In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 20

20 Nothing Last For Ever

Two years have passed since the last incident, sanjana had few disaster with her magic, Ra considered it necessary to put a spell on Sanjana's magic, so that no body can get harm.

Sam had emerged as one of the most powerful leader of werewolf. Tia and Roy were a couple now, Sam initially didn't accept their relationship, but after Sanjana's continuous attempt to persuade Sam, he agreed.

Tia had came to know about something Sam was planning and was hiding it from the family. Tia in curiosity followed Sam to the lab, where she found that Sam was trying to do some experiment.

The scientists informed him that no matter how hard they tried none of the embryo made it, maybe this is never meant to happen.

Tia came forward," what are you doing, Sam?"

"How did you come here? Did you follow me?" Sam asked angrily.

"Either you tell me or I am telling everyone. You have 5 minutes." Tia put Sanjana's phone no on dial-in.

"Wait don't, I will tell you everything." Sam dropped his angry attitude immediately.

"Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I will be late. You have dinner." Tia talked to sanjana on phone and immediately hung up.

"It may sound stupid to you, but I know that my and Sanjana's life need a baby, and that's what I am trying to create over here, but since 6 months they have not succeeded once, all the embryos degenerate. Vampires sometimes could conceive but all ended up with demise of mother and child. I am still living in the guilt of killing my own child, and sanjana doesn't deserve this, she can have a family, a happy family and if this experiments fail, then I am going to ask her to have artificial insemination. Till now just one of the embryo had made it to 6 weeks." Sam showed Tia the refrigerator in which the embryo was stored.

"But sir," one of the scientist interrupted.

"What? But?" Sam asked.

" The last embryo disintegrated by itself today morning." The scientist said, he couldn't look in Samrat's eyes.

Sam was broken hearing this,"then I will go for my plan B. As such I had no plan on how I would make someone carry the embryo to the term."

"Sam, sanjana loves you, and all this things won't matter to her anyways. Plus their will be blood moon, you need to plan for." Tia tried to pacify Sam.

"Once this blood moon is gone, I will talk to sanjana about this." Sam said.

Sanjana had noticed that Sam seemed a bit off since last few months, she thought that maybe it was due to work pressure or something, but also knew that Sam would not tell her so easily, so she tried to take care of him as much as possible, but sometimes Sam would shower her with his love and sometimes he would just push her out of his life.

But today was blood moon, one of the supernatural phenomenon that was going to happen tonight, which would make werewolf insane due to pain. No one knew what would the blood moon do to Sam, he was the first hybrid.

Tia and sanjana had made special arrangements so that if a powerful hybrid like Sam gets converted and looses his control, then how they are gonna manage it.

Dungeon was prepared, with heavy chains attached to the wall. Roy had started experience the pain of conversion. But till now the blood moon had no effect on Sam, but as the clock struck 12, Sam screamed in pain, his vessels dilated and face reddened. Roy had already converted into his wolf form, but Sam could not convert, he was just experiencing pain, maybe because his vampire side was healing his bone fractures Faster than his rate of conversion.

The only was to stop this pain was to convert to wolf form. After a few hours of scream sanjana gave in.

"I am not letting him suffer anymore." She said, opening the door of the dungeon.

"You know he can hurt you and his bite is toxic to us, no one would come to your help." Tia warned Sanjana.

"I will take my Sam away." Saying this sanjana opened the door.

"What? Go away sanjana." Sam was shocked at the opened door.

"We are going out, don't worry I trust you fully." Sanjana supported Sam on her shoulder.

She helped him walk till the woods. Sam was struggling to stay in control, but he was also not sure how much his vampire instinct would prevent his conversions.

Sanjana couldn't do magic, so the question was what will this condition cost Sam?

"Sanjana, wait, you need to leave, I might hurt you." Sam said stopping in the forest.

"You can't, you can never." Saying this she kissed him on his lips. The kiss took attention away from his current pain.

Sanjana noticed it, she deepened the kiss with her hands running in Sam's hair.

"I don't think this is good." Sam said but then his eyes glowed purple,"leave sanjana," setting a fright through sanjana, but sanjana again tamed the animal side of Sam.

