Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 200

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 200 Eyes Modification


The laughter of that young man sounded again as he revealed a conceited look.

"Oh, Zhu Qian, are you here to wreck my casino? Let me tell you this: I won't be paying you the money you win."

At this moment, a good-looking young man walked over. Beside him, a middle-aged man and an old man followed closely behind.

The two of them were to the left and right of the young man.

"Hehe. If Brother Tiancheng isn't paying me my winnings, I can only make you pay for my bills on the cruise," Zhu Qian smiled and replied to the incoming young man.

"Haha. Great! Since you guys are here, it's only natural that I will be a good host!"

The young man laughed as he walked over and patted on Zhu Qian's shoulders. "Have a good time! Let me arrange the itinerary for the next few days!"

"Thank you, Brother Tiancheng!"

The surrounding group of young men answered with radiant smiles.

"Finalize your bets!"

When the dealer saw the approaching young man, he perked up. He became more serious with shaking the dice and announced loudly.

"These are the last five ch.i.p.s. Qingyue, I'll leave them with you."

Wang Xian handed over the five ch.i.p.s to Qingyue.

"Alright. Just see how I am going to win them all back!"

Lan Qingyue took over the ch.i.p.s and was hesitating on placing them on the "Big" or "Small" section.

"Hey, pretty! Follow me and I can guarantee your win!"

At this moment, Zhu Qian looked at Lan Qingyue and commented.

The young man that had just arrived took a glance at Zhu Qian before looking at Lan Qingyue. A thought struck him and he smiled.

"I don't care!"

Lan Qingyue glanced at Zhu Qian with contempt and still placed her bet under the "Small" section.

Hehe. Zhu Qian shook his head as he placed his ch.i.p.s on the "Big" section. "Pretty, if you follow me, I can guarantee your winnings. The brat beside you is trash!"

The other young men looked on with c.o.c.ky smiles.

"Two, four, six. Twelve points, "Big" wins!"

The dealer revealed the dice and announced the result loudly.

"Don't come and disgust others," Lan Qingyue replied with disdain after hearing flirtatious comments from Zhu Qian constantly.

"Oh?" Zhu Qian raised an eyebrow and unhappiness flashed passed his eyes. Seeing that Lan Qingyue had zero ch.i.p.s left, he lifted his head and remarked, "Hey pretty, out of ch.i.p.s already? Here are some for you to play with!"

As he finished his sentence, he threw out five to six ch.i.p.s. Each chip was worth $200,000.

His actions made the remaining young men tongue-tied. To just throw out $1.2 million like this...that's the demeanor of a local tyrant.

"Let's go, Xiao Xian, and ignore this crazy guy!"

When Lan Qingyue saw the looks of Zhu Qian, she felt even more contempt. She wasn't a little girl who hadn't seen the world.

She was making decisions for Deep-sea Jewelry, an organization of over $10 billion. Zhu Qian's actions to her were those of a retard.


Wang Xian nodded his head and laughed lightly. He saw the embarrassed looks on Zhu Qian and felt even more like laughing.

Lan Qingyue still had a domineering character. A female CEO that helmed a $10 billion business wasn't someone who would be tempted by money from a rich kid.

"Hey pretty, you better watch your words!" Zhu Qian saw the mocking eyes of his friends and said with a solemn expression.

When Lan Qingyue heard Zhu Qian, she replied with contempt.

"You are just another guy who feels too good about himself! In my eyes, you are... Tsk."

"You must be lacking someone to teach you!"

Zhu Qian squinted his eyes as vile thoughts and looks flashed past his mind.


When Wang Xian heard his words, his face turned cold. He looked at Zhu Qian and the group of young men behind him before finally stopping at the young man who had just arrived.

"Is this your cruise? Does it mean that you allow your friends to spout nonsense here?"

"As long as my friends are happy, I can handle the rest!"

That young man was surprised to see Wang Xian questioning him as he replied directly.

As long as my friends are happy, I can handle the rest! A nonchalant answer from him that showed that he wasn't concerned about what had happened.

In his eyes, there was indeed nothing to be calculative about. This was his territory and considering Zhu Qian's background, he was someone worth his protection.

"Haha, great! Interesting!"

Wang Xian heard the young man's reply and revealed a creepy grin.

"Let's go Qingyue. Let's get some more ch.i.p.s and have some fun with them!" Wang Xian said to Lan Qingyue before walking towards the place to exchange ch.i.p.s.

"Huh?" Lan Qingyue looked at him with questions in her mind.

"Just wait here a little!"

Wang Xian smiled at her before speaking to the group of young men.


Zhu Qian and the group of young men looked at Wang Xian with doubts. They couldn't tell what Wang Xian wanted to do.

However, they didn't say a word and simply looked at him coldly.

Wang Xian walked to the ch.i.p.s exchange area, took out his card and said to the employee, "$5 million. Get me the ch.i.p.s with the largest denominations!"

"Alright, sir!"

The employee smiled and nodded his head before passing him his ch.i.p.s.

"Xiao Xian, let's forget about it. With our skills, we will just be giving them money. Let's not be calculative with a few rich kids!"

Seeing how Wang Xian had reacted, Lan Qingyue thought that Wang Xian just wanted to do something for her. She immediately discouraged him.

"It's fine. I need to use the washroom. When I get back, I'll be the gambling king!"

Wang Xian thumped his chest and replied with a radiant grin.

Lan Qingyue looked at him helplessly. "If we lose this money, we won't be continuing no matter what."

"Alright, alright. I understand. A gambler will lose nine out of ten times!"

Wang Xian grinned and nodded his head before heading to the washroom. As for Lan Qingyue, she waited outside the washroom.

The washroom on the cruise was luxurious and grand. Every cubicle was also tightly separated.

"Hehe, I'll make you pay a heavy price for being so c.o.c.ky today!"

Wang Xian revealed a deadly smirk. He had not wanted to resort to this. However, it seemed like there would be such a need at this moment.

He took out a fist-sized item from his pocket.

The eye of a Level 11 Ichthyosaur.

Wang Xian had not devoured the eyes but had kept it instead.

As the divine dragon, he had an extremely powerful ability. Wang Xian had utilized it a little initially.

And that was modification.

Using dragon energy for modification was an extremely powerful ability. Wang Xian had earned his first bucket of gold through dragon energy modification.

Dragon Energy modification could alter an animal exterior. Based on the extent of the modification, the exhaustion of the dragon energy would differ.

At this moment, Wang Xian could even use dragon energy to alter his own body.

Other than his appearance, he could also modify his interior.

For example, his heart or other related organs. This would naturally include his eyes.

Wang Xian could modify his eyes to give them the ability to see further, but was limited to this.

This was because he did not have samples of other eyes and didn't know how to modify.

The ability to see further is simple and he could understand. If he wanted abilities like byakugan or sharingan from the popular manga series, Naruto, it would be difficult, as he did not have a sample. [1]

Modification couldn't be done out of the thin air.

And just a night ago, he had obtained the eyes of the Ichthyosaur.

The ability of this eye was to enable the user to see weakness. Based on his previous research, the ability of this eye wasn't as great as he had initially imagined.

Its real ability was penetration.

To put it simply, it was to see through things. The stronger the organism or object, the harder it was to see through. On the contrary, the weaker it was, the easier it was to see through.

This was also similar to the ability to identify one's weakness.


[1] Byakugan and Sharingan in Naruto have the abilities to see through solid objects and copy the actions of the other party respectively

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