I Reincarnated In Twilight Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Notice

The nomad's entry will happen in some chapters.

It's putting me in a tight spot I want to know your I ideas on this, should I kill off Victoria or not

The problem with this is Victoria special ability is enhanced self-preservation like spider-sense of spider man but to a greater extent, she knows when she is in danger so her instincts are really high, so catching her is hard she knows who is the threat and even knew how to evade Alice's vision.

If Matt goes after her, she can probably tell he is a threat and will kill Matt before he can use his ability to control her with her super speed I know it sucks, but I guess he can after copying and upgrading her ability but the problem is no Eclipse arc.

Matt can take any other vampires out by stopping their movement because they will underestimate him since he is a human or prey in their eyes, giving him enough time to control them or even knock them out or destroy them mentally also he only has a small list of abilities now.

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