Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 196

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 196 War

"Get out of our territory or die!"

This Ichthyosaur had its attention fixed on Wang Xian and his subordinates. His gaze was cold and filled with bloodl.u.s.t.

So strong. It's much stronger than the five Ichthyosaurs we met previously!

Feeling the aura from the Ichthyosaur, Wang Xian was a little shocked. This Ichthyosaur had clearly manifested intelligence and its level would definitely not be any lower than ten.

It had a huge body that spanned fifteen meters and gave off chilly vibes.

"Surrender or die!"

Wang Xian stared at that Ichthyosaur and growled.

Growl growl growl!

When Ichthyosaur heard Wang Xian, it immediately lifted his head and let out three cries. Waves emitted from his mouth and propagated to the surroundings.

At that instant, the quiet region seemed to have livened up.

In a sunken ship a small distance away, two Ichthyosaurs that were approximately three to four meters long swam out.

From a forty-fifty-meter-long sunken ship, an Ichthyosaur that spanned over ten meters swam out.

At the same time, Ichthyosaurs swam out from various sunken sh.i.p.s in the surroundings.

Among them, the smallest was two to three meters long while the larger ones spanned fifteen to sixteen meters.

At the very end, a seventeen to eighteen meters long Ichthyosaur swam out from the depth of the waters.

Gradually, the school of Ichthyosaurs appeared at the location five hundred meters ahead of Wang Xian.

Ichthyosaurs of various sizes added up to six to seven hundred of them.

Among them, there were 20-30 of them that were approximately ten meters long, 3 that were approximately fifteen meters and 1 that was seventeen to eighteen meters long.

"How dare you barge into our territory. I'm going to eat you!"

That seventeen to eighteen meters long Ichthyosaur stared fervently at Wang Xian.

It could feel a strong attraction from Wang Xian. Its instincts were telling him that if he could devour this strange creature, it would be able to evolve further!

"Kill!" that huge Ichthyosaur swayed its large tail and ordered.

In that instant, all the Ichthyosaurs opened their wide mouths and attacked Wang Xian.

How ruthless of them to attack us directly!

Seeing the seventeen to eighteen meters long Ichthyosaur, Wang Xian moved his tail slowly.


A dragon roar burst from Wang Xian.


Roving Heavens lifted the rod in his hand and let out a long roar.

Growl! The group of Devil Monkeys behind it also let out a loud roar while emitting their bloodl.u.s.t.

Sss sss sss!

The nine venomous sea snakes lifted their heads and spat out their tongues.


Prime Minister Turtle, who had been lying on the seabed, shook a little as his body was covered by the mud gradually.

Roving Lobster stood up and extended his huge claws that glowed with a metallic shine.


Wang Xian headed for the Ichthyosaur directly ahead of him.

Behind him, Roving Heavens, nine Venomous Sea Snakes, Prime Minister Turtle and the group of Devil Monkeys also made their moves.

There were over a thousand animals from both sides but the aura they gave off seemed to be ten times their sizes.

Swish swish swish!

Wang Xian swayed his tail and two huge water balls gathered behind him. Each water ball was approximately two meters and was shot directly at the Ichthyosaur at the front of the school.

"I'm going to devour you!"

The seventeen to eighteen meters long Ichthyosaur wasn't moved by Wang Xian's attacks at all. It flapped its tail rapidly and swam passed Wang Xian's head directly.


The water balls exploded.

Ichthyosaur: Level 11

Extractable Dragon Energy: 293,244

Level 11!

When Wang Xian saw the level of this Ichthyosaur, he wasn't surprised at all. He kept his composure as his dragon claws glowed in a metallic shine and attacked that Ichthyosaur.

The seventeen to eighteen meters long Ichthyosaur had a head that was five to six meters long. On it, densely packed teeth were the size of a fist and looked extremely sharp.

Its entire head had similar skin to a crocodile with protruding portions on the head.

Its size was more than three times that of Wang Xian.



Sounds of collision propagated as Wang Xian's dragon claws clashed with its mouth.

Its teeth were ripped off directly by Wang Xian's dragon claw.

The Ichthyosaur didn't let go of Wang Xian's dragon claws. In response, Wang Xian emitted flames from his claws and forced it to relax its grip rapidly.

"Take this rod from me!"

At this moment, Roving Heavens and the rest were clashing with the school of Ichthyosaurs.

Roving Heavens lifted its metal rod like The Great Sage Equalling Heaven in television shows and smashed directly at the fifteen meters long Ichthyosaur.

"Limitless Gravel!"

At the bottom of the seas, a wave of yellow earth suddenly engulfed the dozen Ichthyosaurs ahead.

Amidst the yellow earth were solid stones that were sent towards the school of Ichthyosaur directly.

"Water Control, Water Imprisonment!"

Behind the group, Roving Girl moved her palms as ropes of water restricted the mouths of the Ichthyosaurs.

As she waved her hands, droplets of water appended themselves to the Devil Monkeys rushing towards the earth sent by Prime Minister Turtle and prevented their vision from being blurred by the yellow earth.

800 Devil Monkeys leaped and attacked towards the Ichthyosaurs.

However, the most horrifying of them all were the nine Venomous Sea Snakes. Their speed was astonishing and they used potent venom. When moving at full speed, the surrounding Ichthyosaurs couldn't keep up with their speed at all.

With every bite, venom was injected into the Ichthyosaurs that stiffened their bodies. In fact, Ichthyosaurs that were smaller than ten meters were poisoned to death directly.

The nine Venomous Sea Snakes were like assassins and were extremely frightening.

"You guys are seeking your own deaths!"

Picking up the scent of blood from the surroundings, the seventeen to eighteen meters long Ichthyosaur looked over and saw its kind being slain. Its eyes gradually turned red.

It was a creepy shade of red that had a drop of blue liquid within it.

Wang Xian was shocked to see the change in the eyes of the Ichthyosaur and increased his alertness.


The Ichthyosaur stared at Wang Xian with bloodthirst as it attacked him.

Wang Xian kept his composure and met it with his dragon claws.


At this moment, the Ichthyosaur initiated the attack with its tail. The swing of its tail brought strong current that was of at least several tons of force.

Wang Xian was unmoved and swayed his own tail. A huge current started forming as it smashed towards the Ichthyosaur's tail.


Seeing that its tail attack was stopped by Wang Xian, the Ichthyosaur opened its mouth and bit towards Wang Xian's body.


Wang Xian waved his dragons claws downwards towards the large and extended jaws of the Ichthyosaur.

Ka ka ka!

Wang Xian's dragon claws opened a long wound on the Ichthyosaur's head. However, the Ichthyosaur managed to bite onto his tail.

An intense pain sensation cruised in his body. Wang Xian immediately broke free and swam backwards.

The Ichthyosaur felt the pain and retreated in a hurry.

"Why did the Ichthyosaur choose to bite my tail of all places?"

Seeing his dragon tail that was about to break into two, Wang Xian's face sank.

Energy of the Azure Dragon covered his wounds on his tail and he was recovering gradually.

Wang Xian looked at the Ichthyosaur and noticed the blood-red eyes were shimmering in a brighter glow as it stared intensely at him.

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