Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 207

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 207 Not Any Doctor Could Be Called A Miracle Doctor 1

"Brother, are you going out for a few days? Sister-in-law wants me to tell you that you can bring Lan Qingyue here for a gathering after you're back!"

The next morning, Xiao Yu told this to Wang Xian after her breakfast, as Mo Qinglong stood beside Wang Xian, who had a chest in his hand.

The entire Rivertown, even the Southern Province knew that Wang Xian had exterminated Liu Family.

Xiao Yu heard about it naturally. When she found out, she parted her lips slightly with a face full of surprises.

She went to chat with Guan Shuqing. Through various devious questions, she realized that Guan Shuqing did not mind about all this. She did not seem to oppose it.

Xiao Yu was speechless. Hence, she recognized that she might have two sisters-in-law in the future.

"Okay, you'll accompany Shuqing tomorrow during your break." Wang Xian had nothing to say as he nodded with a smile.

"Sure, Brother. Rest assured that I will take good care of Sister-in-law!" Xiao Yu said playfully.

Wang Xian patted her head helplessly. "I'm off. I should be back in three to four days!"

"Okay, Sister Li will be here with us tomorrow too!"

Xiao Yu waved her hand as she gave him the cold shoulder.

With Wang Xian's current status in Rivertown, Sister Li's husband, father, and mother-in-law treated her like something precious.

Apart from her owning all of their family assets, Wang Xian's current status was also one of the reasons why her father and mother-in-law dared not make things difficult for her.

Instead, they had to treat her with care.

With such a daughter-in-law in the Wei Family, the family had turned supreme in the Rivertown.

"Old Mo, can you drive?" asked Wang Xian to Mo Qinglong when he walked out of the villa.

"Yes, Young Master."

"Great, let's get a car after we're back!"

Wang Xian smiled as he spoke. They took a cab to Deep-sea Jewelry building.

"Xiao Xian!"

Lan Qingyue wore a red dress today, and it was evident that she was in high spirits. A middle-aged man was following beside her.

He was an uncle of Lan Qingyue. Wang Xian had seen him once at the Qin Family's banquet.

"You look beautiful today!" Wang Xian praised her with a smile.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, hello. Thank you for going with us!" Lan Qingyue's uncle immediately walked to Wang Xian and spoke eagerly with respect.

"You're welcome!"

Wang Xian gestured with a hand and a smiling face. He looked at Lan Qingyue. "How do we get there?"

"We're heading to the international airport at Flow City. Let's go!"

With Lan Qingyue's leading, they reached the airport. They took a private jet of Lan Family to the airport at Flow City before they transferred to the capital of Jade Nation.

"It will only take three hours from Flow City to Jade Nation. The journey is quite fast. I went there once and the scenery there was breath-taking. There are also many huge mountains!"

Lan Qingyue walked shoulder-to-shoulder with Wang Xian as she introduced Jade Nation happily to him.

"Oh, really? This is my first time going abroad!" Wang Xian smiled and said.

"I went there once with my Dad. There are a lot of mountains. One of them was Jade King Mountain Range. 50% of the world's jade stones came from there."

"It was beautiful next to the Jade King Mountain Range. They dug holes in the mountain and some reside there. Some even opened shops there. It's quite interesting. We can visit that place when the time comes," Lan Qingyue explained to him joyously.

Wang Xian smiled and nodded his head.

"Qingyue, it's our boarding time. Let's go over!"

While Lan Qingyue and Wang Xian were chatting, Lan Quanfeng came over and informed them.

"Let's go!"

Lan Qingyue smiled and nodded as she headed to the first-class cabin.

They boarded the plane. Wang Xian and Lan Qingyue were sitting far from each other due to a large number of people in the first-class cabin. One sat at the front, and the other one sat at the back.

The first-class seats were comfortable sofas with two attached together in a row.

Mo Qinglong's seat was not far away from Wang Xian, but they were not sitting next to each other.

Wang Xian came to his seat while the rest of the passengers strolled into the cabin slowly.

"I'm sure master will be able to cure the leader of Gordanway and complete his mission this time."

"I'm sure he can. Our master made a breakthrough in his medical skills recently. His rank on the Miracle Doctors Chart has seen improvements."

"A 500 Spiritual Stones reward! The Gordanway family is really wealthy!"

"Junior sister, this is your first time out with our master. If you are unsure of anything, let me know!"

At this time, conversations in whispers were heard next to him.

Wang Xian spun his head around, and he was slightly stunned to see a few young men and a pretty woman walking over.

"Hmm, it's her?"

Wang Xian's face revealed a hint of surprise.

"Junior Sister, your seat is here. Let me see if I can exchange my seat with the one beside yours!"

A solicitous voice was heard. Subsequently, Wang Xian heard, "Hey handsome, can you swap your seat with me?"

Wang Xian lifted his head as he looked at the young man beside Doctor Sun.

The young man was about 27 or 28 years old. He was wearing a white shirt, and he had an extremely fair complexion.

The young man asked and looked at Wang Xian at this time.

Doctor Sun was left without any choice. But when she saw Wang Xian, she froze for a moment. Surprise and shock flashed in her eyes.

Wang Xian put out his palm and pointed to some stuff in front of him. He declined, "Sorry!"


The young man flashed a smile and continued to be a gentleman. He took out his wallet before he pulled out a stack of hundred dollar notes and handed them to Wang Xian.

Wang Xian shook his head and smiled.

"Miracle Doctor Wang!"

At this time, Doctor Sun quickly sat in the seat beside Wang Xian and chatted with him. "What a coincidence. I didn't expect to see you here."

"Yes. What a coincidence. Are you heading to Jade Nation too?" Wang Xian asked Doctor Sun curiously.

Doctor Sun was a doctor in one of the city hospitals. Previously, Doctor Sun came with some patients who were sent over by the hospitals too.

However, she did not turn up in the previous two times. He did not ask for the reason either.

Now, they actually ran into each other on a flight. From their conversations just now, it seemed like Doctor Sun had gotten herself a new master.

"Yes, I'm going to the Jade Nation with my master and the rest!" Doctor Sun nodded with a smile. "What are the chances of us meeting each other here?!"

Wang Xian smiled and nodded his head.

The white-shirt man and two other young men were standing next to them with a surprised look.

When the white-shirt man saw Doctor Sun's surprised and zealous expressions, he put an annoyed expression on his face.

He tried to get into the good book of Doctor Sun in every possible way. But she remained lukewarm to him. Yet, she displayed a zealous attitude to this young fellow and even addressed him as 'Miracle Doctor Wang?'

"Junior Sister, is he a doctor too?" the white-shirt man asked with a darkened expression. "Not any doctor could be called a Miracle Doctor!"

"He is incredible!"

Doctor Sun rebutted him immediately. She had just gotten herself a Miracle Doctor as her master a few days ago. Hence, she knew nothing about the underworld.

She did not even know about the Miracle Doctor Ranking chart.

All she knew was that Wang Xian was incredible.

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