Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 197

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 197 Victory

"The eyes of the Ichthyosaur must have a special ability."

Wang Xian stared at its eyes. Somehow he had a feeling of getting seen through by them. It was a peculiar kind of feeling.

It was as though it could see his weakness and attack it.

When the creatures hit Level 10 and 11, they will develop their own special ability. In particular, Level 11, as they would definitely possess their own ability for sure!

Wang Xian pondered. Level 10 was already an Inborn Expert while Level 11 was considered to be a realm above Inborn Realm. This was beyond an average human's scope since they possessed unique means.

The Ichthyosaur in front had a special pair of eyes which could spot any weaknesses.


Just when Wang Xian was having his thoughts, the Ichthyosaur relaunched its attack. The gigantic mouth tried to bite his tail again.

Due to the difference in mass, Wang Xian had difficulties dodging it.

"Looking for my weakness?"

Wang Xian squinted his eyes. With a violent jerk, the colors on his body began to change. Eventually, he turned to a metallic, golden Divine Dragon.

His entire body was gold, giving off a faint metallic shine in the sea.

Metal Divine Dragon had a weaker defense, but a more powerful attack than the Earth Divine Dragon.

When the Ichthyosaur saw the transformation of Wang Xian, it revealed a shock in its eyes.

Through its vision, it was shocked to find out that the fellow before it seemed like a piece of metal without any weaknesses. Even his eyes were golden pupils. All the body parts were indestructible.

Sure enough. This Ichthyosaur must have read the weakness on me.

Wang Xian observed the expression of the Ichthyosaur and spoke to himself. He stretched out his dragon claw, opened his golden dragon mouth, and launched an attack.


To meet force with force was the most primitive way of combating. But as soon as Wang Xian attacked, there was a sharp radiance of one-meter long extending out from his pair of dragon claws. He slashed it at the Ichthyosaur.


The razor-sharp metal aura enveloped and cut the body of the Ichthyosaur, leaving wounds of a meter long on its body.

Wang Xian displayed a cold look as he stared at Ichthyosaur with wariness. His body swayed as he was ready to strike again at any time.

Roar! The Ichthyosaur roared with rage.


At this time, devastating shrieks were heard from the side.

That Ichthyosaur was shocked as he began to observe the surroundings. Suddenly, he realized that three 15-meters long Ichthyosaurs were falling apart under the joint attack of Roving Heavens, Prime Minister Turtle and nine venomous sea snakes.

All of them were wounded, and blood was everywhere.

Those ten-meter-long Ichthyosaurs were attacked by two-meter-sized lobsters which were gleaming with a metallic glow from head to toe. They were wielding their pincers in the assault.

Half of the smaller ones were either wounded or killed.

The bunch of Devil Monkeys gave off demonic flames, accompanied by fearsome attacks. Their bodies were covered by black scales which looked extremely creepy.

Every Devil Monkey looked more like a hideous devil.


The 17-meter-long Ichthyosaur let out a mournful growl. His eyes got redder, and his body exuded icy-cold l.u.s.ter as he glared at Wang Xian.

"Hehe, I can upgrade my level after I eat you up."

Wang Xian also returned him a pair of cold stares.

"Dragon King!"

"Dragon King!"

Just then, Prime Minister Turtle swam slowly below him.

Roving Heavens came to the left while the nine venomous sea snakes were swimming around him. All of them were staring at the 17-meter-long Ichthyosaur.

"Kill it!"

Wang Xian immediately issued orders.

Prime Minister Turtle took the first move to make a group of Earth Thorns slowly surface on the water, swiftly launching an attack with it.

Roving Heavens swung his rod in his hand and smashed the Ichthyosaur.

Nine venomous sea snakes moved at a frightening speed and darted out.

Wang Xian was moving his tail as he exuded a metallic aura.


The Ichthyosaur was petrified as it could not resist the most vigorous assault from the Dragon Palace.

Bam, Bam, Bam!

Blood splattered as Roving Heavens swung his rod hard on the head of the Ichthyosaur.

Wang Xian made a swift move and bit the Ichthyosaur's body as he swallowed it in big gulps.

A mouthful of flesh and blood turned into immense Dragon Energy.


