Immortal Path To Heaven Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Big Yellows Origin

Ou Yangming rubbed his ear and smiled bitterly. "Okay, okay, stop barking. Ill make you one after we return to the city."

The big yellow dog instantly showed its teeth happily. Nonetheless, apart from Ou Yangming and Ni Yinghong, nobody could associate its smile with the word adorable.

He Xinfang landed with both legs and was about to attack again even though his essential Qi was billowing inside; he wanted to buy Ou Yangming time to perform the Simulated Spiritual Fist. Who knew, the great ancestor witnessed the fearsome giant beast and the young fellow communicating with each other, so he was baffled.

Ou Yangming cleared his throat and introduced, "Brother He, let me introduce you to my good brother, Big Yellow."

The corner of He Xinfangs mouth twitched.

Brother? Big Yellow?

I cant believe Master Ou is brothers with such a frightening giant beast. He has a weird taste.

Nevertheless, he later wondered, How will I choose if I have such a powerful half-spirit beast by my side too?

Several wind-piercing sounds were heard coming from behind as the Supreme Great Ancestors from the wall hurried over as fast as they could.

The big yellow dog recognized the Ni familys Three Great Ancestors right away, hence it barked with joy and wagged its tail to welcome them.

Ou Yangming watched with a smile at first, but he quickly noticed the killing intent from Ni Xuetian and the two other great ancestors. Seeing as the situation was unfavorable, the young fellow shouted, "Show mercy!" He knew the giant beast was the big yellow dog, but it was only because he devoured energies from the Earthly Dragon Beasts flesh and blood with the dog and witnessed it grow twice as big as it used to be.

The Ni familys Three Great Ancestors could definitely recognize the big yellow dog, but it would be too difficult for them to tell that the gigantic creature was the familiar dog.

Despite having yelled, Ou Yangming was a bit too late.

Sword-light, saber-light, and spear shadow!

The Supreme Great Ancestors wielded their weapons at the big yellow dog without mercy.

Big Yellow had just lunged at them excitedly, but it was immediately faced with many divine weapons and sharp tools.

Although there were not many magic tools, the attacks from the other Supreme Great Ancestors were not insignificant at all.

In its past state, even if the big yellow dog could survive the attacks, it would take a long time to recover from the severe injuries.

At this moment, the big yellow dog stopped in mid-air and dropped to the ground. A visible layer of yellow light was seen shining on its body.


Once it landed on the ground, a thunderous sound was heard as though it was not a half-spirit beast but a giant rock similar to an Earthly Dragon Beasts weight that had landed.

Following that, the weapons attacked it.

Even so, the crowd was appalled that the ordinary weapons and magic tools were blocked by the big yellow dogs skin, which was covered in yellow light. In fact, the unstoppable magic tools could not penetrate its skin at all.

The people were shocked. The magic tools could harm Earthly Dragon Beasts, after all, but the strange creature managed to hinder them.

Big Yellow was certainly not one who would not fight back, but its attack was extremely simple. It avoided the direction where the Ni familys Three Great Ancestor and Ou Yangming were at, then it crashed three great ancestors on the other side with his massive body. Putting aside everything else, if the big yellow dog crashed the Three Great Ancestors, they would be fraught with grim possibilities.

The three great ancestors were terrified, so they flashed and escaped backward as fast as they could. That said, the big yellow dog managed to whip its tail on one of them, by which the enormous power sent the great ancestor flying about 36 meters away.

When the elder fell hard to the ground, he spat out blood.

Ou Yangmings face changed, and he yelled fiercely, "Big Yellow, stop!"

The big yellow dog was reluctant, but it still pinned its leg to the ground and glared at the other people angrily.

"Big Yellow?" Ni Xuetian was stunned and in disbelief.

Ni Jingshen and Ni Jingtong were dumbfounded too. They vaguely recognized the dog after they stared at it carefully, but they gasped and wondered, Why did it suddenly grow so big?

A small dog was definitely adorable, and a middle-sized dog was quite cute too, but if it was a big-sized dog, people would more or less be wary of it.

As for a dog that was as huge as Big Yellow

The Ni familys Three Great Ancestors felt chills when they looked at their comrade, who was whipped by the big yellow dog and spat blood.

On the other hand, the other Supreme Great Ancestors stopped and looked at each other. They were anxious and doubtful.

Ou Yangming ordered at once, "Quickly save him first!"

Ni Xuetian flashed to that powerhouse and briefly inspected him, then he sighed and said, "Hes fine."

The great ancestor sat up and looked at the big yellow dog with lingering fear, then he questioned softly, "Brother Ni, is this your clans great-ancestor-level half-spirit beast?"

