Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 210

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 210 Gathering Of Miracle Doctors 2

"Let me express my gratitude to all Miracle Doctors from all around the world for gathering at Gordanway!"

Wang Xian and Miracle Doctor Guang Hua sat in the chairs and waited for more than half an hour. Finally, a middle-aged man walked out and expressed his gratitude to the crowd.

Just as the middle-aged man finished his sentence, a middle-aged Caucasian shouted, "Let's skip the pleasantries! Bring us to the leader of Gordanway."

"We have prepared a banquet for everyone. In that case, let's push that back. However, we will be giving out part of the remuneration first!"

The middle-aged man wasn't angered by the middle-aged Caucasian at all. Instead, he clapped his hands as he remarked.

Those that had come were Miracle Doctors from all over the world. Some of these Miracle Doctors had strength that wasn't inferior to the Gordanway Family. Therefore, they weren't acting too deferentially.

Naturally, as a powerful and influential force, the wealth of the Gordanway Family wasn't something that the Miracle Doctors could possibly match.

Various beautiful ladies carried a plate and walked towards the crowd of Miracle Doctors.

On each plate, there was a bag with ten pieces of spiritual stones in it.

After getting part of the remuneration, all the other Miracle Doctors were clearly looking more patient.

"Since everyone is so anxious, follow me!" the middle-aged man said to the crowd.

There were a total of fifteen Miracle Doctors. If their disciples or subordinates were included, there were a total of more than forty people.

The crowd followed behind the middle-aged man.


At this moment, Wang Xian heard a very soft voice from his side.

He was slightly shocked and looked to Doctor Sun, who was beside her, immediately.

He saw Doctor Sun frown and look at the two people beside her with disdain.

Wang Xian followed her gaze and noticed that the pale-looking middle-aged Caucasian was staring fervently at Doctor Sun.

At the other end, an old man was frowning and staring at Doctor Sun intensely.

The first man was Miracle Doctor Blood Man and the second man was Holy Priest.

Wang Xian was confused. Logically speaking, considering their status, even if Doctor Sun was extremely alluring, they shouldn't be staring at her so intensely.

He looked at Doctor Sun but didn't find anything strange.

"Everyone, please come in!"

At this moment, the crowd passed through a tunnel and entered a cave.

This was clearly a cave for cultivation. In the cave, an old man was sitting in the center.

Within the cave, thousands of spiritual stones were embedded in the surroundings. All the Miracle Doctors who stepped into the cave were shocked to witness this.

The cave was extremely warm. It was at least forty degrees celsius.

Within the cave, the most eye-catching thing was a pangolin beside the old man.

This was a pangolin that was close to three meters long. It had bright red scales and emitted savage vibes.

"Thank you, everyone, for coming!"

The old man opened his eyes slowly and looked at the surrounding crowd.

"Greetings, Leader of Gordanway!"

The surrounding Miracle Doctors greeted the old man.

The old man in front of them was an extremely strong Inborn expert. As the leader of the top Family in Jade Nation, his strength wasn't something that an ordinary Inborn expert could match.

"Everyone! I'm sure you guys know about my condition. I'd like to invite you to take a look right now!" the leader of Gordanway said slowly.

"Let me go first." the twenty-first ranked Miracle Doctor on the domestic Miracle Doctors Chart said.

"Please!" The leader of Gordanway nodded his head.

"Excuse me for my intrusion!"

That middle-aged Miracle Doctor nodded his head. As he waved his arm, a silver thread flew out and wrapped around the wrist of the old man.

The leader of Gordanway did not dodge and simply allowed himself to be caught by the silver thread.

The middle-aged man placed a finger on the silver and shut his eyes slightly.

Soon, he frowned. The silver thread extended and wrapped around the body of the leader of Gordanway gradually.

However, after going around him twice, he still did not discover any abnormalities.

The middle-aged man was clearly disappointed. "Please pardon my incompetence. I'm unable to help!"

"Silver Thread Inspection technique of the twenty-first ranked Miracle Doctor can accurately detect various kinds of injuries. It's surprising that he couldn't detect any abnormalities!"

Miracle Doctor Guang Hua let out a silent sigh.

Silver Thread Inspection was an extremely powerful ability in the medical techniques of China.

Doctor Sun was stunned by what she had seen. Such unbelievable techniques had truly opened her horizons.

"Let me give it a try!"

Seeing that the middle-aged man had backed down, Holy Priest walked ahead with a wooden rod in his hand.

Waving his wooden rod, pure white energy entered the body of the leader of Gordanway.

The Holy Priest frowned and commented, "My Light hasn't detected any darkness. The leader of Gordanway should be..."

"That's what many other Miracle Doctors have said!"

The leader of Gordanway looked up to the Holy Priest. His eyes were clearly fatigued as he commented, "Whenever I cultivate, I will sense my internal energy going berserk. In fact, I have to constantly restrict the powers in my body right now."

That Holy Priest frowned and shook his head. After this, he backed down.

What many people did not notice was that when the Holy Priest released his Light, Doctor Sun's body shimmered.

Let me give it a try, hehe!

The pale-looking middle-aged Caucasian took a step forward. Moving his finger, blood that emitted a black aura appeared in his hand.

"I'll have to trouble the leader of Gordanway to open your mouth!"

The leader of Gordanway nodded his head. He knew about the treatment technique of Miracle Doctor Blood Man.

The blood that emitted a black aura entered the old man's body through the mouth. Soon it entered his heart and into every part of his blood vessels.

"Huh?" The middle-aged Miracle Doctor Blood Man frowned. He stretched his hand forward and the blood flew out from the mouth of the leader of Gordanway. Miracle Doctor Blood Man shook his head, clearly looking disappointed.

Following which, another five to six Miracle Doctors stood out and exhibited their unique skills.

However, everyone ended frowning.

No one had discovered where the issue was. If they couldn't even identify the source of the illness, how were they going to devise a treatment method?

The leader of Gordanway wasn't looking great.

Miracle Doctor Guang Hua gave it a try but the attempt turned out to be futile.

In the end, only Wang Xian, the eighth-ranked Poison Doc, and Miracle Doctor Yin-yang from Japan were left.

"Let me give it a try!"

The Poison Doc took two steps forward. The black poisonous snake that was wrapped around him lifted its head and started hissing.

Sss sss sss!

The poisonous snake leaped and jumped beside the old man who was three meters away. As it stuck out its tongue, its blood-red eyes stared constantly at the leader of Gordanway.

"Poison Doc from China, I have long heard of you!' the old man said to the Poison Doc.

"That's just a superficial name!" Poison Doc replied emotionlessly while keeping his eyes on his poison snake.

Sss sss!

The black poisonous snake went around the old man. Suddenly, its vision shifted to the pangolin.

Sss sss!

Suddenly, the pangolin stuck out its tongue and emitted a horrifying aura.

Sss sss!

The black poisonous snake was shocked and slithered back to the Poison Doc in fear.

"Xiao Jia, don't move!" the old man said gently to the pangolin.


The crowd gasped and looked at the pangolin in shock.

The aura it emitted in that instant was that of an Inborn expert!

The Poison Doc looked a little embarrassed and shook his head helplessly.

"China's medical techniques are only so!"

A mocking voice sounded which irked Poison Doc and Miracle Doctor Guang Hua.

Wang Xian wasn't paying attention to the mockery.

Within his eyes, blue and red light alternated. His eyes shifted to a direction as he revealed a faint smile.

Victory was in his hands!

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