Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 202

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 202 Ill Leave When I Win 0 Million To Billion

On the gambling table, the smart-looking man started to frown when he saw Wang Xian win $5 million in one game.

However, he didn't say a word.

In the gaming industry, it is common to see customers win money. In fact, some people even win tens of millions.

However, these people were rare. Large scale casinos like theirs wouldn't say much about it and would only attribute it to the luck of their customers.

"Let's continue!" Wang Xian looked at the dealer and said with a smile.

The dealer started to frown and looked towards the young man.

The young man gestured for him to continue.

The dealer nodded. He then covered the dice shaker and started shaking them.

This time, the dealer shook the dice for a longer period.


The dealer put the dice shaker on the table and remarked, "Please finalize your bets!"

Wang Xian scanned through and placed $5 million on the "Small" section.

"Follow him!"

Those middle-aged men beside him didn't hesitate to follow him. Some took out several tens of thousands while others placed bets of over a few hundred thousand.

Zhu Qian's face was gloomy and he remained silent. He could only vaguely guess the results as the dealer shook the dice for a longer time. Therefore, he didn't place his bet for this round.

Seeing ch.i.p.s of over $5 million for this round, the dealer took a deep breath before opening the dice cover.

"One, one, four. Small!"

"Haha, we won. You are awesome, young brother! You are fantastic!"

"Yes, lady luck is really smiling brightly on you! We won, we won!"

A few middle-aged men beside Wang Xian's side stood up in a hurry and quickly swept the ch.i.p.s over and in front of Wang Xian.

The dealer swallowed his saliva. He hesitated for a moment before paying out the remaining ch.i.p.s.

"How is this possible! This young man was trash previously! How could he become..."

Zhu Qian expression changed for the worse as he looked at Wang Xian in disbelief.

The young man beside Zhu Qian frowned. He then waved his hand to signal to the old man behind him.

"Young Master!"

"Check if he is cheating!"

"Yes, Young Master!" the old man nodded and moved to a position opposite Wang Xian.

"Thank you for your hard work!" Wang Xian said.

Wang Xian gave a ridiculed expression when he saw the old man moving to the position opposite him to observe him.

He took up a chip worth $200,000 and threw it towards the old man.

"What great luck you are on, son! I would like to observe for a while!"

The old man picked up the token and spoke to Wang Xian while maintaining a smile.

"As you wish!" Wang Xian replied and nodded nonchalantly.

"Let's continue!" the young man said to the dealer grumpily.

Perspiration covered the dealer's forehead.He nodded, picked up the dice shaker and started shaking again.

Wang Xian sat there nonchalantly while Lan Qingyue grabbed his hand blissfully.

"Please finalize your bets!" the dealer stuttered.


Wang Xian scanned through and pushed $10 million worth of ch.i.p.s forward.

"Big! Big!"

"I'll bet $1 million!"

"I believe in you, young brother.$500,000!"

The group of middle-aged men who had followed Wang Xian with his bets previously placed all their ch.i.p.s forward.

Those around them saw the quantum of the bets and turned over curiously. There were also some who were attracted by the crowd.

"Open! Open!"

"Open! Big! Big! Big!"

The group of middle-aged men beside Wang Xian were already chanting ecstatically before Wang Xian said a word.

The dealer's hands trembled. He looked at the bets amounting to over $12 million as he lifted his hands slowly.

"Four, five, six. Big!" the dealer announced as his face turned white. He had lost over $20 million in just a few games.

The old man who was observing Wang Xian started frowning and turned serious.

"Bring more ch.i.p.s over!"

"Hurry up, hurry up! Give us our winnings!" the group of middle-aged men demanded.

"Give it to them!"

The young man's emotionless voice sounded as he looked at the dealer with a sullen face.

The dealer nodded and gave them their winnings.

"Haha, I've won more than $20 million!" Wang Xian looked at the young man mockingly and laughed.

Wang Xian was typically a humble man. However, if someone was to offend him, he wouldn't be courteous to them.

"Let's continue!"

"Yes, yes! Let's continue!"

"Hurry up, hurry up!"

The group of middle-aged men beside Wang Xian were elated! They were looking at Wang Xian as if they were looking at their god of fortune.

In just two games, some people had won five to six hundred thousand. There were even some people who had won a few million.

At this moment, the old man walked over and spoke to the dealer. "Let me do it!"

