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hanna is a lovely girl and really young back then , she is from village . she still 18 years old when she married to some jerk that she didnt know who is he . after married, that guy just leave her and never come back . 2 years later , hanna come to m country for working . but , everything changes when she accidently help an old stranger . that old man is the owner of park corp. that old man (mr.park) live alone . he didnt have any family . so, he decide to make hanna as his daughter and name her as his sole heirness in park corp . then after she changes to park hanna , she start working as clerk at lee corp . she working as a normal clerk without anyone know her background ( park heirness) . then the story start when she meet her mr.ceo ( daniel lee) . young , handsome and arrogant ceo . daniel like her, but did hanna like daniel ?

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