Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 211

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 211 Conspiracy 1

"The Art of Yin and Yang originated from China. The so-called Miracle Doctor Yin-yang was relying on our ancestor's skills."

"Hmph, you're from a small country. Even King Sanhe would not dare to be brazen!"

"How dare Qi She, who is ranked only 49th on the global ranking, speak gibberish here."

Poison Doc, Guang Hua and the rest of the Miracle Doctors looked coldly at the Miracle Doctor Yin-yang from the island country.

"Tsk, Poison Doc is ranked 31, and my ranking is 49. But looks like someone claimed a higher position without any strength today."

Miracle Doctor Yin-yang spoke sarcastically. He turned to look at the leader of Gordanway. "Since the five to six Chinese Miracle Doctors can't identify the source of the illness. I guess you can only leave this to me!"

"Hur? Miracle Doctor Yin-yang, you've got a solution?"

The leader of Gordanway looked at the Miracle Doctor Yin-yang, who was full of confidence, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

All the Miracle Doctors stared at Miracle Doctor Yin-yang with doubts on their faces. Poison Doc, Guang Hua and the rest watched with darkened expressions.

"I'm 80% confident."

Miracle Doctor Yin-yang exhibited a confident look. He swept his gaze across Poison Doc, Guang Hua and the rest. With a swing, a gust of black and white air darted out from a bell.

The black and white stream of gas flew towards the leader of Gordanway.


Everyone observed the cloud of black and white fog doubtfully.

Slowly, the black and white fog encompassed the leader of Gordanway.

"Leader of Gordanway, please keep a distance away from your pangolin. The heat energy emitted from its body will greatly affect my Yin Yang Cloud. After all, that pangolin is an inborn animal!" Miracle Doctor Yin-yang instructed Leader of Gordanway nonchalantly.

"Okay," he nodded. "Xiao Jia, go to that corner!"


The three-meter-sized pangolin nodded its head just like a human. It then went to a corner and kept still.

"Boundless Yin and Yang expel evil spirits!"

Miracle Doctor Yin-yang let out a soft bellow, and the cloud of black and white fog spun slowly around the leader of Gordanway.

"I studied a little on the Art of Yin and Yang. According to historical records, Miracle Doctor Yin-yang will use rituals, talismans, and chantings to get rid of evil spirits. This is the first time I've heard of the Yin Yang Clouds."

Poison Doc Yan She stared at the cloud of black and white air with flickering eyes.

"Hmph, ignorant people. What do you know about my medical skills?" Qi She scorned at Poison Doc and continued, "Today, I'll show you bunch of ignorant fellows!"


The Yin Yang Clouds spun rapidly at this time. This scene was much more spectacular than the means displayed by those Miracle Doctors just now.

"My Internal Energy is no longer in unrest. Hahaha, I no longer need to suppress my Internal Energy!"

Just when everyone was in disbelief, the leader of Gordanway who was in the clouds exclaimed excitedly. He stood up immediately and looked at Qi She with thrills.

"Thank you, Miracle Doctor Qi She. You actually suppressed my Internal Energy for me. Can you provide a permanent remedy?"

"How is it possible?"

Guang Hua, Poison Doc, and the rest of the people were shocked.

This Miracle Doctor Yin-yang actually found treatment through this way!

The rest of the Miracle Doctors gazed at Qi She with surprises.

"Haha, no one can match my medical skills." Qi She stared at them with a cold but arrogant face. He turned to the Leader of Gordanway and chuckled, "Sir, give me another ten days. I'll be able to cure your illness permanently!"

"Great!" The Gordanway old man was elated. "You have saved my life. I'll never forget your kindness, and I'll reward you handsomely for this!"

"Haha, you're welcome!" Qi She laughed out loud as he turned to look at Poison Doc and the rest of the people. "I told you all. The Chinese Miracle Doctors are so-so!"


Poison Doc, Guang Hua and the rest were looking grumpy. But on the other side, Wang Xian gave a creepy smile.

He did not that expect this mission would involve a conspiracy.

He gazed meaningfully at Qi She, but he did not expose him right away.

"Miracle Doctor Qi She, must I stay in the Yin Yang Clouds all the time?" asked the leader of Gordanway respectfully with smiles.

"No. I'll paste something on you."

Miracle Doctor Qi She shook his head as he took out pieces of a weird-looking talisman. He then walked to the Leader of Gordanway and pasted them on him.

"These talismans could temporarily keep your illness under control. You should never take this down!" Qi She warned the leader of Gordanway.

"Don't worry, Miracle Doctor Qi She. No one can take it down without my permission!" the leader of Gordanway said with a beaming face.

"Alright, you're free to move now!"

Qi She had smiles all over his face. He took out the bell and kept the Yin Yang Clouds.

"Haha, I really recovered!"

Since the leader of Gordanway could move his body freely, he could not help but laugh out loud. "Thank you, Qi She Miracle Doctor. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the rest of the Miracle Doctors too. Today, I'll play a good host to all of you, and I'll send you off tomorrow!"

"Since the leader of Gordanway is cured, it's a load off our minds!"

"That's right. We're glad that you're recovering well. We're incompetent, but luckily, we've got Miracle Doctor Qi She!"

"Miracle Doctor Qi She was impressive. I believe you'll improve your ranking tremendously on the chart from today onwards."

One by one, the Miracle Doctors congratulated the leader of Gordanway and Miracle Doctor Qi She.

Poison Doc, Guang Hua, and the rest of the Chinese Doctors wore awful looks on their faces.

They had the highest number of Chinese Miracle Doctors here on this trip. Even the Poison Doc, ranking 9th, was present. In the end, the leader was cured by a Miracle Doctor from the island country. Such a disgrace!

"Let's go. It's getting late. I've gotten my people to get dinner ready!" the leader of Gordanway exclaimed happily.

All of the people followed the leader of Gordanway to the banquet cave.

There were singing and dancing performances with wine and food.

Miracle Doctor Qi She, no doubt, had become the most attention-grabbing figure in the dinner. Most of the Miracle Doctors went up to him to curry favors. Even the leader of Gordanway gave a toast to him with joy!

"Hmph, the Art of Yin and Yang originated from China. He used our medical skills to cure the leader of Gordanway, and yet, he spoke impudently to us. What a villain!"

Guang Hua drank a glass of wine angrily. Some of the Chinese Miracle Doctors also darkened their expressions.

"Why didn't Miracle Doctor Wang give it a shot just now?" asked Poison Doc Yan She all of a sudden as he held the body of a poisonous snake that licked the wine in the glass.

"Hehe, I'm not that proficient yet!" Wang Xian shook his head and smiled.

"Miracle Doctor Wang could even cripple Fang Huazi's arms, leaving all the Miracle Doctors in Sacred Followers Guild with no solutions. I think you're proficient enough."

Poison Doc looked at Wang Xian and threw him a faint smile as he spoke.

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