I'm Just An 'ordinary' Human Chapter 9-1

18 Chapter 9.1

Several months after the Harlem incident, or 'Orc fight' as I'd like to call it.

Lynn was currently lying on my bed while I played the newly released CoD: Black Ops that she just gave me. (It was released on November 9, 2010, so that should give you a rough idea of what date it is.)


I sat by the mat as I excitedly held the controller. The introduction scenes played out.


The games' graphics are amazing, one of the best I've seen this year. The starting location was in a bar of some sort, and the action instantly started.


"Can you stop sighing?" I turned to Lynn, annoyed. She wouldn't stop sighing ever since earlier so I had the urge to throw her out of the room. If not for the fact that my mom would throw me instead if she knows of it, I would've done so already.

"I can't help it, you know. Ever since that incident, nothing exciting happened since then." She sighed once again.

"Your definition of 'exciting' involve the possible deaths of humans. How shameful of you."

"I didn't mean it that way, you know! I really didn't!" She fumed out of anger as she sat up from the bed. "*sigh* It's just that, no matter what we do, we can't find any leads anymore."

"If you sigh one more time, I swear..."


A vein bulged in my head as I pacified my inner anger.

Lynn stood up and walked to one of my shelves. She browsed the games there as I spoke. "It's not like we can find superheroes every day, you fool. It would be weird if that happened."

"I know, I know." Lynn shuffled some new games in her hand while I still played CoD. With [Parallel Thoughts], I can focus on the game even while talking to Lynn like this. It's an ingenious way of playing, I know.

I can see her eyes twinkling as she held the Minecraft game in her hand. It was there only because I got curious about its popularity, but once I played it, I realized it was not to my taste. I mean, I already got sick of trying to build/destroy something when I was in the magical world, which was the core essence of the game. So it was shelved there along with the others. Now that I think about, it was really popular among teens even now.

But before she could beg to play the game, I abruptly stood up. She got surprised by that and fell on her back. "Hey!"

Instead, I ignored her and casted [Clairvoyance]. When I confirmed something, I grinned widely.

"Lynn, want to go underwater diving?"

"Huh? Sure, I guess?" Lynn cutely tilted her head while answering.

Under her surprised gaze, I held her hand. [Continental Teleportation]

A foreboding dark magic circle appeared beneath our feet. It emitted lightning sparks as the magic circle seems like it's about to explode. When I thought Lynn would be scared, she instead cheered like a little girl while clinging to my arm. The next moment, we disappeared from the room.


*blurgh* Lynn instantly vomited as we arrived on the destination.

Meanwhile, I looked around. Not even a minute has passed and we're now in Monaco. Traveling for 4000 miles in a matter of seconds undoubtedly caused Lynn's stomach to churn. Although this is not her first time experiencing teleportation, this is the first time that she experienced it while she was awake. I patted her back as I checked the state of my magic.

Unique tier Dragonian magic [Presence Carpet]. It has indeed had a reaction a couple of minutes ago, which triggered the [Alarm] magic to inform me. Just to fill you in, [Presence Carpet] is the magic spell used for detecting presences, as its name suggests. I just needed to specify which presence I'd like to seek and laid out the massive carpet. It was the magic that I used before we leave Monaco last time in order to find that culprit who attacked us. I was 100% sure that he will come back for his trident, so I set up a trap in advance.

But why bother finding that culprit even after several months has passed, you ask? Just as I told you earlier, I hold grudges. I at least wanted to greet him a little bit, you know? Just a little friendly reminder to never attack me ever again and maybe a tier 10 [Inferno Blast] to his face.

"W-where are we...?" Lynn asked while wiping her mouth. Gross.

"In Monaco."

"Monaco?!" Her eyes widened.

"Hold tight for a second." I told her as I held her waist.

"Eh? Eh? What are you doi-- uwaooahh!"

Lynn got interrupted as I quickly flew towards the Mediterranean Sea with the magic [Aerial Drive] used by the dragons. At first, she was scared, but she eventually opened her eyes wide at the scene. The view from the sky overlooking the principality of Monaco is indeed a nice view to behold, causing Lynn to smile from ear to ear. It would be a beautiful scene if Lynn didn't stick out her tongue like a dog while saying she wanted to try it at least once.

After a few minutes, I was already above the target who's still on my [Presence Carpet]'s scope. I hid my and Lynn's presence with magic and stealthily followed him as he speedily swam like a boat using only his four limbs. Even if he was tens of meters below sea level, I can still clearly see his blue skin, not something you expect from a normal human. But then again, he already stayed underwater for more than 20 minutes now while still going fast so he's probably not human. His speed almost reached up to 30miles/hour.

It piqued my interests a bit so I continued following him for a while.


We probably traveled for hours now and he's still continuing, taking several stops on the way. Lynn already got bored and started counting my facial hairs instead. She even had the idea of capturing a dolphin and taking it for a quick ride. Other than that, I was amazed at the culprit's ability to travel on such distances.

By the time the culprit has finally stopped traveling, I measured that we were at least in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or something. That's a long way from the Mediterranean Sea, even for me. I gotta admit too, flying for hours isn't the best idea when you have Lynn's presence. Either she will annoy you to death or irritate you to death.

When the culprit suddenly dived deeper, I lost sight of him. I hesitated whether to follow him deeper or not, but since we already got this far I decided to see the end at least. I casted [Astro Suit] on both Lynn and me.

This magic allows us to breathe on vacuum, breathe underwater, and even breathe under your classmate's foul odor. It also gives protection against physical attacks and at least tier 4 and below magical attacks. Heck, it even has an add-on that lets us speak underwater. It's a Unique tier [Space magic] so it gives us the image of a violet underwater diving suit. It'll remain forever unless of course I remove it.

Although Lynn begged me to make her suit become pink instead, I ignored her and dived underwater, following the culprit's presence.
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