The Ichthyosaur let out a despairing scream before its vitality quickly disappeared.

Wang Xian swallowed the 17-meter-long Ichthyosaur, weighing dozens of tons, entirely in a minute.

His dragon claws grabbed the pair of Ichthyosaur's eyeballs and continued to devour other Ichthyosaurs around him, ignoring the system notifications and the increase in his body mass.

Dragon Energy was rising at a crazy speed.

The battle of the races often brings massive benefits to the ones who win the victory.

After Wang Xian devoured more than hundreds of Ichthyosaurs, his Dragon Energy increased to more than one million points.

Currently, his body grew to seven-meters long.

[Name: Wang Xian]

[Race: Five Elements Divine Dragon (Able to transform into a human)]

[Level: 7]

[Dragon Energy: 1,563,421/10,000,000]

[Superpower: Dominate the marine animals (Ability to rule any marine animals that are lower than the existing level)]

[Devour any form of marine animals (For extraction of dragon energy)]

[Five Elements Control]

[Art of Cultivation: Divine Dragon Transformation]

"Finally, I promoted my level!"

Wang Xian looked at his own attributes and was thrilled about it. He rocked his body as he felt the mightiness from the Divine Dragon body.

Now, it should be a lot easier to deal with that Ichthyosaur. I can even fight Level 12 creatures! Wang Xian thought to himself. He transformed himself into a five-colored divine dragon.

Wang Xian glanced around and noticed a bunch of Devil Monkeys chewing the smaller Ichthyosaurs' dead bodies. He ignored them.

This is the law of the jungle. Devouring some powerful creatures could enhance some strength and bring about many benefits.

Wang Xian swam towards the shipwrecks ahead of him. He breathed out Earth Dragon aura from his mouth, unveiling all the shipwrecks in front of him.


When he saw the chests in it, he was exhilarated. With his claw, he opened it immediately.

Unfortunately, they contained calligraphy and paintings which had already turned into scraps.

He opened another chest and found silver inside.

"Silver! Just nice, we're short on that!"

Wang Xian was satisfied with his find. Just then, the system notification arrived. He pondered before he collected all the silver.

He continued to search the rest of the shipwrecks and found silver in the chests and a small portion of gold.

"These plants..."

Wang Xian came to the plants which he had noticed when he arrived here just now.

The plants grew on the sh.i.p.s, glistening and looking alluring. They were very eye-catching.

Five tufts were found on the central shipwreck, another five to six tufts were located at the side.

When he arrived before these plants, a message appeared in his brain.

[Fish Secretion Grass: Level 5]

[Extractable Dragon Energy: 7,657]

"Level 5 Spiritual Medicines! They are Level 5 Spiritual Medicines! No wonder the Ichthyosaurs marked this place as their territory. It was all for the Level 5 Spiritual Medicines!"

Wang Xian displayed slight surprise as he swam forward and picked the tufts of Fish Secretion Grass up.

With curiosity, he opened up the chest under the Fish Secretion Grass and found some spoilt herbs in it.

These Fish Secretion Grasses must have been formed after the sh.i.p.s sank in the sea along with the gold, silver, and Spiritual Medicines a few thousand years ago.

"Dragon King, 25 Devil Monkeys died and there were 108 casualties in this battle."

At this moment, Roving Heavens came over and reported respectfully.

"We had more than ten deaths?"

Wang Xian nodded his head. In wars, death is inevitable. The deaths of 25 Devil Monkeys was considered little.

Wang Xian realized a problem after the battle just now.

It was about war formation.

Devil Monkeys were the main force as the forward. Hence, it was inevitable to have deaths and casualties during close combat. But the Clam Girl's performance surprised him.

The Clam Girl's long-range assistance could bring significant advantages to the Devil Monkeys who would engage in close combat.

In the future, the Nine Divisions of the Divine Dragon will create a formation. The Devil Division will be the forward. We need to have an auxiliary division, a long-range attack division, and a defense division, just like the assistance, tankers, supports, mages, and scouts in a game.

Wang Xian thought to himself. The Nine Divisions of the Divine Dragon would be developing in this direction!

The recruitment of subordinates would be in this direction as well.

Hence, the Ichthyosaurs with bulky attacks were not in his consideration.

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