In Mha With Madara’s Powers Book 1 Chapter 94

Volume 1 Chapter 94

[author- my last chapter like this was like a long time ago.

Anyways, could you guess my age?

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Inside a relatively small room with a single bed, Mirio lay there without any movement. He was brought here after losing consciousness against his fight with Madara, and right now, he was going over it inside of his head.

Despite having the advantage with the environment, he still lost and that made it even worse. It was obvious to him that Madara wasn't able to use his more destructive abilities inside the training room unless he wanted to destroy it.

As he thought more about it, Mirio wasn't discouraged nor was he salty or bummed out about his defeat. If anything, he was excited! Happy to have found someone that is able to push him harder towards his limit. Someone around his age group who is able to easily defeat him.

Yes, this may sound strange, but compared to some other students, Mirio wasn't one to get so butt hurt. Of course there's no doubt that he's a bit disappointed of his lost, but he always tries to see the positive out of everything.

With his hands clenched into his fist, a huge smile blossomed onto Mirio's face as determination was obvious to notice in his oval shaped blue eyes.

'Madara. I promise that one day I'll spar with you again, and push you hard enough for you to actually go serious.' He vowed, saying all this in his head.

Mirio wasn't a dumb person. It was obvious to him that Madara wasn't trying, nor was he using his stronger attacks. He had basically beat him with hand to hand combat alone.

So, if he gets the chance to fight with Madara once again, then his goal is to push him harder. Right now with his strength, Mirio knew there was no chance in defeating him, so he'll take baby steps and be patient.

Just how Nighteye had taught him.

Feeling perfectly fine. Mirio ignored the soreness of his face and back, and walked out of the room in a good mood. He went to where his sensei was at and saw him doing some paperwork at his desk.

"Oh? You're awake, that's good. As long as you think you're fine to walk around then do as you wish, but don't ignore your health." Nighteye said, noticing Mirio's movements. Even if the blonde never ignored his injuries and always listened to what he said, Nighteye still would remind him mainly because the incident with All Might will forever be remembered.

"Yes I'm fine, even if I feel a bit sore, but I'm sure a good nights fest will fix me right up!" Mirio said with a smile, causing the green haired man to raise an eyebrow.

"You seem more joyful then usual." He questioned.

"Of course I am! That fight with Madara was amazing. I haven't enjoyed one in a while. Especially ever since you stopped sparing with me sensei." Mirio responded back, receiving a slight smile in return.

"And what did you learn in this spar of yours?" Nighteye asked. This was something he would always do after Mirio fought someone. It was mainly to get him to be more observant during battles and capture the subtle details against his opponents.

"People who have strong bodies, insane reflexes and decent hand to hand combat skills are able to contend against me if they are actually that strong. When fighting Madara, he was able to easily dodge my assaults, and would always know exactly where I would attack next.

I also can't underestimate my opponents intelligence. Even if my quirk may seem invincible, I still have a weakness with it and someone could exploit it and use it against me. Just as Madara did when he caught me off guard with that final punch."

Mirio said, causing Nighteye to nod in agreement, satisfied with the answer.

"It's good that you're learning even more. This will benefit you greatly, so it would be a good idea for you start training even harder." Nighteye said, confusing the blonde.

"What far? Isn't my current training regimen already fine?" He questioned.

"It's because you'll be apart of the new generation of heroes..." Nighteye said, then turned back to his paperwork.

"Huh? You've never once said this before." Mirio said with a light laugh. Being with Nighteye for a while now, he understood that his 'noble speeches' or 'heroic lines' were usually from All Might.

With a chuckle Nighteye didn't remove his eyes from his paperwork and said "I guess someone has influenced me..."

(With Rumi and Madara)

Wasting no time in using his Shunshin, Madara appeared in a fairly large room that was big enough to hold anything a grown woman would need in her life. This was Rumi's room which currently took a deeper lighting due to the dark curtains that were dr.a.p.ed over the windows.

Enjoying the feeling of her wet lips on the side of his neck while her athletic and soft body pressed against him from behind, Madara almost forgot what he planned to do here. His long hair did get in the way at first, but the pro hero was able to still do her thing successfully.

"What's gotten into you today?" He questioned as he removed the Rabbit Hero from him. He was by no means going to reject her right now, but this situation was strange, so he needed to ask her.

It should be known that the two haven't crossed the boundary yet as they didn't want to rush it, so for Rumi to suddenly invite him over meant that something must had happened. Either that, or Madara was over thinking it and the woman was just too horny today and wanted to let out all of her...urges.

