In The Remakes Chapter 14

14 The Aura Of Judgemen

"Unexpectedly such a ugly soul could reside in a half-step god. Not only is it ugly it's being nurtured by someone... But it's strange, there is no one in this sect with an equally rotten soul" thought Guang Wu. He refused to live in the same sect as someone with such a bad soul. It wasn't that it could harm him, it was just that it could harm many other people in the sect which is now his temporary home.

While Guang Wu was looking around the outer court, he noticed almost nobody was roaming around but he heard loud shouting from the center of the court. When he looked towards the center, he saw a large and decorated Arc flying in the air. "An arc? How interesting. It seems like that's where everyone is." at first he didn't put too much attention towards it but only when he heard screaming and cheering did he start to focus onto the arc.

When Guang Wu arrived he noticed three people near him also arriving near the center of the arc. If the three core disciples didn't arrive at the same time he did, people would ask how a new inner court disciple was recruited. Although the sect was huge, a cultivators mind had to be very well trained and had to have a large memory capacity making everyone memorize if not all the inner court disciples names, they would memorize all the faces of the inner court disciples.

Looking at the person between the two core disciples, Guang Wu smiled while he thought "I found you~" Before Guang Wu came out and delivered his punishment, he quickly took out a mask out of seemingly nowhere. This mask was completely black with no eye wholes or a mouth piece to breath out of. It poured out a large amount of Void Qi which was sensed by no one in the sect. Reason being was that it was a Qi that has never been seen before. It wasn't Heavenly Qi, Demonic Qi, Immortal Qi, Saint Qi nor Mortal Qi. But even if people couldn't sense the Qi, they could see it. The Void Qi passed through every individual there as if looking for a target for its next feast. The void Qi spread out to a five million mile radius outside of the Ice sect even passing through multiple other sects not as powerful as the 9 heavenly sects but could be considered powerhouses in their respected regions.

The disciples who were once baffled to the site at seeing a black stream running passed them seemingly vanished as if nothing happened in the first place.

"Damn it I didn't wear this mask in a while and this is the kind of reaction it gets when it sees me."

The mask that Guang Wu wore was like said before, made out of Void Qi and everything made from this Qi had its own conscience only loyal to Guang Wu, its creator. He wore the mask an said

"Stay your hand!" said Guang Wu while approaching one of the three disciples.

Guang Wu noticed that the rotten soul disciple was about to hit a someone beside him which got him even more angry. Isn't that just humiliating another disciple in front of 1000's? Even if she could block the attack wouldn't that make others think that shes easy to bully. It was clear that Guang Wu didn't clearly know the difference between a inner and core disciple. Who else but the other two core disciples would dare to bully her.

Guang Wu let out heavy pressure towards the three disciples especially towards the one that was about to hit the girl beside him. Even though he let out immense pressure it was just for a few seconds, enough for the girl to get away from the other disciples range of attack.

(I'm just going to use the core disciples names after this point for convenience.)

"Who are you, how dare you hide your face in my presence!" said Feng Min angry and humiliated. He thought the disciple in front of him just startled him by screaming and didn't think that a mysterious force stopped him from landing the slap.

Guang Wu didn't reply. Guang Wu really just acted on impulse, he really didn't have any punishment on mind making him feel a bit awkward.

By the time Feng Min said that, the sect master and all of the elders returned along with the Ancestor of Ice to witness the opening of the Arc. Although the Ancestor wasn't that interested in the Arc, she still wanted to see how her sect was doing after being away for so long.

They all hid near the side to see what the commotion was. After all if they just appeared out of now where, then the fight would stop and they wouldn't of got to the bottom of what was happening.

"What? You dare to tell me to hold my hand but you won't say anything?" said Feng Min mockingly.

Lu Mei on the side was afraid that Feng Min would attack this masked man. After all if the masked man didn't talk up when he did, she would of got hit by Feng Min and lose all her face. Although they were both core disciples, Feng Min and his brother are part of the Feng family, who are as renowned as the Ice sect in terms of wealth and power. The only reason why they sent their children here were to gain an alliance with this sect. If a stranger was to even offend them a little bit, there whole family would be annihilated.

Guang Wu took out a gauntlet and put it on. Many elders including the Ancestor of Ice looked at this gauntlet with extreme caution. The reason was because it emitted an aura of judgement. An aura of judgement is an item used to judge a person who committed countless sins and no matter how powerful one was, it would be nothing in front of the aura of judgement. Of course if the item deemed the person who's soul was being judged as pure then it would grant unlimited amount of success and fortune throughout the persons life as a reward. It could even make a cripple stand out among the strongest of gods. The only thing was that an item which contained the aura of judgement has been lost for hundreds of millions of years and was last in possession of it was the last Heavenly King. Seeing that a boy who was seemed to be a inner court disciple of their sect have such an item, it left them speechless.

"Was there ever such a mysterious boy in the inner court?" thought the elders.

On the other hand, the Ancestor of Ice was surprised "Isn't that the robe i gave Guang Wu?!"

Although she let Guang Wu in her sect, she couldn't just hand over a position of inner court with out any safety measures. So she put a little bit of her Heavenly Qi on his robe but how could this of gone unnoticed by Guang Wu, in reality he just didn't care.

"For the sins you've committed up to this point in your life, this gauntlet shall judge you!" said Guang Wu while walking up to Feng Min.
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