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  • I Love You Monster: The Blindfolded Wife X The Masked Husband

  • Author(s): KazzenlX
  • Genres : Romance
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Views : 788.06 K
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    I Love You Monster: The Blindfolded Wife X The Masked Husband47 votes : 3.96 / 5

I Love You Monster: The Blindfolded Wife X The Masked Husband summary:

19 years old Davi, married a stranger whom she never seen at all to save her little brother. Until she found herself being bound with a certain mission. Her mission is to seduce her stone cold husband who is never romantically interested in any human being and bear his child. ____ Current Editors/proofreaders: kraycee, lov3lamb, iamconi789 Donations: https://www.paypal.me/kazzenlx

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I Love You Monster: The Blindfolded Wife X The Masked Husband Chapters

Time uploaded
470 Pda3 days ago
466 Effor6 days ago
462 Thrillinga week ago
460 Strawberry2 weeks ago
459 Not A Dream2 weeks ago
458 From Now On2 weeks ago
454 24 Hours2 weeks ago
453 Xxxx2 weeks ago
453 Xxxxx2 weeks ago
452 Its Time2 weeks ago
449 Liar2 weeks ago
445 Dont Leave3 weeks ago
444 Five Years3 weeks ago
442 Changed3 weeks ago
441 Tears3 weeks ago
440 Why?3 weeks ago
439 Firefly3 weeks ago
437 Invincible4 weeks ago
436 Last Kiss?4 weeks ago
434 Dont Run4 weeks ago
432 Wear This4 weeks ago
431 Mine4 weeks ago
429 How Cute4 weeks ago
427 Seriously?a month ago
423 Sick Couplea month ago
421 Counselinga month ago
420 Zakia month ago
419 Mad Dogsa month ago
418 Drunka month ago
415 The Enda month ago
411 Cmon Singa month ago
410 Bullying?a month ago
408 W What?a month ago
401 Real Mana month ago
400 Right Awaya month ago
399 Tonigha month ago
398 Please Waia month ago
396 Yes.. Yesa month ago
394 66 Rosesa month ago
392 Oh Noa month ago
390 Beautifula month ago
385 Exchangea month ago
382 Beauty..2 months ago
379 My Only Wish2 months ago
377 Terrified2 months ago
372 Signal2 months ago
361 Ringtone2 months ago
356 Hold On Boss2 months ago
355 Superman2 months ago
351 Who Dares2 months ago
350 Tamer2 months ago
349 Spirited2 months ago
348 No2 months ago
344 Wife?2 months ago
341 Quick Duel2 months ago
340 Struck2 months ago
338 Darling2 months ago
336 Her Aim2 months ago
335 I Hate You2 months ago
334 Who Told You?2 months ago
333 Superfan2 months ago
330 Infected2 months ago
329 Rejected2 months ago
327 Why Should I?2 months ago
326 Punishmen2 months ago
324 Bad Influence2 months ago
320 Energizer2 months ago
313 Seriously2 months ago
309 Give Me2 months ago
308 Ferris Wheel2 months ago
306 Its Melting2 months ago
287 Danger2 months ago
286 Come Out Now2 months ago
285 Kiss Me2 months ago
283 Rise Again2 months ago
275 Don2 months ago
274 Sacrifice2 months ago
273 Guil2 months ago
272 Finally2 months ago
271 Dark Horse2 months ago
270 Callously2 months ago
269 Not Over Ye2 months ago
268 Great Dilemma2 months ago
267 Not A Dream2 months ago
266 Unacceptable2 months ago
265 Hopelessness2 months ago
264 She Was There2 months ago
263 Wait For Me2 months ago
262 My Woman2 months ago
259 Please Hit Me2 months ago
257 Truth Or Dare2 months ago
255 I Wont Look2 months ago
253 Unfamiliar2 months ago
252 Rendezvous2 months ago
250 End This War2 months ago
247 Bad Husband?2 months ago
244 I Will Die2 months ago
243 Unbuttoning2 months ago
242 Overdose?2 months ago
241 Boosters2 months ago
240 If2 months ago
239 Never2 months ago
238 A Choice2 months ago
237 Gloomy2 months ago
235 Unlike Before2 months ago
225 A Lie?2 months ago
222 Sweet Revenge2 months ago
221 Close As Ever2 months ago
218 Cold2 months ago
210 Ice Cream2 months ago
208 S.o.s2 months ago
206 Full Of Sei2 months ago
199 Irredeemable2 months ago
197 Just Cry2 months ago
196 His Story2 months ago
195 For You2 months ago
192 Answer2 months ago
190 I Love You2 months ago
188 White Lily2 months ago
184 Wedding Ring2 months ago
179 Shameless2 months ago
177 Unlike You2 months ago
176 Fated2 months ago
175 Behave Zaki2 months ago
169 Emojis2 months ago
167 Seis Lifeline2 months ago
166 Monster2 months ago
163 Caged Bird2 months ago
162 Ace Hacker2 months ago
160 Prince Seiji2 months ago
157 Never Mind2 months ago
154 Calm Down..2 months ago
153 Drenched2 months ago
151 A Cold Bath2 months ago
143 Hangover2 months ago
132 Hungry Kisses2 months ago
131 The Lesson2 months ago
128 The Only One2 months ago
124 Why Cant I2 months ago
122 Miss Perver2 months ago
120 Zero Reaction2 months ago
116 More Than Tha2 months ago
112 Since When?2 months ago
111 The New Era2 months ago
108 Jealous Type2 months ago
104 Its Your Faul2 months ago
103 A Little Pain2 months ago
101 Buying Time2 months ago
95 Step 222 months ago
93 You Look Tired2 months ago
92 Her Priority2 months ago
88 Soundly2 months ago
86 Say Ahh..2 months ago
85 Teach Me2 months ago
79 Daffodil2 months ago
77 No One2 months ago
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