Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 204

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 204 Sunken 2

"This rascal is courting death! How dare he be so arrogant when he doesn't have the capabilities to support it!" Zhu Qian said.

He gave a grim look as he saw Wang Xian leaving.

"Tsk, you don't know what you have gotten yourself into! I will not let things end like this!"

Jiang Tiancheng looked at the dispersing crowd with a cold face.

"Leave the girl to me," Zhu Qian said to Jiang Tiancheng with a vile expression.

Jiang Tiancheng nodded and replied, "This rascal has a yacht outside! If they aren't leaving, we shall wait till night!"

Heehee, a 150-meter cruise, what a pity.

After returning to the yacht, Wang Xian smiled when looking at the 150-meter cruise thirty meters in front of him.

The entire cruise, inclusive of the renovation, was estimated to be worth at least $1 billion.

Zhu Family? Jiang Family of the Gambling City?

Wang Xian eyes lit up. With just a thought, he sent a signal into the sea.

At this moment, fifty meters under the sea, members of the dragon palace were cultivating on the seabed.

There were nearly eight hundred Devil Monkeys gathered there and Prime Minister Turtle was lying on the sand. Roving Girl and Roving Lobster remained motionless.

Only the nine Venomous Sea Snakes were swimming freely in the vicinity.

As the signal came, all of them opened their eyes. They looked up at the cruise that was a few hundred meters away.

"Leave this to me!" Roving Lobster said.

Roving Lobster's body emitted a metallic glow as it swam swiftly towards the hull of the cruise.

Roving Lobster was the second subordinate Wang Xian had gotten. Its current level was Level 9.

Roving Lobster was currently at Level 9 and had fighting power almost comparable to an Inborn expert

It swam under the cruise and struck the hull viciously with its huge pincer.

The nearly impregnable cruise was damaged instantly with a one-meter tear on its hull.


Seawater started gushing into the cruise at a terrifying speed.


The pincer struck again and another huge crack appeared on the hull of the cruise.

Seawater surged in crazily.

Beep beep beep beep!

On the cruise, Jiang Tiancheng brought Zhu Qian and a few young men along as they walked towards the third story. They were conversing happily.

When the emergency alarm sounded, Jiang Tiancheng was stunned.

"What is going on?"

His expression changed and he hurriedly turned towards Old Gao who was at his side.

"It must be a fault on the cruise. Young master, let's go to the control room!"

Old Gao expression changed, and he spoke in a hurry.

"Let's go!"

Jiang Tiancheng had a solemn look. "The cruise was just fine, why would the alarm go off all of a sudden!"

"What is happening? What is happening?" he asked.

"Why would the alarm of the cruise go off suddenly?"

"What happened? Don't tell me the cruise hit the coral reefs!"

The alarm rang through the whole cruise. Everyone was alarmed by it and ran out in a hurry.

"All crew members, please head to the first level deck!"

"All crew members, please head to the first level deck!"

At this moment, the cruise's warning announcement sounded.

"Oh no, there is a major accident!"

Jiang Tiancheng and his friends who were heading to the control room were shocked by the developments.

"Damn it! What's going on?"

Jiang Tiancheng was very anxious! He couldn't care about being discovered anymore and jumped towards the first level.

The old man followed behind and jumped down next. Zhu Qian and the rest followed after.


Jiang Tiancheng pushed through the control room's door and saw the distressed crowd. He shouted towards them angrily, "Damn it, what happened!"

"Young Master Jiang, the situation is bad! Water is flooding into the cruise at a rapid pace. It will only take half an hour before our cruise sinks," the captain replied.

The middle-aged captain continued maniacally, "The rescue party from our country will need an hour to arrive! We need to get all our customers onto the rescue boat!"

"What? Why would the cruise be flooding suddenly without any premonitions? Why the hell are we flooding?"

Jiang Tiancheng was fl.u.s.tered after hearing the captain.

Sinking cruise? This has to be a joke.

This cruise cost close to a billion. Furthermore, this cruise had been bought for less than five years.

If the ship sank, the losses to the Jiang Family would not just be a billion. They would also lose a gold mine in the sea.

"Young Master Jiang, we have no idea either. According to the mechanics, two holes appeared on the hull out of nowhere. Seawater is surging in through the holes. The displacement rate could not match that of the water. We have approximately half an hour before we sink completely. You should hurry to the escape boat! This cruise is beyond repair!"

"This cruise is beyond repair!"

Jiang Tiancheng's expression turned gloomy as he heard the last few words of the captain. He clenched his fist tightly.

"God damn it!"

Jiang Tiancheng punched the door at the side heavily and left a hole in it.

"Brother Tiancheng, you should come to my yacht now! Let the crew handle the situation here!" Zhu Qian said. His friend and he was shocked by the situation.

"Young Master, let them handle it!"

Old Gao, who was beside Jiang Tiancheng, spoke solemnly. He looked equally aghast.

"Let's go!"

Jiang Tiancheng gritted his teeth. The cruise that he was in charge of was sinking. He would be severely punished when he returned home.

"F*ck! This damn ship sank when it wasn't even moving! This cruise by the Jiang family is really trash!"

"Damn it, we played here for just three days and the ship sank!"

"I heard the Venture just threw a person out because he was winning. This is freaking karma. I'm never going to a casino by the Jiang Family. What shitty luck they have!"

The group heard the customers cursing angrily just as they exited the control room.

"You guys f*cking shut your mouth!" Jiang Tiancheng growled angrily as he heard the conversations.

"F*ck, you won't even let us speak? Trash is trash!"

"What is this shitty place? I have to discard the things I've brought along. You better compensate me for that!"

Although Jiang Tiancheng was in a foul mood, the rest of the customers were unhappy too. They were cursing at Jiang Tiancheng right to his face.

"Young Master, don't be bothered by them. Let's go!" Old Gao reminded Jiang Tiancheng.

Jiang Tiancheng took a deep breath and barged through the crowd.

"Brother Tiancheng, let's go!"

They reached the opposite side while the customers gathered at the exit. No one was left behind.

Zhu Qian jumped off the cruise, stepped lightly on the waters and leaped onto the blue yacht at the side.

Jiang Tiancheng jumped and followed behind him. When he reached the deck of the yacht, his face was gloomy. As he looked at the sinking cruise, his heart was bleeding.

Zhu Qian and his friends remained silent after seeing Jiang Tiancheng's face.

"This scene would be truly shocking if it appeared in a movie!" Wang Xian said from a yacht not far from the scene. He was smiling brightly.

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