Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 201

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 201 Youre Absolute Garbage

Using the eye as a sample, Wang Xian could modify his own eyes.

However, the consumption of Dragon Energy would be high to do such a modification.

He'd given it a try that morning. The system notified him that he would need 400,000 Dragon Energy to modify his eyes.

400,000. Back then, Wang Xian had hesitated for a long while before he finally gave up.

"Extract sample for modification!"

Wang Xian held up the Ichthyosaur's eyes in his hand and recited in his heart.

[Sample extracted. 400,000 Dragon Energy is required to modify the eyes. Do you want to proceed?]

When the sound of the system was heard, Wang Xian immediately nodded his head to confirm.

Wang Xian felt weaker as 400,000 Dragon Energy dissipated rapidly.

However, his eyes were flickering with blue and red radiance as they flashed consecutively.


Another abstruse feeling struck him as Wang Xian batted his eyes.


As the blue and red radiance flashed across his eyes, Wang Xian took a look at the side.

A red-blue world appeared before him.

With a thought, the door panel at the side slowly disappeared, revealing a middle-aged man squatting in the bathroom playing on his phone.

Wang Xian lowered his head.

"Hur? So small. It's smaller than mine by half the size. He even has hemorrhoids on his ass!"

Wang Xian exhibited a smile on his face when he saw this. He lifted his head up and looked through the wall behind him.


"See no evil, see no evil!"

Wang Xian batted his eyes as it was the female washroom opposite him.

A pretty lady was squatting over there.

"A beauty is not a beauty when she's pooping!" Wang Xian murmured to himself before he walked out with a face full of confidence.

"What took you so long in the washroom?" Lan Qingyue asked him as soon as he was out of the washroom.

"Heh heh." Wang Xian giggled, "Qingyue, do you have chocolate?"

"You want chocolate?" Lan Qingyue looked at him with question marks on her face.

"Yes, I'm the God of Gamblers now!" Wang Xian jokingly said. [1]

"You are just fooling around!" Lan Qingyue rolled her eyes at him.

"Here, take my arm!" Wang Xian extended his arm and said to her.

"Yes, God of Gamblers!" Lan Qingyue nodded and took his arm with smiles. She followed him to the gambling table where they had been just now.

"They are bold to be here. Hehe. I wonder what they are up to!"

At this moment, the young men stood in front of the gambling table. When they saw that Wang Xian and Lan Qingyue had made their return, Zhu Qian remarked without any emotion.

"They can't run away though. This is my turf. But Zhu Qian, you better restrain yourself and not kill anyone!" a charming young man next to him said as he chuckled.

"Brother Tiancheng, today I'll teach the girl a lesson in front of that brat!"

Zhu Qian stared at Lan Qingyue with a dirty and lewd look on his face as he drew his lips.

He loved money and beauties, in particular, enchanting beauties.

The young man chuckled and instructed a middle-aged man behind him, "Check on them."

"Brother Tiancheng, save the trouble. They are just two average people. Could they have a more powerful backing than we do?" Zhu Qian said with a cold smile.

"It's always good to play it safe!" the young man smiled.

"Okay, let's make a fortune before we leave!"

Wang Xian swept his gaze across the young men across the gambling table before he sat down and spoke to Lan Qingyue.

"I shall see how you can make a fortune then!" Lan Qingyue smiled as she sat next to him.

"Brat, do you want to compete with me?"

When Zhu Qian saw Wang Xian sat down, he walked over with disdainful look and looked at him with provocation.

"We'll continue with this." Wang Xian pointed with a beaming face.

"Fine. Let's have a game!" Zhu Qian nodded as he grinned.

The rest of the young men took their seats as they smiled at Wang Xian.

"Finalize your bets!" the dealer shouted at them.

Wang Xian drew his lips as he cast his glance on the hood.

He could clearly see what was inside with his vision after blue and red radiance flashed in his eyes.

Wang Xian grinned. He took out five ch.i.p.s worth one million dollars and placed them on "Small."

He did not finish all his ch.i.p.s at once because it would only be interesting if he enjoyed the process.

"Hur? You're having some luck!"

Zhu Qian gave a cold look at Wang Xian while throwing a chip on "Small."

"Just now, my luck was poor. But now, my lady of luck is back since I washed my hands," Wang Xian said impassively as he received two million dollars worth of ch.i.p.s from the dealer.

"Finalize your bets!" the dealer announced to everyone at the table after he shook the dice again.

"Gentlemen, follow my bet!"

Wang Xian looked at the other five middle-aged men on the same table and spoke with a smile on his face.

They hesitated as they did not believe in him since he had lost a huge amount of money just now.

Wang Xian was not bothered by this at all. He placed another million worth of ch.i.p.s on "Small."

"Hur?" Zhu Qian was somewhat surprised as he placed his chip on "Small" as well.

The rest of the middle-aged men could not make up their decisions. But some decided to follow Wang Xian and place a higher stake!

"One, three, three. 7 points, small wins!"

The dealer opened the cover and frowned before he declared the score.

"Looks like my lady of luck is here!"

Wang Xian smiled as he had earned two million in a short while.

"Let's continue!"

The dealer shook the dice for a longer time such that Zhu Qian frowned at it.

Wang Xian swept his gaze and saw the points clearly in it.

"I shall place a higher bet!" As he spoke, he threw five million dollars on Big immediately.

Some of the middle-aged men hesitated before they followed his bet with 10,000 worth of ch.i.p.s.

Zhu Qian knit his eyebrows together. Just now, the dealer has taken a longer time to shake the dice with a variety of changes made to the rhythm.

Apparently, all these dealers were specially trained to interrupt some people with special hearing.


He chose not to follow Wang Xian and placed a chip on "Small."

"Four, four, six. 14 points, Big wins!"

When the dealer opened the cover and saw the points in it, his expression changed slightly.

All of a sudden, this gambling table was losing a large sum of money.

Zhu Qian had a different expression as he stared at Wang Xian with an awful look. "You're damn lucky!"

"Haha, you're absolute garbage!"

Wang Xian smiled and returned his remark.

"Bro, you're in some kind of luck today. Your Lady of Luck is here!"

"Yes, carry on with the bets. We'll place the same thing and reap the gains!"

The middle-aged men beside him laughed as they spoke to Wang Xian. Since Wang Xian had won three times in a row, his luck had proven to be good.

"Sure. Follow me, and you'll never lose out!" Wang Xian said confidently.

He did not mind people who won money because of him since they would not be a hindrance to him.

Besides, that young man seemed to be the in-charge of this cruise.

Wang Xian intended to make him cry his eyes out.


[1] God of Gamblers was a Hong Kong movie relessed in 1989 where the God of Gamblers, played by Chow Yun-fat, was known as Chocolate when he lost his memory

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