Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 208

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 208 No Doctor Could Be Called A Miracle Doctor 2

"Incredible? Is he as incredible as our Master? In fact, is he even more incredible than us?"

The white-shirt young man revealed a disdainful expression. How incredible can a brat be?

"What's a Miracle Doctor? Only those that ranked in the top-30s on the Miracle Doctors Chart could be called Miracle Doctors. As for the rest, they are at most renowned doctors!"

The white-shirt young man continued proudly, "Junior sister, your medical skills might be great in the hospital but are still far from average in the medical circle. When you learn more about medical techniques, you will then understand what real Miracle Doctors are. The title of Miracle Doctor shouldn't be used carelessly!"

"Only people like our Master, who ranked fifteen on the Miracle Doctors Chart, are qualified to be called a Miracle Doctor!" the white-shirt young man said to Doctor Sun in an educating tone.

Doctor Sun frowned and retorted, "Miracle Doctor Wang is indeed very incredible. Even the doctors from the Sacred Followers Guild are defeated by Miracle Doctor Wang in medical techniques.

Seeing Doctor Sun rebut him again, the white-shirt young man replied angrily, "The Sacred Followers Guild is indeed really incredible. However, they have more than two hundred followers. Among them, some followers have great medical skills. However, they will at most be considered renowned doctors. Master once said that if the few of us take part in the assessment of the Sacred Followers Guild, we have a high chance of passing it!"


Doctor Sun swallowed her words and couldn't retort. After all, her experiences were too far from those Miracle Doctors or the Sacred Followers Guild. She didn't understand them well and didn't know how to rebut.

"I really didn't expect you to be a renowned doctor. Let's spar when we have the opportunity!" the white-shirt young man said coldly to Wang Xian. It was clear that he had seen Wang Xian as a rival in love.

Wang Xian maintained his smile throughout and didn't say a word. Their master ranked fifteen on the Miracle Doctors Chart, while he ranked eleventh.

Clearly, he wasn't completely convinced of the ranking on the Miracle Doctors Chart.

With his current strength, he was confident to even challenge the number one on the chart.

However, this was only his conjecture. Those who stood at the top of the ranking chart would definitely not be simple.

"Tsk. You are pretty arrogant to answer when one addresses you as Miracle Doctor!" the white-shirt young man remarked sarcastically after seeing that Wang Xian wasn't answering him.

"Why aren't you guys in your seats? What are you guys standing here for?"

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from the back.

An old man walked over and spoke to the group of young men.

"Master, it's nothing much. We are just chatting with Junior Sister and a renowned doctor!" the white-shirt young man immediately bowed and explained.

"Oh? A doctor?"

The old man looked confused and turned his attention to the female disciple he had just taken in.

"Master, this is a very incredible... Doctor that I met in Rivertown."

Doctor Sun could see the doubts on her Master's face and immediately explained. After getting to know more about the medical circle, she didn't dare to address Wang Xian as Miracle Doctor carelessly.

"Just an arrogant small doctor who claims to be a Miracle Doctor!" the white-shirt young man standing by the side quickly added.

"One should really not claim to be a Miracle Doctor rashly!"

The old man nodded his head slowly. "The title of Miracle Doctor represents the cream of the crop in the medical realm. Any rascal who impersonates a Miracle Doctor will suffer a terrible death."

"Rascal!" When the white-shirt young man heard his master, he looked at Wang Xian mockingly.

"Guang Hua?"

At this moment, Wang Xian recalled a name when he saw the old man.

"Huh?" The old man was taken aback and looked at Wang Xian in surprise.

The white-shirt young man also looked at Wang Xian with surprise. "Brat, you are not qualified to call my master by the name!"

"Rivertown? Wang Xian? Miracle Doctor Wang?"

The old man pondered and tried to probe further.

"It's my honor to meet you!"

Wang Xian smiled faintly and nodded his head.

He clearly knew about the Miracle Doctors Chart, as he had gone through the top-30 on the chart.

Guang Hua, 65 years old, a factionless doctor.

A factionless doctor was similar to what Wang Xian was at this moment. They were not affiliated to any Forces.

On the Miracle Doctors Chart, factionless doctors were few. The Sacred Followers Guild and Medical Saint Sect took up eighty percent of the Miracle Doctors Chart. This was also why the two Saint Sects were so strong.

Guang Hua had been a travelling doctor since the 1970s and 1980s. He had been to the majority of the country by feet.

During the journey, his medical skills achieved a breakthrough and he had reached the fifteenth spot on the Miracle Doctors Chart. One would consider him to be a Miracle Doctor with a unique background.

Wang Xian had a lot of respect for him.

"Sorry for not recognizing you. I had not expected to meet Miracle Doctor Wang here."

Miracle Doctor Guang Hua immediately greeted him and started observing this absurdly young Miracle Doctor Wang.

He was still rather curious about a twenty-year-old juvenile who had made it to the eleventh spot on the ranking chart.

The interests were exacerbated by the fact that Wang Xian seemed to be a factionless doctor too.

"Baisong, is this how you should talk to Miracle Doctor Wang? Where are your manners! Apologize to him immediately!"

Miracle Doctor Guang Hua looked at his disciple and chided him.

The white-shirt young man was stunned as he stared at Wang Xian in disbelief.

Suddenly, he felt a chill down his spine. Recalling the recent news on Miracle Doctor Wang from Rivertown, fear started welling up.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, I'm really sorry. It's my fault that I did not recognize a distinguished person like you. Please forgive me!"

Wang Xian simply waved his hand at him and didn't pay attention to him after.

A petty person like him wasn't worth his time.

"What a coincidence, Miracle Doctor Wang. Xiao Xiu, go and sit at my seat. I'd like to have a good chat with Miracle Doctor Wang!"

"Yes, master!"

Doctor Sun was dumbfounded. She immediately stood up and left.

The white-shirt young man also went to his seat immediately. His eyes would turn to where Wang Xian was from time to time.

That white-shirt young man's forehead was covered with perspiration.

Under no circ.u.mstance would he have expected that juvenile to be the eleventh-ranked Miracle Doctor Wang who was in the limelight recently.

This was a ranking even higher than his master.

Recalling what he had done and what he had just said, he felt a chill down his spine once again.

"Senior Brother, is Miracle Doctor Wang famous?" Doctor Sun sat in her master's seat and asked inquisitively.

The white-shirt young man didn't answer. His face had turned as white as a sheet.

The other young man sitting beside him nodded his head bitterly. "He's incredible and he currently ranked eleventh on the Miracle Doctors Chart!"

"Even higher than our master?"

Doctor Sun's eyes popped open as he looked to Wang Xian in admiration.

"Miracle Doctor Wang has also accepted the mission from the leader of Gordanway?" Miracle Doctor Guang Hua asked.

"Nope, I don't know about this mission. Could Miracle Doctor Guang Hua shed some light on it?" Wang Xian shook his head and asked.

"Hehe. Sure! This is an open mission in the underworld and everyone can see it. The leader of Gordanway, Jade Nation, ran into some issues while cultivating."

"Jade Nation has always been behind in the medical field. Therefore, he invited Miracle Doctors from all over the world to treat him. As long as you rank in the top-100 in the world's Miracle Doctors Chart, you will get ten pieces of spiritual stone even if you can't cure him."

"If you can cure him, the reward will be five hundred pieces of spiritual stone. I've brought my disciples along to give it a try!"

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