Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 199

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 199 Youre Garbage

Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, slot machines, and many more games on the cruise.

Casual betting is for fun. If it gets serious, one will lose the entire family's fortune. Wang Xian and Lan Qingyue came here to have some fun. It would be a pleasant experience for them too.

Wang Xian had never been exposed to gambling before, so he was a little curious about it. But he was not expecting he could earn money with this.

In fact, given Wang Xian's current ability, he was unable to make money with gambling as well.

He was not the God of Gamblers. He might possess a mighty strength, but this had no relationship with gambling skills.

He did not have any supernatural power to change a card, just like how they did in the movies. In the movies, the actors memorized the cards. But even if Wang Xian had a good memory, this was not a movie after all.

The bottom card could not be seen when the dealer shuffles the cards.

In reality, the casinos would not cheat, except to earn money by using a certain probability.

This probability could guarantee that they could make money out of it.

Of course, each casino would have a gambling master to prevent others from cheating or making trouble in the casinos.

Wang Xian and Lan Qingyue, with a beaming face, came to exchange one million worth of ch.i.p.s.

"Let's see if we can win some money!" Lan Qingyue exclaimed with a smile.

"This isn't easy. Let's go and play something simple!" Wang Xian said as he went to the Sic Bo table. [1]

Sic Bo is a simple game that bets on the total scores of the dice. 4 to 10 total score will make a "Small," while 11 to 17 will make a "Big." You can even bet on specific scores, and the payouts are different.

Two of them came to the table with six people gathered around. They were placing bets, and shouting 'Big' and 'Small.'

Among them, some of the men were hugging young and beautiful women.

Some of them wore low-cut dresses. They leaned their bodies on the men with alluring expressions.

"Finalize your bets now!" the dealer said to the crowd around the table.

When Wang Xian saw the crowd placing their bets, he looked over his shoulder and said to Lan Qingyue, "Let's play this. Big or Small?"

"Big!" Lan Qingyue chuckled as she said.

"Okay, we'll bet $50,000 and try our luck!" Wang Xian smiled and placed five ch.i.p.s on 'Big.'

"One, two, four. 7 points, small!"

After he placed the bets, the dealer opened the cage and counted the points before she announced the outcome to everyone.

"Oh, Xiao Xian. We lost!" Upon seeing the result, Lan Qingyue pouted and spoke grumpily.

"Haha, it's fine. It's my turn."

Wang Xian laughed as the dealer continued to roll the dice. With some hesitation, he continued, "This time, we'll still bet on 'Big!'"

"Two, two, four. Eight points, Small!"

The result was out, and Wang Xian was speechless. He'd lost again!

"Your turn next!" Wang Xian said with a bitter look on his face.

"Sure." Lan Qingyue smiled.

"Let's go somewhere else!"

After more than ten consecutive rounds, they had lost $200,000. Wang Xian went to other gambling tables without any choices.

"Sure, you really don't have the luck. Hehe, I didn't lose that much!"


Wang Xian lost his words. A loss is still a loss no matter how much you lose!

"There's a fishing slot machine over there. Let's play that!"

Wang Xian saw the fishing slot machines not far away from them. He had seen those in his hometown, but he had never tried before.

After he played those machines, Wang Xian was left with only $200,000 worth of ch.i.p.s. He'd lost about $700,000 within an hour.

He had to admit that gambling was losing more than winning.

"We still have the last 20 ch.i.p.s. Let's get our base money back."

Wang Xian was not too mindful about losing money. He went back excitedly to the place where they'd bet on the dice.

There were four young men and five middle-aged men at the table. Wang Xian walked over and sat at the side.

Lan Qingyue was standing and watching him play from the side with smiles.

"Finalize your bets!" The dealer's voice was heard again. Wang Xian looked around as he beamed. He then placed his bet on the Small.

"Four, five, six. 15 points, Big!"

"Haha, I told you it's Big again!" At this moment, a young man laughed out loud. He stood up and collected all the ch.i.p.s with a stuck-up look.

"Awesome, you're indeed someone who uses hidden weapons!"

The few young men beside him praised him with envy.

The young man immediately revealed a conceited look. He drew his lips slightly, "It is worth it to practice for so long. Finally, I see some results!"

"If you can place your attention on your cultivation, I'm sure you can surpass your current strength today," a young man quipped at him.

"Why do people lead such tiring lives? Just have fun in the things you're interested in. No matter what, I don't have anything to worry about for the rest of my life!"

The young man was chic as he held a chip in his hand. Suddenly, he looked at Lan Qingyue, who was diagonal across from him. "Right, beauty?"

He flicked his finger, and the chip shot in a straight and precise direction to the clothes under Lan Qingyue's neck.

"Haha, gambling and beauty. How cool is Brother Zhu!" The young men beside him chuckled and commented.


When Wang Xian saw the flying chip, he frowned and reached out to receive it.

The chip said twenty. That represented $200,000, which was the biggest denomination chip over here.

"Do not litter!" Wang Xian narrowed his eyes and threw the chip in the garbage bin at the side.

The young man, who was laughing, drew his lips slightly when he saw Wang Xian throw his chip away after receiving it. He then sized Wang Xian and Lan Qingyue up with a face full of smiles.

"Haha, you just got a slap in your face." The rest of the young men chuckled at what they saw.

That young man waved his hand as he was not bothered by it.

"Big or small. Finalize your bet!"

At this time, the dealer was heard again.

Wang Xian looked over and threw a few ch.i.p.s on the 'Small.'

"Let's just place any bets!"

That young man looked at Wang Xian. Just now, he did not listen to the sound of the dice. Hence, he just placed $200,000 worth of ch.i.p.s on 'Big.'

"Three, five, six. 14 points, Big!"

"Haha, my luck is good. I can even win when I just placed my bet anyhow!"

The young man chuckled once again. With a playful look, he stared at Wang Xian. "Brat, you're out of luck today!"

Wang Xian cast a cold glance at the young man and ignored him.

"Xiao Xian, let's forget about them!" Lan Qingyue popped over and reminded him with a whisper.

Wang Xian smiled and nodded. He would not dampen his mood just because of a few pieces of garbage over there.

"It's okay. Let's carry on!"

Wang Xian saw that the dealer had rolled the dice. He took out another five ch.i.p.s and placed them on 'Small.'

"Tsk, Brat, you're garbage!"

At the same time, the young man sitting diagonally opposite him shook his head. He then placed his chip on 'Big' with beaming expressions.

"One, four, six. 11 points, Big!"

The dealer opened the hood and announced the outcome loudly.


[1] Sic Bo is equivalent to Chuck-a-luck, also known as birdcage

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