I Reincarnated As The Universe Chapter 39

39 Problem Temporarily Solved


This chapter is mostly filler, so don't go complaining since I've already warned you.


Alright, so problem at hand.

Change in personality.

What can I do to prevent that?

Perhaps instead of going back in time to retrieve my old personality, I can just create a new one with the help of my skills?

It would be great if it worked, but it's almost too obvious that it won't.

But, you never know unless you try it, so let's see if it works or not.

Use Major Skill: Creation to create a replica of my old personality, and replace it with my own.

Error! Insufficient power!

Well...I would've never known whether it worked or not if I didn't give it a try... right?

I'm a little angry, but what can you expect?

I wouldn't think that such an easy method would work since the old Universe probably isn't dumb enough to not test something like that method out. (A/N: that sentence may be a bit weird, idk)

But what else could I possibly use to stop my personality from changing?

There's probably a lot of ways to do that...but why can't I see any of them?

It's like it's surrounded by a thick layer of mist, rendering it impossible for me to come up with something.


Perhaps I'm thinking too complicated?

Perhaps it's just a simple solution that's needed, instead of a complicated one?

Wait...I'm incredibly stupid aren't I? (A/N: fuck this is so cliche..omg)

Since I made a seal skill, it shouldn't be impossible to lock away those cravings or feelings...right?

Technically it shouldn't be impossible...drum-roll please...but, what if that doesn't work as well?

What would I then do?

My power's insufficient to time-travel as of now, and I can't create another personality.

Perhaps I could create an extremely weak clone, and place all those thoughts within it?

That could possibly work, however, let's try the other one first.

Use Minor Skill: Seal to seal away all vulgar, vicious and murderous thoughts.

Ding! Any vulgar, vicious and murderous has been locked away within the mind of Autumn Hall for approximately 10 000 000 years. Due to insufficient power, the Seal will not exist for eternity, and will release said thoughts into the mind of Autumn Hall after the expiration of the Seal.


Amazed at how stupid I am.

I've been thinking waaaaay too complicated.

Such a simple solution...yet I didn't see it.

Right before me, and I couldn't come up with it at a moments notice?

The worst part, however; I barely just used it on Autumn Blackwood, yet I couldn't even begin to think about using it on myself?

That's kind of embarrassing... (A/N: And cliche as f*ck~)

Especially since I'm more intelligent than before...

Well, there's nothing that can be done with something that has already happened...yet.


It's time, to begin with the next thing in line.

Should I create the Library of Knowledge, or should I go with my other plan first...?

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