Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 209

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 209 Gathering Of Miracle Doctors 1

After Miracle Doctor Guang Hua's explanation, Wang Xian finally understood the entire mission completely.

The leader of Gordanway led a significant family in Jade Nation. They were considered to be powerful and mighty in the Jade Nation.

The leader of Gordanway was an Inborn Expert. Something went wrong during his cultivation, so he was seeking medical treatment from the Miracle Doctors around the world.

Jade Nation was only a small and poor country.

The Gordanway Family possessed three to four Inborn Experts. Hence, they were a colossus in the Jade Nation. As they were situated at the Jade King Mountain Range, they were rich, especially with Spiritual Stones.

All the Spiritual Stones were dug out from the stone mines.

They were generous to give away ten Spiritual Stones to those top 100 doctors from the global ranking who made a trip here.

If the doctors were to sell the Spiritual Stones, they could easily fetch a price of $100 million.

Gordanway Family had deep pockets.

"I heard that many domestic Miracle Doctors took up this mission. After all, 500 Spiritual Stones were quite attractive," said Miracle Doctor Guang Hua with a beaming face.

Wang Xian nodded in agreement. Getting Spiritual Stones was difficult.

Not everyone possessed a strength like Maniac Ji who could earn Spiritual Stones at such a fast rate. It was not easy for an average Level 7 to 9 Martial Artists to earn a piece of Spiritual Stone.

Miracle Doctor was considered to be one of the highest-paying occupations.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, why don't you join us for fun since you're here. Even if you can't treat him, you will at least get ten Spiritual Stones as a consolation prize!" Miracle Doctor Guang Hua said with a smile.


Wang Xian nodded his head slowly. 500 Spiritual Stones was attractive enough for him to work!

"Haha, we'll be going over. At that time, we can take a look at the top doctors from the world," Miracle Doctor Guang Hua said, smiling.

Wang Xian nodded and began to chit chat with Miracle Doctor Guang Hua.

Perhaps Miracle Doctor Guang Hua did not have many interactions with Miracle Doctors that were of the same level as him. Hence, he was rather chatty. Wang Xian also liked his personality. As such, both of them had a great time chatting.

The plane took off, heading to Jade Nation.

Three hours later, the plane landed at the international airport of Jade Nation's capital.

"Qingyue, I want to tell you something!" Wang Xian came to Lan Qingyue and said apologetically.

"What is it?" Lan Qingyue looked at him with doubts.

"I probably can't keep you company for today and tomorrow. I've got something going on!" Wang Xian scratched his head as he spoke.

"Hur?" Lan Qingyue looked at him with consternation.

"Just now, I met Miracle Doctor Guang Hua, ranked 15th on the Miracle Doctors Chart. He took a mission, and I wanted to check it out with him. So"

"Hmph, you're really unreliable!"

Lan Qingyue interrupted his words as she rolled her eyes at him with a sulky face.

"I'm going to earn some money. I'll look for you as soon as I'm done, and I'll bring you some top-grade jade stones!" Wang Xian immediately promised.

"Fine!" Lan Qingyue pouted and nodded.

"Heh heh." Wang Xian let out an awkward smile as he walked Lan Qingyue out of the airport and waved to her.

"Miracle Doctor Guang Hua, let's go!" Wang Xian came to Miracle Doctor Guang Hua and said .

"A car sent by Gordanway is waiting for us outside!" Miracle Doctor Guang Hua nodded as he took the lead.

The white-shirt young man who was following behind saw Wang Xian tagging along. Hence, he was well-behaved and did not dare to utter a word.

Two luxury vehicles were waiting outside of the airport.

Wang Xian, together with Mo Qinglong, got in the car.

Instead of the city center, the car traveled towards the mountains in the distance.

Just like what Lan Qingyue had mentioned, Jade Nation had many towering and magnificent mountains.

There were endless mountains along the way.

"This is Jade King Mountain Range which stretches for a few hundred kilometers. It is the largest mountain in Jade Nation. All the jade stones in Jade Nation were mined from this mountain. The Gordanway Family is located just beside Jade King Mountain Range!"

Miracle Doctor Guang Hua introduced this place to Wang Xian, as he had some knowledge of it.

"The scenery is extravagant here!"

Wang Xian looked at the surroundings with smiles. Miracle Doctor Guang Hua chuckled. "The caves that they reside in are more interesting!"

After a 30-minute ride, the cars stopped beside a green mountain in the Jade King Mountain Range.

"Please follow me!"

The driver got out of the vehicle and led the way before them.

Wang Xian followed him as he looked ahead.

It was a large village with a stone at the entrance engraved with some Jade Nation words on it.

At the entrance, five young men were standing there with guns in their hands.

The leader of Gordanway was holding a general position in Jade Nation. Hence, they had troops stationed at this place.

Upon entering, it was a small village.

Their dressing was much of the same as the people in China.

They followed the driver to a huge mountain. Wang Xian noticed that the entire mountain had been excavated with windows on the outside, just like ordinary buildings.

"Not many people in Jade Nation reside in the caves of Jade King Mountain Range. Only a few significant families and businessmen carry on with this type of lifestyle."

Upon seeing Wang Xian's curious look, Miracle Doctor Guang Hua explained to him.

Wang Xian nodded and went into the mountain. There was a huge hall, about a thousand square meters in size.

The interior was decorated to give a luxurious vibe. Pieces of beasts' fur were hung up on the wall as ornaments.

But the lighting appliances were all in modern style.

The entire hall gave an alternative aesthetic.

"Tsk tsk, it's indeed the top family in the country!"

Wang Xian swept his gaze around and exclaimed slightly. The cave houses of Jade Nation were comparable to the castles in Europe.

At this moment, quite a number of people were gathered in the hall. They were all seated around in chairs.

Wang Xian looked around. He noticed that not only Asians were here, but there were also Europeans and Americans.

"Poison Doc. Poison Doc is here too!"

A shocked voice came out from the mouth of Miracle Doctor Guang Hua. Wang Xian looked over and saw a scrawny old man sitting on the sofa.

A black, poisonous snake was couching on his hand, which made him look frightening.

"Poison Doc!"

Wang Xian thought of the Miracle Doctor ranked 9th on the Miracle Doctor Chart.

Poison Doc Yan She was an elder of the Sacred Followers Guild. Not only was he proficient in medical skills, but he also possessed Inborn Strength.

"There is Miracle Doctor Blood Man from Europe. But I'm not sure who that is!"

"That's Holy Priest from the Holy Sect. His medical skills must be known as strong to become a Holy Priest."

"The Miracle Doctor Yin-yang from island country is here too. Looks like we have lots of compelling characters gathered here!"

Miracle Doctor Guang Hua swept his gaze around with a surprised look.

Wang Xian looked over and traced all the Miracle Doctors one by one.

Blood man of Europe was similar to a vampire. They could enhance their strength with the energy from fresh blood.

The Miracle Doctor Yin-yang from island country was a Yin and Yang Master, originating from China. The skills were developed and expanded in the island country. Miracle Doctor Yin-yang was a renowned doctor over there.

The 500 Spiritual Stones were really attractive.

Wang Xian looked around him and pondered to himself.

However, Wang Xian was determined to get those 500 Spiritual Stones.

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