Big Yellows achievement of becoming a great-ancestor-level half-spirit beast in the Chaos Cave was not kept a secret, where the upper levels in the prefecture knew about it. Having said that, not all of them had seen the big yellow dog even though they were envious of it.

In actuality, they could not have recognized it this time even if they had seen it before.

Ni Xuetian replied to the great ancestor with a bitter smile, "Yes"

The great ancestor looked deeply at Ni Xuetian and thought, The Ni family will be safe for many years if a giant beast like this guards the clan. At the very least, the Ni family wont have to worry about declining as long as its alive.

"Woof." The big yellow dog looked up and barked. It was saying, I showed mercy, or he wouldve ended up worse than this.

Ou Yangming approached it to pat its thigh. "Take a break, take a break"

He later took a step forward and cupped his hands at the powerhouses. "Gentlemen, Im sorry. This is my good friend, whos also the Ni familys half-spirit-beast elder. Please forgive its offenses earlier."

The other people forced smiles on their faces. They had different thoughts as they sensed the big yellow dogs mighty power, but they all kept quiet.

Nonetheless, they looked at the Ni familys Three Great Ancestors with resentment and thought, The three of you were so enthusiastic when we attacked earlier. Why didnt you inform us about it? You were simply leading us to your trap"

Ni Jingshen defended himself and the two other Ni familys great ancestors. "We didnt lie to you on purpose; Big Yellow changed so much that we couldnt recognize it at one glance!"

"How did it change?" Fang Zhaoyang scoffed and thought, Nobody can forget such a monstrous dog.

"Big Yellows body has grown at least four times, so itll only be weird if we could recognize it!" Ni Jingshen spread out his hands and explained.

Ou Yangming recalled that Big Yellow had grown much bigger when he left the prefecture to head to the capital; it could be compared with a horse. The big yellow dogs size doubled after the young fellow returned from the capital, thus he was rather confounded, and he dared not recognize it. However, the dog got twice as large again after it devoured the Earthly Dragon Beast

Indeed, anyone would keep a good distance away from something that was the merging of four horses.

Fang Zhaoyang was startled for some time before he smiled bitterly too.

Elder Universe had been keeping silent for some time, but he suddenly remarked, "Brother Ni, your half-spirit-beast elders strength is unordinary indeed. Im afraid that its superior to the Earthly Dragon Beasts."

Ou Yangming secretly praised the elder for having such an extraordinary eye.

The big yellow dog underwent a deeper change after it devoured energies from the Earthly Dragon Beasts flesh and blood. It was not as simple as an increase in its body size, but mainly, it reached a greater height in terms of energy application.

Earlier on, Big Yellow released earth series energy and merged with its body, allowing its physical defensive ability to increase by a huge margin. As such, even magic tools could not hurt it at all. The skill had never been performed before this.

In actual fact, Ou Yangming was also curious about what other surprises Big Yellow could offer.

If the big yellow dog was up against an Earthly Dragon Beast at the moment, even if the latter was much larger than the former, the final victor could not be determined so easily.

"Senior, youre flattering us." Ni Jingshen laughed out loud. He humbled himself but was beaming so widely that his eyes could almost not be seen.

All of a sudden, Elder Universe asked again, "Brother Ni, its a half-spirit beast after all. What will happen if the spirit beast summons


Everyone else was stunned, and their faces took on grave expressions. The cause of the Humans disaster was the descent of a spirit beast, who commanded ferocious beasts in the world to attack the people. Since the spirit beast had the power to command all ferocious beasts, Big Yellow would not be an exception too.

The other people shuddered with fear upon that thought.

Judging from Big Yellows power, they figured that the damages would be unimaginable if it went crazy and attacked the powerhouses during a crucial moment.

Ni Jingshen fell silent for a while, but he soon responded, "Senior, it makes sense that youre worried, but I guarantee you that Big Yellow wont be controlled by any spirit beast." Elder Universe asked coldly, "How are you going to guarantee that?".

Fang Zhaoyang and the others kept quiet, but they were still anxious. It was a serious matter, after all, so they could not sit by idly.

Ni Jingshen later reached out his hand to point at the sky as he uttered word by word, "Big Yellow came from up there." Elder Universes eyes lit up, and he asked softly, "Over there?".

"Over There!" Ni Jingshen repeated sternly.

Elder Universe exhaled deeply and was no longer worried.

He laughed out loud and commented, "Brother Ni, your clan is truly blessed."

The other Supreme Great Ancestors compliment Ni Jingshen and the two other Ni familys great ancestors too. They were envious but they knew it was not merely a good blessing, but because the Ni family had a profound background and was an inherited family.

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