Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 206

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 206 Separating The Dragonians

"Xiao Xian, thank you! I've really enjoyed myself today. I need to go now, and don't forget our promise!"

On the beach, Lan Qingyue bade goodbye to Wang Xian joyously before leaving in a car.

Wang Xian grinned while looking at her disappearing back view. After which, he walked slowly back to his villa.

Three days. Wang Xian had accompanied Lan Qingyue on the seas for three days.

And in those three days, he had increased his level to Level 7 and gathered thirty percent of the materials required for the Dragon Palace.

He would just need seventy percent of the materials to complete the Dragon Palace.

"Let's go to the medical hall!"

Over the last two days, there had been more than a dozen people from the hospital or individuals who had contacted him for treatment. This was a lot more than usual.

As Wang Xian had been on the seas, he had rejected all of them.

After riding his heavy-duty motorcycle to the medical hall, Wang Xian opened up the shop. After which, he switched on his computer and entered the Underworld website to check out the latest news.

"Eh? My ranking on the Miracle Doctors Chart has gone up!"

When Wang Xian came across the Miracle Doctors Chart, he clicked out of curiosity.

His ranking had been eighteenth in the past. At this moment, it had risen to eleventh.

At the back of the Miracle Doctors Chart, there was a new comment. Increased ranking to eleventh, as he cured the son of Ji Yuankun from Flow City.

"So this is because I cured the son of Maniac Ji!"

Wang Xian nodded his head slowly. After which, he clicked into the interactive news page and continued his browsing.

[Dragon Sect of Rivertown!]

A surprising thread appeared on the forum page which Wang Xian clicked hesitantly.

[First-class Force from Rivertown, Dragon Sect. Maniac Ji from Flow City annihilated the Tyrannical Sword, Liu Family of Hailing Province under the invitation of Miracle Doctor Wang of Rivertown. Dragon Sect officially appeared in front of the public.]

[Dragon Sect of Rivertown has an Inborn expert and a dozen Level 8 and Level 9 Martial Artists. The exact strength of the Dragon Sect is unknown.]

The introduction in this thread wasn't complete and only had a few descriptions.

The annihilation of the Tyrannical Sword, Liu Family, caused a huge ruckus in the neighbouring provinces.

Among which, news relating to Dragon Sect and Miracle Doctor Wang of Rivertown had also attracted the attention of many people.

"It seems like the people of the underworld still don't know that I'm the one who established the Dragon Sect!"

Wang Xian was slightly surprised and continued browsing for a while.

"Miracle Doctor Wang!"

At this moment, a figure approached Wang Xian silently.


Wang Xian turned around and nodded his head at Maniac Ji.

Maniac Ji placed a bag beside him and said, "These are spiritual stones. A total of 120 pieces!"

"Oh? So many of them?"

Wang Xian took up the bag in shock. However, when he saw the spiritual stones in it, a satisfied look appeared on his face.

"I accepted a great mission and earned some spiritual stones from it."

Maniac Ji showed a faint smile and continued, "In half a month, if everything goes as planned, I should be getting 200 more pieces!"

Wang Xian looked at Maniac Ji in astonishment. "What kind of mission is it to give 200 spiritual stones as a reward?"

"Collecting a Level 5 spiritual medicine. There's a strong guarding monster beside that spiritual medicine. As long as I can get the spiritual medicine, I will be able to get 200 spiritual stones as a reward!" Maniac Ji grinned.

"Goodbye, Miracle Doctor Wang. Feel free to instruct me as you wish."


Wang Xian nodded his head. Looking at the spiritual stones in his hand, he hesitated for a moment.

Building the Dragon Palace would require ten thousand pieces of spiritual stones. Currently, he had over a hundred pieces.

Moreover, these were all given to him by Maniac Ji.

If I sell all my spiritual medicine, I should be able to get approximately two thousand pieces of spiritual stones. If I breed more spiritual medicine, I will have gathered ten thousand pieces of spiritual stones in one to two years. This is still too slow!

Wang Xian pondered.

