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  • I Received A Sex System From The Goddess Of Lust And Beauty

  • Author(s): Ancient_Dream
  • Genres : Action -  Romance -  Harem -  System -  Polygamy -  Smut -  R-18 -  Older Love Interests -  Cohabitation -  MILF
  • Status : Ongoing
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    I Received A Sex System From The Goddess Of Lust And Beauty12 votes : 4.29 / 5

I Received A Sex System From The Goddess Of Lust And Beauty summary:

Let me guys tell you a secret, Would you believe me if I said that I was summoned by the Goddess of Lust and Beauty and took her first time?Would you believe me if I said that after taking her chastity I received a system called 'Sex System?'Lastly, would you believe me if I said that I'm a Dual System user?If you believe me, then watch me as I conquer all the beauties around the world!Author's Note:1. English is the 3rd languange that I learned so this story would have grammatical error. If you are fine with it, then good. If not, this novel would not be your cup of tea. 2. I know my writing quality is meh so in the upcoming chapters I'll try my best to improve it.FAQsQ. Do you intend to drop this novel in the future?A. No, and I have no intention of dropping it.Q. Did the story took place on Earth?A. No, the story took place on a planet called Anastasia, but it had a similar occasion to Earth such as New Year.Q. How many chapters will you release every day?A. It depends on my whim xd

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I Received A Sex System From The Goddess Of Lust And Beauty Chapters

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