Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 213

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 213 The Outcome Of Miracle Doctor Yin Yang

The leader of Gordanway took a deep breath as he stared at the talisman that had dropped on the ground just now. He gradually calmed down.

He stood there without a word as he was pondering.

Wang Xian did not interrupt him. He believed that the wise old man before him was capable of straightening this out.

"Gosh, given Gordanway's current status after decades of dominance in Jade Nation, never did I expect that someone close to me would hurt me!"

Radiance flickered in the eyes of the leader of Gordanway. "Xiao Jia grew up with me and has been following me around. It's the closest kin that I have. But they actually found a way to control me, and eventually, the entire Gordanway Family, through Xiao Jia. Damm!"

As he finished his sentence, flashes of ferocious radiance were found in the eyes of the leader of Gordanway before he closed them.

"Thank you for your reminder. I guess Gordanway Family is now full of loopholes. Since you can spot this, I hope you can cure Xiao Jia's injuries!"

When the leader of Gordanway opened his eyes again, he bowed to Wang Xian and pleaded immediately.

The leader of Gordanway was even more respectful to the mysterious and formidable Miracle Doctor as compared to Qi She.

"Of course. I'm here for the Spiritual Stones anyway."

Wang Xian smiled and beckoned the pangolin over.

The leader of Gordanway did the same thing too.

When the pangolin walked over, the leader of Gordanway was in pain again. Wang Xian stroked its head, and the Dragon Energy in Wang Xian's body quickly neutralized the poison in the pangolin's body.

This was a unique poisonous gas that was absorbed into the body through food.

It did no harm to the pangolin, but it would bring extreme harm to those who were near it. In particular, the leader of Gordanway, who practiced his cultivation around the pangolin, and would absorb the poisonous gas directly.

"Thank you, Miracle Doctor!"

The leader of Gordanway could no longer feel the pain. With an exhilarated expression, he quickly thanked Wang Xian respectfully.

"Just giving me a handsome reward will do!" Wang Xian said nonchalantly.

"Yes, certainly!"

The leader of Gordanway nodded in haste before he knit his eyebrows. "Miracle Doctor, I'll deal with my family matters first, and I must get it done by tonight before anything happens!"

"Go ahead. I'm going back to sleep!"

Wang Xian waved a dismissive hand and went out. Mo Qinglong was following closely.

The leader of Gordanway fixed his eyes on Wang Xian, "This young man is much more formidable than me!"


The pangolin stuck out its tongues as it made some noises.

"Xiao Jia, are you saying that you felt oppressed when you saw him?"

The leader of Gordanway stroked the head of the pangolin as he asked softly.


The pangolin nodded.

"I heard from my master that there's another kind of existence apart from the realm above Inborn Realm. They are known as the Immortals of the Land. Has that young Miracle Doctor reached that stage?"

He murmured as he stared at the pangolin with flickering radiance in his eyes. "Let's go, Xiao Jia. Today, we need to get rid of the black sheep."

The night in Jade Nation was not peaceful.

The growling sound of beasts could be heard occasionally from the surrounding mountains.

It was all the more restless within the territory of Gordanway.

Wang Xian did not want to get involved in their affairs. He was here to earn those Spiritual Stones, not to meddle in family affairs.

He detested getting into more trouble.

The sun was shining brightly the next morning. The air in Jade Nation was much better than in China.

Wang Xian's mood was lifted as he breathed in the fresh air from nature.

"Sir, I'll lead you to the restaurant. The leader of Gordanway will be sending all of you off later!" a waitress said to Wang Xian.


Wang Xian nodded as he came to the restaurant with Mo Qinglong.

"Congratulations to Miracle Doctor Qi She. Word about you curing the leader of Gordanway has successfully gotten out. I'm sure your ranking will improve in no time!"

"This time, Miracle Doctor Qi She can definitely rank as the top 30 in the global ranking. After all, you beat many doctors yesterday!"

"That's right. Even Poison Doc Yan She is not your match. Your ranking will improve by a lot!"

Wang Xian overhead the conservations as soon as he entered the restaurant.

"Haha, my medical skills aren't that formidable. It's just that some people are overrated!"

Qi She raised his voice as he swept his gaze across Poison Doc and other doctors at the corner of the restaurant. He could not hide the conceited look on his face.

"Miracle Doctor Qi She, don't be modest. Your medical skills are impressive. We can't compare to you at all!"

Several people laughed and replied immediately.

"Given my medical skills, I can at most get into the top five. There are several people better than me!"

Qi She shook his head gently. "But, the Art of Yin and Yang is still compelling in our country. But the Chinese doctors who were known to be the best are getting worse with each generation. Even a young lad is on the chart!"

As he spoke, he thought it was funny when he saw Wang Xian walking in.

"That's true. That lad did not do anything yesterday. Obviously, he did not want to embarrass himself in front of us!"

"That's right. He was the only one who did nothing. Since he's so young, he might have some insider dealings!"

"He came here to enjoy free food and ten Spiritual Stones by doing nothing. What a shameless act!"

Some of the surrounding people commented with smiles just to fawn upon Miracle Doctor Qi She.


Wang Xian overhead their comments as soon as he sat down. He had a sarcastic look as he looked at the door.

The leader of Gordanway brought five to six men with him to the entrance.

Everyone could sense a vague blood-shedding aura from them.

Apparently, they had been killing people not long ago.

"Hmm? The leader of Gordanway is here. Looks like he is looking good. Miracle Doctor Qi She is really awesome!" said the people around Miracle Doctor Qi She when they saw the leader of Gordanway.

"Hur?" Miracle Doctor Qi She was slightly taken aback as he spun around.

"Leader of Gordanway, you got up early today. Why didn't you take a good rest? With my talisman, you should be able to have a good sleep!" Miracle Doctor Qi She said with a smiling face.

"I didn't sleep a wink last night!" The leader of Gordanway gave a bloodthirsty look.

"Hur? Why is it so?" Miracle Doctor Qi She asked with doubts when he observed something wrong with the leader of Gordanway's expression.

"I was getting rid of those black sheep!" the leader of Gordanway said with a ghastly voice. Soon after, everyone watched with shock as a fist struck Qi She's chest.


"How dare you collude with those traitors and poison me, Miracle Doctor Qi She. You'll join them too!"

Puke! Miracle Doctor Qi She spat out a mouthful of fresh blood with a drastic change in his expression. He was petrified. "How did you... How did you find out?!"

"Take him away. I'll make sure he enjoys the rest of his life!"

The leader of Gordanway commanded the people behind him coldly and let out a sigh of relief.

He walked to Wang Xian and bowed. "Miracle Doctor Wang, thank you!"

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