Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 203

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 203 Sunken 1

When that young man heard what Wang Xian said, cold radiance flashed in his eyes.

"I just won more than 30 million, and you're stopping me already? What about those people who lost over more than ten million dollars? Why aren't you stopping them? Do you mean that people can only lose and not win any money here?" Wang Xian asked loudly with a disdainful look as he observed the young man's expression.

"That's right. You let us gamble if we lose our money. But how can you stop us when we're winning some money? I lost more than five million dollars last year. Are you stopping us because we're winning?"

"That's right. I saw a wealthy man lose more than 10 million just a few days ago."

The audience around them began to speak loudly when they witnessed such a situation.

Everyone knew that the chance of losing was more than winning in gambling.

But if the casino stopped you from gambling just when you were winning some money, how would you feel?

Everyone was displeased as they looked over there and commented.

People from the other side of the casino came over out of curiosity when they saw the crowd.

The young man was looking awfully embarrassed.

"Why would we stop you? Our casino can still afford to lose this bit of money," the old man turned to the crowd and said slowly. "Since you guys want to play, let's continue then!"

"Carry on!"

Cold radiance surfaced in the old man's eyes as he took the dice shaker and shook it violently.


When the dice shaker hit the table, the old man said impassively, "Finalize your bets!"


Wang Xian saw two out of three dices stacked up together. The dice that was stacked up on top was one point while the remaining dice was also one point.

They added up to two points altogether.

But given the rules, three to ten points would make a Small. There was no betting option for two points.

Going by this, all betting options were losing options.

But Wang Xian continued to bet on the Small with ten million.

The middle-aged men and the spectators around the table were tempted as they followed his bet.

"Get that dealer to open the cover!" Wang Xian pointed at the dealer by the side and said.

Radiance flickered in the old man's eyes as he signaled the dealer to open the cover.

That dealer almost burst into tears as he lifted the cover gently.

"Two points, you lose! Haha!"

When Zhu Qian saw the dice stacking up, he exclaimed with thrills.

"Damm, why is it two points? Is this f.u.c.k.i.n.g possible?"

"How did the dice end up stacking up together? Is this cheating?"

"That's right, such a probability is too small."

Those customers who had lost burst out with loud voices and grumpy looks on their faces.

Wang Xian clapped his hands. "Awesome. This old man is simply impressive. I'm sure you didn't learn how to stack all the dice together or crush them into powder just like the movie, did you? Brilliant!"

As he spoke, his face was full of sarcasm. He continued, "Let's carry on. I don't believe I'll lose all the time!"

The old man stared at Wang Xian with surprise. When he saw a group of customers beginning to crowd over, his expression turned wretched.

The young man at the side noticed the issue.

This fellow obviously knew two dice were stacking on each other.

But he continued to place a ten-million bet, encouraging the customers around him to follow him.

It was okay if the dice stacked once or twice.

However, what would the customers who lost their money think when this happened again and again?

They could argue that this was absolutely cheating.

"I'm not sure who you are, but I'm paying you $100 million for you to leave from my gambling cruise and never come back again!"

The young man had mixed expression as he gritted his teeth and whispered to Wang Xian.

'Hehe, What's the matter? Are you admitting your defeat?"

Wang Xian looked at the young man scornfully as he drew his lips slightly. "Just now, your friend made cheap remarks. I'll not leave without $500 million. You still need to fork over another 100 million to distribute to the customers over here. If you're unwilling to do it, we can continue with the game," Wang Xian said slowly. He did not forget about the customers around him.

He just wanted to make the young man feel disgusted. Otherwise, Wang Xian would lose out big-time if he just let this young man off after spending 400,000 Dragon Energy on modifying his eyes.

This young man had to pay some price for the 400,000 Dragon Energy.

"Brat, don't push your luck!" The young man shot up from his seat as he glared at Wang Xian with a pair of cold eyes fuming with murderous intent.

"I'm pushing my luck? I came here just to have some fun. If it were not for your friend who was rude to my girlfriend while you said you could handle me, do you think I'd be here playing along with you? You want to have a game? Then let's have fair play!" Wang Xian stood up and spoke sarcastically to the young man.

Upon hearing Wang Xian calling her "girlfriend," Lan Qingyue slightly blushed. Immediately, she rolled her eyes at him.

Zhu Qian had a rather awful expression on his face when he heard Wang Xian. He stared malevolently at him.

"Everyone saw that I lost more than a million right from the start. Since you guys taunted me, I should take this gamble seriously. Let me continue, or pay all the customers here and me. Then I'll leave!" Wang Xian continued to say nonchalantly.

I'm out to make them disgusted!

The customers around them were looking doubtful, yet hopeful. If the casino is giving away $100 million to them, each of them could get quite a sum of money.

"Get out of here now, or else I'll make sure you regret it!"

The young man darkened his expression as he walked to Wang Xian and threatened him.

He did not care about the strange looks on the faces of the surrounding customers.

Bam, Bam, Bam!

As the young man spoke, the security guards on the cruise ran over with electric batons in their hands. They glared at Wang Xian in a threatening manner.

"You are chasing and threatening me just because I won $30 million at your place. Haha, you can forget about operating such a gambling cruise from now on!"

Wang Xian fixed his indifferent eyes on all the people.

The surrounding customers pondered slightly when they saw such a situation. Seeing the way that Venture handled such cases, they really had to reconsider if they should come here again in the future.

"If you dare to utter a word again, I can cripple your legs. No one dares to play punk on the turf of Jiang Family in Gambling City!"

The young man stared at him with fiery eyes and an ice-cold expression.

"Brat, you're here to make trouble, aren't you?" Zhu Qian walked over and glared at Wang Xian. "I, Zhu Qian from the Zhu Family, will make sure you have a miserable ending in the future for offending me!"

"Is this a threat?!"

Wang Xian looked at Zhu Qian and the young man before him with a trace of a smile on his face. "If that's the case, let's wait and see. You better remember what you said just now!"

After Wang Xian finished his sentence, he looked at Lan Qingyue with a smiling face, "Let's return to our yacht!"


Lan Qingyue nodded her head with a stern look on her face. "Xiao Xian, I heard my grandpa mention Jiang Family of the Gambling City once before. They are a powerful family."

"It's okay. Let's go back to the yacht to enjoy the beautiful scenery!"

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