Inside the quiet room, the two stood there at the end of the bed, facing each other. Neither one of them was nervous like any other normal couple would be when having s.e.x for the first time together. They had grown closer ever since Rumi had started to sleep over at the Yaoyorozu mansion, so they were comfortable around each other.

Enjoying the sight of Rumi's body, Madara patiently waited until she answered his question. Everything he was seeing was perfect. Down to her powerful legs, all the way up to her beautiful face and long white hair that flowed peacefully down her back.

"Isn't it crazy that we've known each other for only about a week, and then started dating soon after?" She walked up to the Uchiha; her 5 foot 2 inch frame looked smaller than ever when in front of him. Looking up, her hands roamed under his muscle shirt, feeling the results of his hard work.

"I guess so, but I don't regret it one bit." Madara replied back as he began stroking the top of her hair. There was no doubt that due to Rumi's hands, the weapon inside his pants began to harden. An extremely attractive n.a.k.e.d woman feeling you up...who wouldn't get an erection?

"Sometimes I wonder if we settled things way too quickly, but I know that's not the case. I always come home to no one, but sleeping with you at your house is always satisfying to me. I love the feeling and I never want to lose it.


As I told you before, you're my first lover/boyfriend. In usual cases, people never end up spending the rest of their lives with their 'first', but I'm honestly sure that I want to.

So I've decided.

Please f.u.c.k me..."

Rumi said as her pretty red eyes looked up at his. Her right hand moved down from under his shirt to the insides of his pants, feeling the reaction she got out him. Thinking about how big he was down there, Rumi never noticed the small smirk that formed on her man's face.

Madara seriously had to contain a small chuckle when hearing the last part. She was as straight forward than ever. He expected some heart filled speech like when she confessed to him, but in the end, she just wanted him to f.u.c.k her. To him, it seemed like Rumi didn't want to lose him, as well as the feeling of happiness that he gave her. It was honestly cute to say the least, and Madara could understand where she was coming from.

Before he had entered her life, she did everything solo. The feeling of being with a significant other had filled her heart and she never wanted to lose it, and Madara will make sure she won't.

"Mmm~ Dammit that was unexpected." Rumi said with a small m.o.a.n as she felt his large hands squeeze her incredible bare ass. She felt him grow even longer and thicker, obviously from feeling her up.

For Madara, he was always attracted to fit woman who had a bit of muscle on them, and Rumi was just perfect. He couldn't get enough of her! Since she asked him to f.u.c.k her, then who was he to deny her request?

"Don't back out now then. I don't ever intend to let you get away." Madara said. Lifting her up, he threw her onto the bed and watched as she laid on her back. Those thighs...they looked so tempting as the slight sight of her private caught his gaze. Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself before he went ahead and wrecked havoc onto her second pair of lips.

He'll take it slow at first...

As Rumi laid there and watched as a shirtless Madara began to take off his pants, something inside her had awakened. Something that only ever ignited in her whenever she spared with the Uchiha.

'I really haven't beaten him in anything. Isn't this my chance?' A crazy idea made its way in her head, and unconsciously, a familiar smile formed on her face. 'Yes, I'll milk him dry...until he'll be unable to move or function.'

"What are you grinning for?" She heard a deep voice say. It was then did she realize the man she's been l.u.s.ting for was on top of her with his palms trailing from her waist to her perky b.r.e.a.s.t.

A look of pleasure formed on her face as the heat coming from Madara's body turned her on even more. Her unique looking bunny ears twitched ever so slightly as the feeling of his mouth kissing the sweet spots on her neck started to cloud her thoughts.

'What the hell, isn't he too good at this!?' Rumi wondered to herself. Making out with Madara was a norm for her, but it was never like this. Never so...sensual. Compared to her usual self, right now she felt small. All she could do is succ.u.mb to the pleasure her lover was giving her, and wait for the incoming pounding that she would receive.

'No!' She couldn't believe it. Not even 5 minutes has passed and she already almost forgot how she planned to dominate this young man!

Madara himself couldn't recall the amount of times he pictured the two of them in this current position, and now it was actually happening.

He wanted more. More of her taste.

Trailing his hand down, he reached her soft shaven p.u.s.s.y, and used his index finger to probe lightly, feeling the wetness of her slit. Playing around a bit, he finally made his way inside, and groaned as her walls clenched around his finger.

"Ahh~ F.u.c.k!" Rumi, sensitive to Madara's touch, had almost came then and there from the light penetration. How embarrassing...What happened to all that talk of her wanting to milk him dry, but here she was m.o.a.ning like a s.l.u.t right from the start.

