Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 198

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 198 Luxurious Cruise


Emerging from the seas, Wang Xian landed on the deck of the yacht with a smile.

The sun had just risen. The rosy red sunlight shone on the surface of the seas, creating an exceptionally beautiful scene.

Since leveling up, the disposition of a supreme ruler on Wang Xian became even denser. Each action of his was filled with noble airs.

He wore his clothes and took a glance at the time. It was already eight-plus in the morning.

Sensing that Lan Qingyue was still asleep, he went to the kitchen and took out a piece of Ichthyosaur meat.

The meat was clear and had the aroma of meat. As the flesh of a Level 10 marine animal, not only was it delicious but it was also highly nourishing to the body.

Wang Xian sliced the fish and prepared some condiments. After which, he took out a bottle of red wine before heading to the second floor with a radiant smile.

"Qingyue, it's time to get up!"

"Uh? What time is it now?"

A lazy voice sounded from the room.

"It's already past eight in the morning and the sun has risen. Get up and have breakfast!" Wang Xian replied with a grin.

"Alright, Xiao Xian! I'll be down in a short while."


Wang Xian returned to the kitchen and tidied the dining table.

"Wow, Xiao Xian! You have already made breakfast!"

When Lan Qingyue saw the food on the table as she walked down the stairs, her eyes lit up and she walked over cheerfully.

"Of course! Have some delicious sashimi. You definitely haven't eaten such delicious sashimi previously!" Wang Xian replied in a gentlemanly manner.

"Mmm. The weather is great outside. Having breakfast here is such a luxury!"

Lan Qingyue looked at the seas that were dyed red from the rays of the sun and was intoxicated by the scene.

"Have a little red wine, have some sashimi and a sunny side up!" Wang Xian passed the food over and spoke with a smile.

"Thank you, Xiao Xian! What is this fish? It tastes so much better than Atlantic Bluefin Marlin! It's so delicious!"

Lan Qingyue looked at Wang Xian heartily and bliss was written all over her face.

Wang Xian smiled and made up an answer.

After finishing her breakfast, Lan Qingyue walked to the deck and observed the surroundings. Suddenly, she asked inquisitively, "Eh, Xiao Xian. Where are we? Where's the island that was near us last night?"

"After you had fallen asleep yesterday, I steered it for a long time. Even I do not know where we are now. Let's just take things as they come!"

Wang Xian laughed and took a glance at the global positioning system through his phone.

"Uhm... This..."

When Wang Xian saw where they were at, he was shocked.

"It seems like I have steered the ship to the public seas unknowingly!" Wang Xian commented in shock.

The public seas referred to regions that weren't supervised by any country.

"Public seas? Xiao Xian, you actually steered the ship for over a hundred miles! That's pretty incredible!"

Lan Qingyue felt a little speechless with Wang Xian.

Wang Xian laughed. It wasn't he who had steered the ship for over a hundred miles. Instead, it was Prime Minister Turtle who had dragged the ship for over a hundred miles.

However, he naturally wouldn't tell Lan Qingyue about this.

In the future, he might tell Lan Qingyue about his other identity. However, this wasn't the right time.

"The public seas aren't bad too since we are still going to tour around for another two days."

Lan Qingyue smiled and asked, "Xiao Xian, do you have a computer?"

"Hmm? What do you need a computer for?"

"I have to check on some things for the company."

"You finally got out! Why are you concerned about the company now? Have a good time and you can worry about it when we get back!"

Wang Xian walked to her.

"This wouldn't do. In a few days, Jade Nation will have a jade-betting* festival. At that time, I have to head to Jade Nation to purchase jade stones!" Lan Qingyue explained to Wang Xian. [1]

"I don't have a computer. Therefore, I guess it's better if you just relax over the next two days!"

Wang Xian smiled and looked at her.

Lan Qingyue pouted. Suddenly, something caught her eyes as she exclaimed, "Eh, Xiao Xian, look! There's a huge cruise right there."

"Hmm? There really is a cruise!"

Wang Xian looked over and indeed saw a cruise five to six hundred meters away from him.

The cruise ship was approximately 150 meters long and had three floors. It also looked extremely luxurious.

What really surprised him was that the cruise ship was docked in the middle of the sea and surrounded by various yachts.

"That's the Venture, a public sea cruise of the Gambling City. I heard that they have a casino on it with all kinds of interesting games and food.

Lan Qingyue was shocked to see the cruise.

Venture? Public sea cruise? Casino?

Wang Xian looked on in astonishment.

"Yeah, I heard it from my parents. The truth is that there are in fact a lot of such gaming cruises in the public seas. Since it could cruise through the seas, it is natural that gambling is made possible on it. I heard that their services are pretty good," Lan Qingyue explained to Wang Xian.

"Oh, is it? Should we go take a look?"

Wang Xian hesitated for a moment. He looked to the surrounding yachts before asking.

"Sure. Some wealthy people steer their own yacht over since they might prefer to not follow the cruise. Why don't we go over? There should be a computer for use on the cruise!"

Lan Qingyue was also a little interested.

"Alright, let's head there and take a look!"

This was also the first time Wang Xian heard of such cruises. He immediately nodded his head and steered the yacht towards the cruise.

"Stop your yacht on the seas. We will send a small boat over to receive you!"

Just as the yacht approached, the service attendant on the cruise shouted loudly at them to remind them.

Wang Xian stopped the yacht and looked around him.

Around the cruise, there was a special area marked out by nets as a swimming area. One could swim within the area without being wary about dangers. The safety precautions were ample and well done.

What a thoughtful gaming facility! Wang Xian thought to himself. At this moment, a small boat approached them.

"Let's go, Xiao Xian!" Lan Qingyue said to Wang Xian. The two of them jumped onto the small boat and boarded the cruise.

"Welcome to the Venture Cruise!"

Once they got onto the cruise, two beautiful waitresses welcome them with radiant smiles.

The floor was layered with red carpet and looked extremely grandiose.

Wang Xian took out several hundred dollar bills as tips for the service attendants around him before heading in.

"Hi, Sir and Miss, the first floor of our cruise is the gaming area. The second floor is where various entertainment facilities are located while the third floor is where the rooms for our guests are. Once you get in, there will be guides dedicated to you!"

The service attendants smiled as they explained to them.

Wang Xian and Lan Qingyue nodded their heads.

"Why don't we go have some fun on the first floor?"

This was the first time Wang Xian was in such a place and he was thrilled as he asked Lan Qingyue.

"Mm. Alright!"

Lan Qingyue nodded her head and the two of them headed towards the entrance of the gaming area on the first floor.

Once they entered, they noticed the grand decorations immediately. The entire floor was very spacious and spanned several thousand square meters.

There were various gaming tables and machines available.

To their surprise, the first floor had three to four hundred people playing all kinds of games.

Wang Xian looked ahead and saw things that he had only seen in movies. He rubbed his hands and got a little excited.

"Let's go test out our luck!" Wang Xian smiled and said to Lan Qingyue.

"You can play. I'll just accompany you!" Lan Qingyue replied with a smile.

"Great, let's go then!"


[1] Jade is often hidden within stones. Jade-betting, more commonly known as stone betting, is where one buys a piece of stone without knowing if there's really jade in it

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