Immortal's Diary Chapter 6

6 Felicia

Seconds later, a group of elven archers appeared with their arrows aimed at Rose and Rog. Preparing to use at any moment, Rog fiercely stared at the archers with a tiny wisp of anxiousness. "Princess Felicia, please come with us". An archer from the group of 4 stepped front and pleaded with a tone of haste.

"Captain Felix, i didn't think you could find me after all these years". Felicia smiled with a glint in her eyes. "The King has been expending all his resources to find him, stop this madness before the royal treasury becomes depleted". Captain Felix said.

just then, Rog felt the space behind him quiver as 4 beams of white-hot light surged towards the archers, piercing them in their acupuncture points, instantly causing paralysis to them. The three guards behind Captain Felix dropped onto the ground while he himself was on his knees, clearly struggling to remain still.

"Rog, run....". Rose said in an exhausted and anxious tone as she began to fall onto ground. Rog caught her with both hands and started running as fast as he could. He could feel the gazes of the onlookers and shouts of Captain Felix calling for reinforcements. 'Who is Rose really? or is she who she says she is? They called her princess'. Rog's mind was in havoc as he kept running through the streets of greenwood village repeatedly knocking strangers off of their feets.

'GOD!, Doesn't the Immortal's diary have any kind of speed boosting skill or some super teleportation move?!'. Rog screamed on the inside as he exited the enclosure of the village, entering the woods he originally came from. When he looked back, he noticed that he covered alot more distance than he normally would if he ran. And with the added weight of Rose he should have been slower but he seemed quite fast. 'Is this the Immortal's Diary again?'.

'Inheritor, you have used the divine runner's technique, it costs 25% of your qi to use it for an hour and the more it is used, the more proficient you will become at using the skill. 'WOAAAH!!' Rog's eyes gleamed. He realized that if he used certain skills more often, he could level them up and it would become more powerful. This reminded him of the video gamed he used to play.

As he covered more distance, he could feel the passage of the time as the sun began to get swallowed by the horizon. Rose slowly opened her eyes as she watched the face that had carried her through her predicament, a feeling of security began to blossom in her heart. She instinctively hugged herself closer onto Rog's chest that was drenched in sweat.

Feeling her hug and the soft cushions pressed on his chest, he gulped as he searched for a shelter in the woodlands he ran across. He definitely could not go back to Rose's cottage as he was sure the elf people who attacked them may be waiting there. As the sun set, he found a shallow stone cave that was well hidden in a grotto. He rushed into it and found that it could hide them away for the night and possible for a while longer considering how well hidden it was. He walked through the knee deep water as he went deeper into the grotto. he could definitely use the water from the river connected to this grotto.

Rog, gently placed Rose on the cold stone floor and looked at her slightly red face. That skill she used on those archers might have drained a portion of her vitality. He looked at her gorgeous face in caring way once more as he whispered to her to wait for him and exited the cave and began searching for firewood and consumables.

The hooting of owls resounded as Rog collected dead twigs. He killed a few squirrels and a bird with his . When he got back to the grotto it had just been an hour since he left but it had become very dark. "Rose?". Rog called out.

"I'm not Rose, I'm Felicia of the elven royalty". A voice said sadly from the darkness. "It doesn't matter, you won't be looked at differently by me". Rog said as he scorched the firewood. The orange flames illuminated the dark depths of the cave, revealing 'Felicia' sitting against the wall. Rog slowly approached her and squatted down infront of her and looked her straight in the eye.

"My father forced me to marry an elf lord i didn't know at all, so i ran away and tried living for myself. I'm sorry i lied to you". Whispered Felicia apologetically. At this, Rog slightly lifted her chin with his thumb and index finger and planted a slow kiss on her lips. Blushing furiously at this, Felicia stared at Rog, clearly touched by his affection. "Why?.....We just got to know eachother...."

"Because you're the only one i can trust in this world". Rog smiled as he started preparing the Squirrels and birds to roast. He already knew how to gut game, he learned in back at a summer camp at earth. As Rog roasted the meat, Felicia explained to him how everything came to be.

Her father was very strict about who she marries and wouldn't let her marry whoever she wanted. Therefore feeling the freedom being taken away from her, she ran away to live an adventurer's life and fend for herself. She stole gold from the treasury and escaped with a horse.

Enraged by her decision, the king sent guards far and wide in search of her. Her mother had long passed away from a deadly affliction, and Felicia was all he had. Thus he loved her very much.

Recalling all her hardships that included hiding daily and scavenging for food, she couldn't help but drop a tear and wipe it away before Rog caught sight of it. Letting the meat roast, Rog embraced her tightly. Felicia became as docile as a lamb under his warm embrace "I wish to find my purpose in this world, and you are a part of it. Will you come with me?".

"Yes!". Felicia nodded with watery eyes in happiness.

After biting into the juicy meat, Rog felt like flying as this was the best meat he had ever tasted. Rog and Felicia ate up as they conversed about earth and Felicia's life. At one point, after being filled with the juicy and hot meat, Felicia made a move at Rog's juicy meat mischievously. "not tonight, you need rest from that exhaustion of spiritual energy". Rog said with a smile.

"Oh....Alright, my sacred artes do drain my vitality if i use it to attack". Felicia said with a touched tone and a hint of disappointment. In a matter of minutes, Fell asleep on Rog's shoulders. Rog too drifted to sleep against the cave wall after he kissed her goodnight.
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