"Eh? You're already like this...I guess it's normal since it's your first time." Madara said, teasing the woman just a little. Yes, it was her first as she told him this before. The first man to ever have s.e.x with her, and Rumi intended it to be her last. No other man was going to touch her. She had made her decision and she knows that she won't regret it.

Looking at her frustrated blushing face, Madara knew what he was doing. Earlier he had recognized the look she had and knew that she was planning something. He had felt that familiar l.u.s.t for 'battle' and knew he would be having a different type of dance this evening...

Minutes later, Rumi had gone through her first orgasm today, leaving 3 of Madara's fingers drenched in her juices. She'd never say it out loud, but she had lost this first round. The way he pumped his fingers while sucking on her clit had her back arching. It was the best he has ever made her feel, but she knew the pleasure was far from over.

"Are you ready?" Madara questioned as he lined up his member against the pink folds of the woman beneath him, but that was when it happened. With a grin, Rumi had suddenly switched their positions and now sat on the Uchiha, looking at him as if she had accomplished something great.

"Oh?" Madara laid there, amus.e.m.e.nt apparent in his black eyes. He knew exactly what Rumi was trying to do and of course could've easily stopped her, but he didn't. These are the type of things that could make s.e.x with your significant other more exciting, and if Madara were to be honest, this side of Rumi was attractive.

"Just be a good boy and watch as I have my way with your big c.o.c.k..." Rumi said with a beautiful smile as she lifted herself up and squatted above the raging dragon that was now beneath her.

Ok, even if Madara found this side of hers attractive, it didn't mean he was just going to let Rumi dominate him!

He didn't think it was possible to get even harder than before, but it happened when watching as the muscles on Rumi's thighs tensed when she brought herself down.

"W-why the hell are you so f.u.c.k.i.n.g big!" The white haired woman groaned as she felt her walls expand to fit his size. Only getting about four inches in, she stopped to get adjusted. Unfortunately for her, this gave Madara the chance to make his move.

With his physical capabilities, it wasn't difficult for Madara to take action while laying down. With ease, he pumped upwards, catching the rabbit by surprise and watched as she sensually bit her lips, trying to contain her m.o.a.ns, but she was unsuccessful.

They were beautiful, Madara thought when they echoed inside his ears. She sounded just as amazing as she looked and felt.

Her walls clenched tightly around him as his c.o.c.k made it's way into her deepest parts. Reaching up with his arms, he grabbed the two b.r.e.a.s.t that were moving freely as Rumi was bouncing up and down on top of him.

What a sight.

As usual, Madara had to activate his Sharingan.

Having enough fun, he flipped the woman so he was the one now on top, also giving him easier access and control of his strokes.

"Y-You bastard!" Rumi yelled out in between m.o.a.ns as Madara began to pick up the pace. He bent down and sealed her lips, pressing her body against his. With their tongues wrapped around each other, he used his free hand and pinched her c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s, never stopping with his strong thrust.

Rumi shook and she squealed as he pumped faster and faster, bringing her to the edge. When their lips separated, the sound of flesh slapping against each were soon joined by Madara's groans and Rumi's m.o.a.ning.

"Yes. Harder. Harder!"She yelled out. It's unfortunate, but she was going to lose once again.

"I. Win. Rumi." Madara said. Each word was followed by a quick and powerful thrust right after, and Rumi m.o.a.ned every time he penetrated her drenched insides. She ignored how he was able to easily read her intentions and focused on the incoming orgasm.

Their panting and m.o.a.ning increased in volume. Madara pumped more fiercely, shaking her walls with every hit, causing Rumi's mind to go blank at the sensations she was feeling.

Her p.u.s.s.y kept drawing him back in for more, and Madara knew she was near her climax judging by the way her body shook beneath him. Moving his head down, he brought his lips onto her b.r.e.a.s.t, sucking and kissing on them as much as he could.

"I'm c.u.m.m.i.n.g!!" Rumi's walls clenched around the thick c.o.c.k inside of her, covering it with her juices as her second orgasm hit. It took a couple moments for her to stop squirting, with the last of her juices dripping down her thighs, but it wasn't over.

Madara was still pumping, but had slowed down, obviously reaching his first today! Minutes later, making sure to pull out, thick ropes of c.u.m had made its way on top of Rumi's toned stomach, b.r.e.a.s.t and thighs.

Another snapshot...

Now laying beside each other, catching their breaths while holding hands, Rumi suddenly started to laugh out loud, confusing the young man.

Huffing with a huge smile on her face, she turned to look at Madara and said "I never knew this would feel so...amazing! I always thought Nejire and Momo were just exaggerating."

From then on, it had turned into a battle of stamina between the two lovers as Rumi had her first taste of s.e.x and couldn't get enough of it...

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