"It's hurting sanjana, I don't know for how much time will I be able to protect you from myself." Sam said trying to break the passionate kiss between them.

"Nothing will happen, just stay with me." saying this sanjana unbuttoned sam's shirt, and kissed softly on his chest. The benefit of being a Vampire was that Sam had perfectly craved body since the time he died. Sanjana ran her fingers on his broad shoulders and kissed him.

In no matter of time, both of them were lying on the ground of the forest, with their clothes on the ground, still kissing eachother. Sam was struggling, but still was keeping his lid on.

When Sam would scream in pain, sanjana would say," it was ok, I am here with you."

Sam and sanjana spent the crucial hours of blood moon at the forest, Samrat didn't convert, but passed out, after a few minutes, he and sanjana consummated.

Sanjana got up and wore her clothes and covered Sam with his clothes and then slept besides him.

In the early morning, when sanjana woke up, she was a little sore from last night. Sam was always gentle with her while making love, but last night he had no control on himself, he had bite her on her neck, giving her lovebites on her neck.

She sat down and asked Sam to wake up, she helped him get up, he was Also somewhat disoriented due to last night. He almost didn't remember what happened last night, sanjana helped him walk to the mansion.

Tia was happy to see sanjana and Sam alright. Sanjana directly went to her bathroom and took her t-shirt off, she saw her bruises in the mirror, when Sam came from behind.

Noticing him standing behind she covered herself, but it was a little too late, Sam had seen her bruises.

"I can never forgive myself for this." Sam saying this left, sanjana wore her t-shirt and ran behind him as fast as she could but he left had already left in his car.

Sanjana was worried about Sam, so she called him, to let him know that she was alright, but he wouldn't pick her phone up.

At the dinner, Tia informed sanjana that Sam had went to London, to meet some older vampire coven, as their had been a problem aroused recently, but sanjana knew why Sam had left, without having a word with her.

Days passed, Sam ignored sanjana, he would not pick up her calls, nor would call her back. Sanjana was tired of sending messages, but not even a single reply came back.

Sanjana became sick, and even became unconscious during one of the board meeting. Roy and Tia were worried about her, when the message of sanjana's I'll health reached sam, he couldn't stop himself, and got back to sanjana as soon as possible.

But within two days, sanjana looked good, her tests came out negative, so everyone thought that she might have suffered from viral fever.

sanjana was behaving distantly with Sam, she would not talk to him, or avoid him purposefully, Would stay at their penthouse in the city.

Sam felt as if he had no right left to complain, as he had pushed her away from him, now sanjana was angry on him. He was not their when she was sick.

Roy and Tia also could sense the tension between them, Roy decided to confront sanjana, he went to her cabin, she was already in the bathroom. He decided to wait near her table, when his eyes fell on the dustbin, it had some torned reports. He got it out of the dust bin, and joined the torn pieces together.

The report read,"positive"

He hurriedly took other parts out, to know in depth, it was a pregnancy report.

What sanjana was pregnant? Then why she wasn't telling anyone else, before he could react sanjana came out of the bathroom, wiping her mouth with napkin, noticing the torn pieces in Roy's hand, she knew that her secret was out.

"Wait Roy. I can explain." Sanjana said before Roy could start his questions,"sam would not allow me to carry this child, he won't let me suffer."

"But don't you think Sam deserves to know about this." Roy asked.

"Yes but once a few months pass, and he will see by himself that the baby is not harmful to me, he would agree, but I want to give my baby one chance. Please Roy." Sanjana said.

"If this baby takes a toll on your health, then we are getting rid of it immediately, and I will go to Sam, even if you agree or disagree." Roy warned sanjana.

"Ok agreed." Sanjana nodded " but till then you would not complain to Sam.

Roy didn't wanted sanjana to stay alone by her own in her penthouse, so he offered her to stay at his house for a month.

"You know Sam is worried about you." Roy said while driving towards his home.

"I know, but I can't wait to see his face, when he comes to know that he is going to be a father." Sanjana blushed.
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