Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 205

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 205 Shiver In Fear


Lan Qingyue watched as the event unfolded before her, her eyes gaping and in disbelief.

A cruise of more than a hundred meters sank, making a shocking scene which was even more impactful than Armageddon in the science fiction movies.

"Xiao Xian, you... there are a lot of people on the cruise. Can you..." said Lan Qingyue, stupefied as she watched.

"Don't worry. The ship will take another half hour to sink completely. All of the people will be safely transferred to another place during that time," Wang Xian said as he narrowed his eyes.

"Qingyue, I still have matters to settle. Will you be watching it or...?" Wang Xian turned around and asked Lan Qingyue.

Because it could be very gruesome for what comes next!

Lan Qingyue looked at Wang Xian with hesitation. She slowly made out the words, "Xiao Xian, don't kill the innocent!"

"Don't worry!" Wang Xian knew Lan Qingyue had guessed what his next course of action was. "I will not hurt anyone unless they provoke me or hurt those people whom I care about."

"Okay, I'll cook you some fish and lobsters. We can eat it together later!" Lan Qingyue smiled as she looked at Wang Xian


Wang Xian nodded as he watched Lan Qingyue enter the kitchen on the yacht. Then, he cast his gaze to the left-hand side.

Some familiar figures were standing on the deck of the blue luxury cruise.

With a thought, Prime Minister Turtle quickly surfaced on the water from the bottom of the sea. He then carried the yacht on his back, steering it closer to the cruise.

"Young Master, the family head wants us to investigate this and beg for forgiveness!" said the old man with an awful look as he hung up the phone and walked to Jiang Tiancheng on the blue cruise.

"Beg for forgiveness?!"

Jiang Tiancheng clenched his fist tightly with a hideous expression.

"Who is that? It's that rascal!"

Just then, Zhu Qian pointed to the front and shouted loudly with his eyes wide open.

"Hur?" Everyone on the deck was stunned as they followed the direction Zhu Qian was pointing at.

A yacht slowly approached them.

On the yacht, a familiar young guy raised the tea in his hand and smiled.

"It's that brat!"

Jiang Tiancheng's eyes were fuming with ferocious radiance.

"Could the sinking of the cruise have something to do with him?" Suddenly, a young man spoke.

All of them were stunned. Even the old man by the side knit his eyebrows together.

The sinking of the cruise was simply too creepy. How could a hole appear at the bottom of the cruise when it was not even moving?

No one would believe it if someone said there was nothing odd about this.

Jiang Tiancheng trembled as he fixed his eyes on Wang Xian.

The yacht approached a close distance of five meters away from the cruise.

"I detest threats and people who have filthy mouths and spout nonsense."

Wang Xian revealed a smile when he saw the six people on the cruise five meters away from him. "I told you that you could forget about operating your casino!"

He spoke with a sarcastic look on his face. "I wonder if you're regretting it now!"

Wang Xian looked at them indifferently. As he spoke slowly, he sipped tea and continued, "Look, how spectacular this is!"

"It was you!"

Jiang Tiancheng let out a low bellow from his throat as he stared malevolently at Wang Xian. "I want you dead!"


At this time, Zhu Qian, who was next to him, swung his arm. Dozens of hidden weapons darted out at Wang Xian all of a sudden.

"Do you know that I hate you for littering?!"

Wang Xian gently swung his hand, and the hidden weapons fell into the water. He then gazed coldly at Zhu Qian.

"Martial Artist, you're a Martial Artist too!"

When Zhu Qian saw Wang Xian sweep his hidden weapons without any difficulties, he found it hard to believe.

Wang Xian, as a Divine Dragon, did not practice any Inner Energy. If he did not strike, no one could sense his strength.

"How dare you sink our cruise! Go to hell!"

The old man beside Jiang Tiancheng exuded murderous aura. As he struck, he displayed domineering oppression towards Wang Xian.

"Half-step to Inborn. Not bad!" Wang Xian commented with a smile.


As Wang Xian spoke, Aquatic Ropes suddenly shot out from the sea!

They moved like flexible serpents as they launched a swift and fierce attack at the old man in the air.

The old man had a drastic change in his expression. His entire body jerked as he brandished his palms at the Aquatic Ropes in the sea.


However, more than a hundred Aquatic Ropes surfaced again at this time.

"Oh no!"

The old man exhibited a shocked expression as the ropes wrapped around his body.


Water splashed as the Half-step to Inborn Expert was dragged into the sea. The next moment, he was out of sight completely.


The people on the blue cruise were shocked when they saw the old man disappearing into the sea.

"Old Gao is a Half-step to Inborn Expert. How could that be possible..."

A young man revealed an expression of disbelief as he mumbled.

Jiang Tiancheng was equally surprised. He lifted his chin and looked fearfully at the young man who was staring back at him.

"The ocean is my turf! Whoever provokes me, I'll make sure he sinks to the bottom of the sea!"

Wang Xian glared at the young men before him with a pair of icy-cold eyes.

"No, this has got nothing to do with us!"

Three young men were totally freaked out on the cruise. He could sink a hundred-meter cruise easily, and make a Half-step to Inborn Expert disappear into the sea in the blink of an eye.

Creepy Aquatic Ropes and freaky means!

They retreated to the back as they pleaded for mercy.

Zhu Qian and Jiang Tiancheng were trembling. They seemed to have seen a devil laughing when they saw that young fellow displaying a beaming face.

"Get into the sea!" said Wang Xian to them.


After he finished his sentence, the entire cruise sank to the bottom of the sea without warning.

"I...I was wrong. Please let me off..."

"Please don't kill..."

Jiang Tiancheng and Zhu Qian blurted out with fearful voices, but they quickly came to an abrupt end.

The ocean waves surged and combed, bringing about little ripples in the sea before it restored to a peaceful state.

Wang Xian exhibited a nonchalant look.

If others leave me alone, I'll leave them alone too. But if they provoke me, I'll pay them back tenfold.

This was Wang Xian's principle.

"What a spoilsport!"

After Wang Xian dealt with the few fellows, he lost all interest. He only displayed a smile when he watched the sinking Venture.

"Constructing the Dragon Palace required a large amount of steel and metal. Just nice. This cruise, weighing a hundred tons, could provide a huge amount of resources!"

Wang Xian cast a look before he walked into the yacht.

"Xiao Xian, wait for another ten minutes. I'll be done soon!" said Lan Qingyue smilingly when she saw Wang Xian walking in.


Wang Xian nodded as he sat on the sofa and waited with a beaming face.

"Here, try my cooking!"

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