I Was Reincarnated As A Fallen Angel Chapter 7

7 A Insane New Combat Style

Eagerly looking at the request board she takes 3 requests. Subjugate 10 Goblins, Subjugate Goblin Leader, Subjugate Low level bandits. Pulling the 3 E rank requests off the board Alice rushes to the counter where Jess is in Hope's of setting out As soon as possible.

Looking up and seeing Alice bringing 3 requests to her she raises a eyebrow. "You want to do all three of these at once?" Jess asks while reading over the 3 papers.

"Yes they're within my rank and my armor set gives me a stat boost so it should be quick work. I have already killed 4 goblins and they didn't give me a fight at all." Alice says proudly waiting for them to be accepted so she can rush to try out some combos shes been thinking about.

"The goblins should be no problem, but a Goblin Leader is level 7 and much stronger. Not to mention the Bandit request is for a party of 3 E ranks not a Singular level one so I'm afraid I cant allow the last request but the other 2 I shall let you have." Jess said sternly half way guessing that Alice is probably stubborn.

'I guess i can just kill the bandits anyway and loot them then turn in the proof, what's the worst the guild will do to me?' Alice Pondered but accepted her terms on the surface.

"Will you be needing the Sword and dagger again for this?" Jess asked not seeing any trace of a weapon on Alice

"No that's alright I'll go buy one from Yumi." Alice responded not exactly lying to her.

"Ok fine but be safe and don't take on more than you can handle" Jess said in warning seeing Alice already half way out the door.

Testing out her AGI boost even though small proved to be faster by a noticeable margin putting strength into he legs she jumped as high as she could clearing a small house landing inside a shadow before exiting the shadow closet to the Guards at the front gate.

Seeing the cloaked girl seeming appear from thin air beside him Adam jumped back in surprises. "Alice was it? please refrain from doing whatever it is you just did I almost attacked you." Giving her a stern warning it was almost to late as she was already almost out of sight before he realized.

Slowing down to conserve energy and let her stamina build back up she entered the woods remembering where she remembered seeing the goblins. When randomly a quest popped up.

| Quest - Kill 25 Monsters |

| Reward - 20 Silver, Title |

"The system can give money out as well? I wonder what other surprises you'll show me." she said to herself as she approached 4 goblins eating. Pulling her Scythe from her Inventory she rushed forward swing the Scythe in Hope's to kill all 4 in one go. but to her surprise one goblin managed to duck in time seeing the lethal attack coming.

Still managing to one shot 3 out of the 4 she composed herself as she dashed forward again. The goblin dodging a second time managed to let out a yell before falling victim to Alice's 3rd strike.

'Annoying bastard that yell was to probably call for help' she thought as she looted the 4 goblins. standing back up she barely had enough time to react as a arrow flew from the tree cover whistling by Alice's ear. Had she been any slower she might have died, locating the goblin she sunk into the shadows leaving the goblin to panic wondering where she went.

Before the goblin who shot at her had time to flee Alice came out of the shadows near by decapitating him before he could turn and see her. 'Well this skill has already paid off it takes about 5 MP per second to use this skill so I need to get faster at it in case I need to escape or I'm low on mana.'

Having killed 5/25 of the goblins Alice was happy to see she leveled up again.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen

HP - 65/65 (90/90)

MP - 65/65 (90/90)

Level - 6

STR - 16 > 17 +10

VIT - 15 +5

INT - 13 > 15 +5

DEX - 17 (+10 +5)

DEF - 11 +5

AGI - 18 > 20+5

Skill points - 5 >0

Putting some points into her INT and her Equipment boosts put her HP and MP both at 90, seeing this she felt more confident about fighting the Bandits later. Deciding to end her rest she continued hunting Goblins while she looked for the Goblin leader.

Using her Shadow skill along with her Scythe she made quick work out of all the goblins she came across till she finally spotted the Goblin leader who was surrounded by 5 more regular Goblins.

| Goblin Leader - Lvl 7 |

The goblin Leader was much taller than the other goblins who were only about 3" to begin with as well regular goblins only had a dagger a sword or a bow, while the Leader was about 5" Equipped with a sturdy looking shield and a long sword.

Charging forward at great speed she lopped two of the goblins heads off in one swing while the other 2 and the Leader faced her. The 2 smaller goblins charged forward hoping to kill Alice to please their leader, however they failed miserably as they were easy targets freely coming to be slaughtered by Alice's Scythe.

Seeing that the only one left was the Goblin Leader she ran to his right disappearing into a shadow cast by a tree. Not being able to find Alice the Goblin Leader let out a yell as if to taunt Alice for being a coward. Reappearing to his left from another shadow the leader sensed danger and put his shield up deflecting her strike, just as soon as he did Alice disappeared once again and came from above this time while launching her self twords the leader from above the gave the Scythe a wide downward swing as she did a front flip not being able to defend the Leader stood shocked not able to move as his body slowly split in half.

'The leader was a lot more difficult than the regular goblins ugh I used up so much MP just to kill him without taking a hit myself' Alice thought looking at her MP being drained down to half.

Avoiding the pools of blood she looted the goblins around the area that she killed and decided to take a break. Luckily killing all those goblins gave her another Level up, jumping up onto a tree limb she sat back and relaxed as she looked at her status.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen

HP - 70/70 (95/95)

MP - 85/85 (110/110)

Level - 7

STR - 17 > 19 +10

VIT - 15 +5

INT - 15 > 18 +5
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DEX - 17 (+10 +5)

DEF - 11 +5

AGI - 20+5

Skill points - 5 >0

Putting +2 into STR so she can hit harder and +3 Into INT so she can use her skills more Alice felt satisfied. 'I wonder how many more monsters I have to kill till I finish my quest' Alice thought as she said "Quest' aloud seeing the window pop up.

| Quest - kill 25 Monsters 24/25 |

| Reward - 20 Silver, Title |

Walking around the forest trying to find the last monster Alice happened to see some shady looking men camped out, curious as to if they were the bandits she used Shadow movement to perch herself on a tree limb above them. While listening to them talk she learned that they were the bandits from the request and apparently they had captured a magic beast egg.
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