"Yes, Old Gao! Please! Please!"

The dealer hurried aside when he heard Old Gao. He felt relieved.

The old man took up the dice shaker and shook it lightly for a few times. After which, he placed it on the table.

"Please finalize your bet!" the old man said calmly.

Wang Xian looked at the old man. The old man was very calm and kept his cool.

He must be an expert! Otherwise, he wouldn't have stepped in now! Wang Xian thought to himself.

He scanned through the dice shaker again and took out $5 million. "$5 million on 'Small!'"

"Why don't you bet more!" Zhu Qian asked Wang Xian coldly.

It was obvious Zhu Qian knew Old Gao.

"I'm not so certain for this round. Therefore, I'll just be placing a smaller bet!" Wang Xian smiled and replied.

The group of middle-aged men was slightly surprised. They hesitated for a moment when they saw Wang Xian placing a bet of only $5 million. Eventually, they placed bets that ranged between a hundred to two hundred thousand.

As the crowd finalized their bets, they looked at the old man.

The old man smiled calmly and reached for the cover.

Wang Xian focused on the dice inside and saw the dice had changed when the old man held onto the cover.

The dice which were originally One, One, Three had changed to Six, Six, Three.

"My apologies! Six, Six, Three. Big!" the old man said with a big smile.

"Big! Haiz! We've lost!"

"It's big! We've lost!"

The group of middle-aged men standing by the sides felt their hearts aching.

Wang Xian's expression remained unchanged. He gestured to the old man, "Let's continue!"

"Okay, let's continue!" The old man smiled. The few young men beside him also grinned and were feeling confident.

The old man shook the dice shaker and placed them down slowly once again.

"Small! $20 million!"

Wang Xian pushed all his tokens on the "Small" section and smiled confidently.

"You are really confident, young brother! I will follow you! $500,000!"

"Me too! I placed $1 million! Since this young brother dares to bet $20 million, my $1 million is nothing."

The group of middle-aged men increased their bets after seeing Wang Xian bet $20 million for this round.

"Hehe. Fine!" The old man nodded his head with a smile. He then reached for the cover.

"Wait a minute!" Wang Xian shouted and stood up.

Hmm? The old man frowned slightly and stared at him, feeling puzzled.

"Let the dealer beside you open it. I don't trust you." Wang Xian stared at the old man with a wide grin and spoke slowly.

Old Gao's expression changed slightly as he replied with a solemn voice, "What is the difference?"

"There's no difference. However, I just want that dealer to be the one opening it. So? You can't allow it? Or are you hiding something?" Wang Xian said to the old man coldly.

The old man's expression changed and he stared harshly at Wang Xian.

"The shaking was completed anyway. It doesn't matter who's the one opening the cover. Since we are the customers, why can't you accede to our request and let the other dealer open it?"

"That's right! It is the same no matter who opens it! Let the dealer at the side open it!"

The group of middle-aged men picked up Wang Xian's suspicions and made their views heard immediately.

Their action of changing dealers in the middle of gambling had already angered some of them. The question on who should open the cover right now would also just be a small matter.

If they refused, it would only confirm the young brother's suspicions that something wasn't right.

"What's the matter? Does it matter who opens the cover? That dealer can open it right away, can't he?"

"That's right! Although their request is slightly troublesome, you are operating a casino cruise! This is just a small request!"

Those customers who had gathered to see what was happening started to comment.

The old man looked at those who were around and his face turned solemn. At this moment, he couldn't forcefully open it. If he did so, it would only prove to the crowd that they were indeed up to something.

It would be a disastrous blow to them if news of their casino cruise cheating got out.

Old Gao drew a long face and gestured to the dealer beside him.

That dealer nodded with a bitter face as he reached to open the cover. His arms were trembling.

"Two, Three, Four. Nine Points! Small!"

"Haha! We won! We won!"

"It's amazing!"

The group of middle-aged men who had just won were jubilant.

The old man walked back to the young man with a troubled face and said, "He is skilful!"

The young man looked extremely displeased and clenched his fist tightly. He stared at Wang Xian harshly and said, "Young man, it's good to know when to stop!"

Wang Xian looked back at the young man as he replied coldly, "I will leave when I win $800 million to a billion. What's the matter? You are operating a casino cruise and you won't let your customer win? If that is the case, you might as well shut it down!"

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