Since Maniac Ji can obtain so many spiritual stones through missions, why don't I let the dragonians of Dragon Sect out to earn spiritual stones? With the current strength of the dragonians, they are easily among the cream of the crop in the underworld!

Wang Xian made up his mind. Dragon Sect was supposed to serve the Dragon Palace after all.

Letting them out to complete missions could also accelerate the process of building the Dragon Palace. Moreover, only through more battles could the dragonians get even stronger.

In that case, I should send all the dragonians out. Hopefully, they will be able to make a name for themselves!

Wang Xian thought and his lips curved into a smile. He wasn't fond of the idea of exposing his force, but the Dragon Sect had now been discovered by the public.

In that case, he should separate the dragonians and let them pursue their own paths.

It's fine if they choose to go alone or develop their own influence.

He did not want the dragonians to simply stay within the base.

If he required manpower in the future, the dispersed dragonians would return to obey his orders as he commanded.

Great, great. The dragonians are pretty strong now. It's a waste that they are staying within the base the whole time. If I let them roam the underworld, they would be even stronger in the future!

Wang Xian squinted his eyes and looked forward to the arrival of that day.

The day when various forces would gather with a command from him!

Having made his decision, Wang Xian summoned Mo Qinglong.

In less than twenty minutes, Mo Qinglong appeared within the Divine Dragon Medical Hall.

"Dragon King!"

Mo Qinglong's burley figure bowed respectfully at Wang Xian as he greeted him.


Wang Xian was slightly shocked when he saw Mo Qinglong's left shoulder.

"Why is your arm injured?" Wang Xian asked in a solemn tone.

"It's the people from Sacred Seas of Swords. A ship came near our island the yesterday. An old man on it questioned us, asking if it was us who had killed Yan Feng. He was arrogant and therefore I killed that old fool and everyone that was with him!" Mo Qinglong replied dimly.

Sacred Seas of Swords!

Wang Xian squinted his eyes. He naturally knew about the Sacred Seas of Swords.

Yan Feng of the Yan Family was a disciple of the Sacred Seas of Swords. His master was an Inborn expert.

The news of Yan Family being eliminated and Yan Feng being killed had reached the people of the Sacred Seas of Swords. Moreover, only the newly emerged First-class Force, Dragon Sect, could possibly eliminate the Yan Family and kill Yan Feng in Rivertown.

"What good timing!"

Wang Xian hesitated for a moment. He waved his arm and instantly cured Mo Qinglong's injuries. "I happened to have an idea in mind to disperse the dragonians and let them move freely. Alternatively, they can move in teams of three to five people while roaming the underworld and collecting spiritual stones. They can establish their own Forces or rule over an area. They are free to do what they want, but are not allowed to kill the innocent!"

"Staying in the base would be a waste of their talents. Let's give them the opportunity to roam the world!"

"Yes, Dragon King!" Mo Qinglong nodded his head. "Dragon King, what about me? Let me accompany you and be your butler!" Mo Qinglong smiled.

"Alright." Wang Xian thought for a while before nodding his head. However, he soon frowned and commented, "However, many know about your appearance now. This will be a little troublesome!"

"Dragon King, I can alter my appearance!"

As Mo Qinglong finished his words, he shook his body. The wrinkles on his face slowly faded, making him look a dozen years younger.

A forty-year-old looking middle-aged man appeared in front of Wang Xian. He looked completely different from before.

"Since I have reached the Inborn Realm and obtained the bloodline of the Dragon King, I have regained my youth. It is just that I didn't think this was necessary and therefore maintained my previous appearance!"

Mo Qinglong's voice sounded a lot younger too as he explained deferentially to Wang Xian.

"Haha, great! You shall follow me in the future. Let Mo Yuan keep in contact with the rest of the dragonians!"

Seeing the appearance of Mo Qinglong, Wang Xian revealed a faint smile.

His decision to separate the dragonians now would surely allow him to summon an unstoppable force with a command in the future!

Wang Xian looked forward to that day and was interested in what the dragonians would be able to achieve.

"The seas are my world and I'll conquer it bit by bit. As for the underworld, I'll leave it to the dragonians!"

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