by the sound, and their bodies shook. .

Everyone behind Nangong Ling Qing raised their brows slightly.

Since Mo Ziang stepped into the realm of Transformation, the people of all families in Taikun City have been jealous of him, and those who know him are kept away. In Taikun City, almost no one dares to provoke him.

"what happened!"

Mo Ziang's gloomy voice came from the chariot, and his words seemed a little impatient.

"Return to the young master, there are a few people in front of me who don't know good or bad, I think they should be people from outside recently.

A guard next to him said respectfully.

"What do you eat?"

"Quickly chase him away, the deity still has something to do!"

Mo Ziang said coldly.

Mo Ziang's body exuded a very cold breath, and the guard who responded felt a sudden sense of oppression in his body, his expression changed drastically, and his body trembled slightly.

"Yes Yes Yes!"

The guard hurriedly responded, then walked forward and said softly.

The guards raised their long spears one after another, the guns flashed with cold light, and they stared at Nangong Lingqing not far ahead with cold expressions, the spirit source flowing slowly in his body.

Suddenly, Guanghua shot out from the long spear in the guard's hand, directly attacking Nangong Ling Qing and others.

The expressions of the few people behind Nangong Ling Qing changed slightly, and a tyrannical aura burst out all over their bodies. As soon as the brilliance approached everyone, they were shattered into the void. Several people turned and stared at the Mo family people behind them. There was boundless killing intent in his eyes.

"you guys!"

Seeing that their attacks were easily resolved by the guards, their expressions changed slightly, revealing a solemn expression.

Suning and Jiang Bailin were sitting upstairs, watching with interest what happened on the street.

"This person is unusual."

Jiang Bailin raised his eyebrows slightly and said softly.

"Indeed, have you noticed the few people behind him?"

"These people are all the strengths of the Lingtian realm, but they follow him so hard."

Suning motioned to Jiang Bailin and said lightly.

Hearing Suning's words, Jiang Bailin couldn't help but his face changed slightly.

"I can send so many people to protect, I think this person will have a certain weight in Shangsanzhou."

"If this person also came to explore the ruins, we would have one more difficult opponent."

Jiang Bailin raised his eyebrows slightly, and said solemnly.

"It's too early to tell, let's take a look at the scene before us."

Suning smiled and looked at the bluestone avenue below.

The people behind Nangong Ling Qing faced off with everyone from the Mo family, and everyone watching the excitement on the street held their breath, staring at the two teams without blinking.

As if feeling the unusualness of the people in front of him, the curtain of the Mo family's chariot gradually unfolded. Mo Ziang slowly got up from the middle of the two women, tidyed up his clothes, raised his eyebrows, and looked at Nangong Lingqing with solemn expression.

"who are you!"

Mo Ziang asked coldly.

Nangong Ling Qing turned around slowly, with a smile on her face.

"Ling Qing in Xia Nangong!"

Mo Zi stayed silent, his divine sense scanned Nangong Ling Qing, but he did not feel a trace of spiritual fluctuations, he was a little shocked in his heart, and his expression gradually became solemn.

Above the tall building in the distance, two figures stood on the roof, looking calmly at Nangong Ling Qing's side.

"It looks like Mo Ziang kicked the iron plate."

"Hey, I heard that Mo Zianggang has been promoted to the realm of transformation and has been in Taikun City for a long time. I wonder if Nangong Lingqing is normal."


"I don't know where Xiongtai came from, there doesn't seem to be a person like Xiongtai in Taikun City?"

Mo Ziang slowly got out of the car and motioned to the guard beside him to put down his spear.

"Bold, how can you know the origin of my young master!"

Shouted with the people beside Nangong Ling Qing.

"It's okay."

"Is the Xiongtai Ping-yuri walk like this?"

Nangong Ling Qing raised her hand slightly, motioned the people around her to retreat, and then asked Mo Ziang.

"Why? My young master should go out in this battle, what are you, dare to talk to my young master like this!"

The Mo family guard seemed to hear the mockery in Nangong Lingqing's words, frowned slightly, and shouted loudly.

Nangong Ling Qing didn't speak, and there was still a smiling expression on his face, making people unable to see what he was thinking. The people behind him heard the voice of the Mo family guard, their expressions condensed slightly.


The people behind Nangong Ling Qing let out an angry shout, and a burst of domineering aura broke out all over his body, a long sword in his hand suddenly appeared, and a sword intent soaring to the sky smashed against the insulting person of Mo Family.


Although Mo Ziang intended to protect the guard, everything happened too suddenly.

"Hmph, since I avoided it, this arm is regarded as punishment for offending my young master!"

The man next to Nangong Ling Qing held a long sword and said coldly.

"Xiongtai, what does this mean? Is it to be an enemy of my Mo family?"

Mo Ziang's body leaked a bit of coldness, and his eyes gradually became cold.

"You misunderstood, the people behind me are all elders in the clan, and I can't get involved in what they do."

Nangong Ling Qing said leisurely.


Following Mo Ziang's cold snort, an extremely cold spirit source force shattered the void and attacked Nangong Ling Qing.

"Stop it!"

A loud voice came into everyone's ears.

I saw a white-haired old man slowly floating in the air, looking at the few people under his feet indifferently, then with a wave, Mo Ziang's attack was resolved into invisible.

Mo Ziang was shocked and looked up.

"Old Fan!"

"Why are you here?"

After Mo Ziang saw it clearly, he bowed and asked respectfully.

"The Lord of the City already knows what happened today, so let's just give it up!"

Fan Lao stood in the air, his words with unoffending majesty.

Mo Ziang's eyes turned, shocked in his heart, and then looked at Nangong Ling Qing not far away.

"It seems that today's good show is not going to be made!"

"Fine, nothing."

"Let's go drinking and have fun!"

As soon as the voice fell, the two figures disappeared without a trace.

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