Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 212

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 212 Conspiracy 2


Wang Xian looked to Poison Doc and asked plainly, "Poison Doc wants to stand up for Fang Huazi?"

"Haha! I'm not that free. Furthermore, his arms were crippled because he lost in a challenge he initiated. He's too full of himself. However, I'd just like to inform you that Fang Huazi has a master!" Poison Doc laughed heartily.

"Thank you, Senior Poison Doc, for your reminder!"

Wang Xian was taken aback but nodded his head with a faint smile.

"The Sacred Followers Guild is much better than the Medical Saint Sect."

Poison Doc made a baffling statement casually.

Wang Xian smiled and didn't say a word. He lifted his wine cup.

"Come, come, come! Miracle Doctors from China! Although you guys didn't do a thing, I'll still give a toast to you guys!"

At this moment, Qi She carried a cup, walked over proudly and laughed loudly.

No one was paying attention to him. Poison Doc was silently playing with his black poisonous snake. Guang Hua was enjoying his wine and the other few Miracle Doctors were conversing softly.

"There's a saying in China which goes along the line of this: when one reaches a certain level, he can be a tutor for the rest. There shouldn't be a geographical distinction in the medical world. It seems like you guys are still too petty!" commented Qi She sarcastically.

"Hello, everyone! Thank you for being here!"

At this moment, the leader of Gordanway also walked in with a cup of wine in his hand. Lifting it, he announced, "Let Miracle Doctor Qi She and I give a toast to everyone!"

Hehe! Qi She, who was standing beside, lifted his cup at the crowd with a sarcastic expression.

"Thank you, leader of Gordanway, for the warm welcome!"

Poison Doc, Guang Hua, Wang Xian and the crowd stood up and lifted their cups.

"This young Miracle Doctor looks a little familiar. I didn't see you attempt previously. It must have been really easy to get these spiritual stones!"

When Qi She saw Wang Xian, he smiled.

"If I act, someone's going to lose his life!" said Wang Xian emotionlessly to Qi She.

"Haha, this is interesting! To be able to become a Miracle Doctor at such a young age, it seems like the medical circle in China has really fallen back!"

Qi She laughed sarcastically as he shook his head and walked towards the crowd.

The leader of Gordanway took a glance at Wang Xian and didn't say a word. After a simple nod, he left.

Wang Xian looked at Qi She and his lips curved into a smile.

The banquet wasn't lengthy and ended in an hour plus.

Several service attendants brought the guests to their own personal rooms.

The rooms were within a stone cave. However, the interior was luxurious.

Soon, Mo Qinglong entered and reported to Wang Xian, "Young Master, the leader of Gordanway has returned to that cultivation cave. Qi She has also left that place!"

"Let's head over then. It's really not easy to earn these five hundred pieces of spiritual stones. I will have to ask for a pay increase from Gordanway!"

Wang Xian smiled and stood up before walking towards the cave, where the leader of Gordanway was, with Mo Qinglong.

With the strength of them, they easily avoided the patrolling guards and arrived at the entrance of the cave.

Pa pa!

Wang Xian didn't attempt to hide. His footsteps immediately alerted the leader from Gordanway who was sitting in the middle of the cave.


The leader of Gordanway opened his eyes and stared at Wang Xian and Mo Qinglong, "May I know why you are here at this hour?"

"It's all because of those spiritual stones!"

Wang Xian saw a talisman on the leader of Gordanway and walked directly to him.

"Huh? Stop right there!"

Seeing Wang Xian walking directly towards him, the leader of Gordanway chided solemnly.

Sss sss!

At this moment, the pangolin in the corner got up and headed towards Wang Xian slowly with a vicious look.

"I'm here to save the leader of Gordanway!"

Wang Xian stared at the pangolin that was walking towards him and released his aura.

Sss sss sss!

The pangolin was petrified and retreated in horror.


The leader of Gordanway was shocked and stared at Wang Xian in disbelief.

His companion was an Inborn existence and yet it was petrified with a single look. This was simply impossible!

Wang Xian grinned and continued walking towards the leader of Gordanway.

"You must be courting your own death. This is the territory of the Gordanway Family!"

The leader of Gordanway stood up and emitted a strong aura.

"Don't worry, we are here to help!"

Mo Qinglong saw a gust of aura charging towards them. With a wave of his hand, he blocked it off.

"Inborn expert!"

The leader of Gordanway became vigilant in an instant and stared closely at Wang Xian and Mo Qinglong.

"I'm here to save you. Otherwise, you wouldn't even know when others have killed you!"

Wang Xian walked in front of the leader of Gordanway and reached for the talisman on his body!


The leader of Gordanway was shocked. Seeing Wang Xian lift his hands, he immediately put on his guard.

However, to his astonishment, dense droplets of water appeared and swept away the talisman on his body.

The talisman broke into pieces after being immersed in water.

The leader of Gordanway was horrified as a chill went down his spine.

He couldn't even withstand a strike from the young man in front of him when he was at the peak of the Inborn Realm!

However, he quickly recovered and looked blankly at the talisman on the floor.

"This... How is this possible?"

"What's the matter?" Wang Xian smiled and signalled to the pangolin!

Sss sss!

The pangolin stared at Wang Xian in fear. The stifling pressure he felt from Wang Xian a while ago completely petrified him.

The pangolin hesitated for a while before crawling over.


Just as the pangolin approached, the leader of Gordanway let out a shriek in pain. He immediately sat on the floor and started suppressing the pain.

Sss sss!

The pangolin immediately came to the side of the leader of Gordanway and used its tongue to lick his body.

"Get back to the corner!"

After he released his aura once again, the pangolin felt a stifling pressure and scampered to the corner in a hurry.

At this moment, the strange feelings on the body of the leader of Gordanway also dissipated.

"What is this about...? This is...?"

The leader of Gordanway lifted his head suddenly and looked bitterly at the pangolin.

"You aren't sick at all, but there's something wrong with it!"

Wang Xian pointed to the pangolin in the corner.

Wang Xian had attempted to use his Piercing Eye to check out the injuries on the leader of Gordanway in the afternoon.

Under the supervision of the Piercing Eye, everything could be seen as energy.

He noticed faint energy emitted from the pangolin that was being absorbed by the leader of Gordanway.

This source of energy was the source of his illness.

"You are saying there's something wrong with Xiao Jia!" the leader of Gordanway asked bitterly.

"It was clear that someone did something to the pangolin and must be using another method to slowly control you!" Wang Xian explained.

The leader of Gordanway clenched his fist tightly. Taking a glance at the pangolin in the corner, he walked slowly towards it. Instantly, the feeling of losing control could be felt once again.

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