Imperfect Desires Book 2 Chapter 252

Volume 2: Intertwined Fates Chapter 252 Social Vegan

Yes, the person Darren found in the video was none other than his own idiot; Xiu. He was really having a difficult time trying to wrap his mind around this situation especially when he was told that his girlfriend's two videos had been trending on social media for the past hour. One that he just saw and the other in which she was singing 'Sunday Morning' herself like the main vocalist of the band.

"You're also starstruck, right?" asked Paige cheekily while she added, "She is gorgeous and charming."

Darren's face twitched as he glanced at his secretary and asked, "You're going to the bar to hit on her?" Actually, he knew that Paige was bis.e.x.u.a.l, he never cared about it especially since he was raised in a different environment. But if this time, her answer was yes... Then he really cared!

Paige gave him a proud smile, "Yup." Turning from alluring to chloric, it Darren only one second while she happily oblivious to his turmoil went on, "Do you think I'll be able to bend her? Well, I won't mind a one-night stand either."

"OKAY! That's it!" exclaimed Darren harshly and took a long deep breath. "You! Throw all those crazy ideas in your head about my girlfriend out!"

"Girlfriend?" Paige was surprised. "She's your girlfriend?"

Darren pulled out his phone and pressed the button to show her his lock screen photo which was of Xiu's sleeping face while hugging him. Paige raised her brows and laughed out, "Boss, you and I have such similar taste in girls."

"Shut up, Paige!" said Darren as he watched her being amused at the expense of his feelings.

Paige raised her hands as she said, "Okay, I give up. No matter how much attracted I am to her. I'll give her up for your sake." As she patted on his shoulder, Darren was left gaping in disbelief.

He glared at her and said, "You're not giving her to me. Because she's already mine. Don't you dare..."

Paige laughed at his reaction and said, "Boss, I have never seen you this possessive about someone before. Relax, I won't do anything. She's all yours." She took a step away from him and opened the door of her own car. As she started the engine, she wounded the windowpane down and said, "Hey, boss! Go and get your girlfriend already. I'm a girl and she managed to charm me, do you think men won't be attracted to her?"

As she reminded him, Darren was left thinking on his own in the parking lot. He pulled out his phone and dialed Xiu's number but no one picked up. It's been a while and she hadn't even replied to him as well. Darren tried calling Dylan but his phone was switched off. "F.u.c.k you, Didi! Where the hell are you when I need you?" Darren cursed and screamed at his phone before getting in his car and asking the driver to take him to Dylan's company.

On his way, he kept trying to call Xiu and Dylan but to no avail. Then he thought of calling Dylan's office and got the reply, "Mr. Qiu and Ms. Bai left in the afternoon for a meeting. They are still not back."

Darren's brain was running all kinds of scenarios since he was very familiar with the infamous 'Wine Xiu'. Now, he was even more worried to know that Dylan and Xiu were together. If that was true then he could only imagine. Because he knew nothing went right when those two were left alone sober let alone drunk. Well, not like their track history was any good.

Darren texted Paige to send him the bar's address and went there. As he walked inside the bar, he looked around desperately for her but couldn't find her or Dylan. He tried calling Zhao Wei but she told him that Dylan wasn't home. Then he called Dylan's sister and learned that Dylan was supposed to attend a charity auction in the evening.

Darren went to the charity auction venue but he wasn't allowed to enter, not like he wanted to. He just asked the ushers to tell him, "Did Dylan Qiu come tonight?"

As the attendants checked the guest list, they answered, "Yes, sir. Mr. Qiu came alone."

Darren wanted to meet Dylan but he was so worried about his drunk idiot that he decided to not go inside. However, what he didn't get to know at that point was that Dylan sent one of his employees to the auction on his behalf and since the invitation card had his name on it, the attendants thought that Dylan had come himself.

Because of this small misunderstanding, Darren was left with a mental breakdown. Because if Xiu was alone then he really didn't know what was left impossible. Because anything was possible for Wine Xiu. He ruffled his hair in frustration and called Nora, "Is Xiu with you?" he asked.

Nora frowned at his question and answered, "No. I haven't met her since Saturday. Why are you asking?" Darren told her that Xiu is drunk and alone. That was enough for Nora to get the gist of the situation as she suggested, "Try calling back at the apartment building. Maybe, she went home."

Darren rubbed his hand over his face as he replied, "I did already. She is not home yet." He was so worried because of those stupid scenarios running in his mind that Darren was getting a headache now. "Can you tell me the places, she frequently goes to? Or friends that she have? Or anything?"

Nora thought about it for a while before replying, "She is a social vegan. She avoids 'meet'."

"Can you drop the jokes for a minute?" replied Darren because of her attempt to make him laugh but failed.

"Actually, I really mean that. Yes, I wanted to make you laugh as well but more importantly, it's true that Xiu is anti-social. She hates meeting people like they are a plague. But..." Nora stopped herself from continuing for some reason.

"But what?" asked Darren.

"Don't call her weird even though she is weird but she often ends up at the cemetery without realizing it herself. She even sleepwalked to the cemetery once," told Nora honestly while Darren frowned at her words.

Xiu had told him that she spent hours in the graveyard but he didn't think she'd have sleepwalked there as well. But it wasn't the time to think much. He replied, "Thanks for your help. I'll talk to you later." As he hung up, he went to the cemetery that Nora told him about.

However, he was disappointed again because he didn't find Xiu even there. He wanted to track Xiu's phone but it was turned off now. He really was running out of options. As he was descending from the small hill, his vision blurred for a moment. He shook his head trying to gain back his vision. As he came close to the car, he felt lightheaded and almost missed a step and fell. But fortunately, his driver was right beside him to help him up.

"Sir, are you okay?" asked the driver and Darren nodded.

But when he settled in the car, a wave of sharp pain ran through his head making him wince involuntarily. The driver heard him hissing in pain while he rubbed his forehead and passed a chocolate bar to him saying, "Sir, your sugar level is dropping. That's not good for your health."

Darren took the chocolate without any questions and took a bite of it saying, "I'm okay, Ben."

His driver, Ben didn't buy it as he replied, "Sir, I'll drop you off home. You have been running around for almost 3 hours now." Before Darren could argue, he added, "I'll look for Ms. Bai. Don't worry. I'll give you the report as soon as possible."

Darren was sweating profusely while his body shaking at this point. He could tell himself that his blood sugar level was dropping. He honestly didn't have it in him to argue anymore as he leaned his head back to the headrest and closed his eyes.

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