Immortal's Diary Chapter 5

5 Greenwood Village

An hour later, Rose rested her head on Rog's chest affectionately, spreading her long golden strands of hair around him. Rog lay thoughtful of the dilemma he was currently in, he did not understand his purpose in the immortal's world but he oddly felt no need to go back to earth. He was simply an orphan living off welfare funding and there wasn't much to hope for in life back at earth. But this new world gave him a new sense of ambition as he had the mysterious immortal's diary by his side and a beauty that he pledged his life to.

Sniffing the slight odor caused by the intense sessions that Rog had, he slightly shifted and whispered. "I need to get cleaned up, is there a shower here?" He asked affectionately while stroking Rose's golden strands. "Shower?...." She repeated in confusion. "What's that? We can get cleaned up there". She said pointing at a doorway leading to her garden.

They walked to the tranquil garden, still unclothed. Rog looked around and found no water source and then looked at Rose's serene face. She excited giggled and started chanting before she became enshrouded in white light. "Oh, supreme God of elves, shower me with your divine blessings and give us calm rains". As if in response to her chanting, dark clouds descended from the sky swiftly before creating a downpour over Rose and Rog.

Rog's mind was clearly blown out after seeing Rose's secret artes in action, "this is amazing....." he said in wonder. "This is just the beginning" she excitedly added. The torrential downpour turned into waves of water before covering their bodies. Rog was a bit alarmed by this but became reassured when Rose's soft hands held his.

Rog's eyes widened in astonishment as he felt that the sweat and dirt he accumulated was instantly cleansed away by the water.

"Elf magic is just OP[1]" he said in astonishment.

'OP?....' Rose asked in confusion.

Rog just laughed out loud.

After getting cleaned up, Rog wanted to look around the elf village. Draped in a magnificent black robe given by Rose, Rog released a dignified and powerful disposition reminiscent of a transcendent lord that overlooked the world in nonchalance. If it was before, Rog was sure that he would never exude such an aura even with these beautiful elven robes. This definitely was another unexplained effect caused by the immortal's diary. Sensing that such a disposition could potentially cause him trouble, he wished to stop it.

"Does the inheritor wish to simplify his presence?" appeared a prompt


Now he seemed to simply look like a mortal wearing a handsome black robe, this seemed much better as he needed to maintain a low profile. Rose walked out a room, dressed in a knee length white gown that had several designs around it. Coupled with her waist length golden hair, she seemed like an otherworldly angel that would cause female celebrities back at earth to commit suicide.

Seeing Rog's wide open mouth, she smiled "i'm glad you like it". Rog immediately recovered his composure and cleared his throat as he said "lets go then, you lead the way". Rose led him through the woods of the elven territory. The woods had extremely huge trees which showed how well the elves preserved their land. 'hmph, businessmen back at earth would drool over these woodlands'. Rog thought faintly as he followed Rose.

They held hands as Rose led the way through the tranquil forest. The chirping birds and scurrying critters made the scene even more breathtaking. "so...Why do live alone?". Rog casually asked Rose as he tried to get to know her better. Rose looked back "Ran away from home a few years ago". She replied casually and kept on walking. Seeing that she wasn't going to talk further on it Rog didnt persist, everyone has their own secrets.

After a few more minutes they reached an opening and entered a village that seemed boisterous but wasn't too crowded. "this is greenwood village". Rose said joyously as she held onto Rog's arm. He could feel the softness pressing on his arm, causing him to moan in pleasure on the inside. Seeing the change in his expression, Rose looked at him in a concerned way "Whats wrong?". "Ah.....nothing!!. The village looks cool!". He said hurriedly as he shifted his gaze to the village.

There were many stalls selling things he had never seen before, ranging from mysterious talismans to square shaped cubes filled with some kind of pulsating energy. " those are energy cubes, they help you cultivate". Rose whispered. "Are they expensive?" Rog asked. Rose stared at the cubes again before nodding solemnly. Just as Rose was going to tug him away, Rog looked at the vendor and inquired the price of a cube. "30 silvers" He said before tossing a cube to Rog happily. Rog pulled out the leather pouch he took from the dead bandit and counted the silvers and gave him 30.

Rog was as good as broke now. he had 20 more silvers. 'The rent demanded by the bandit was cheaper'. he inwardly chuckled.

With widened eyes at the wealth he possessed, Rose kept silent as she walked him through the other stalls before arriving at the village center. There was a huge fountain filled with copper coins. And ontop of the fountain lay a statue of an armored warrior. The statue was almost lifelike, so Rog would feel a pressure on his soul when he stared at it. "that is the statue of an elven emperor that was born in the region". Rose said, watching the statue in admiration.

At this very moment, Rog's blood boiled and time seemed to slow down. He could sense a terrifying threat and pure killing intent surging at him from behind with an indomitable force. He grabbed Rose by her waist and instantly jumped to the left forcefully, aiming to hit the ground with his body.

Just as he landed with a thud, he heard the sounds of arrows piercing through air and passing the spot he was in a second ago.
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