Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 214

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 214 Jade King Mountain Range


Everyone in the restaurant was dumbfounded and looked at the development with disbelief.

They looked blankly at the leader of Gordanway bowing down to the young man and thanking him respectfully.

His bow was deep and he did not have the demeanor of an Inborn expert at all. He also didn't act in a way that the leader of the top tier Family in Jade Nation would be expected to.

He was just like an ordinary citizen thanking his benefactor for lending a helping hand.

"It seems that the matter you are concerned about has been settled!" said Wang Xian heartily.

"Thank you, Miracle Doctor Wang, for your assistance. I have settled them."

The leader of Gordanway showed a faint smile and sat opposite to Wang Xian. "Miracle Doctor Wang, if there's anything you require my assistance for in Jade Nation, feel free to let me know!"

"Sure, I wouldn't stand on ceremony!" Wang Xian replied with a laugh.

"Will Miracle Doctor Wang be interested in hanging around Jade Nation for a few days? I'll let my guys bring you around Jade Nation!"

The leader of Gordanway extended his hospitality.

"I'm good. I'm here in Jade Nation to settle some other stuff. I'll be leaving after having my meal!"

Wang Xian shook his head and rejected. If he stayed in this place for a longer time, Lan Qingyue would probably "kill" him with her stare.

"Alright then, Miracle Doctor Wang. I'll get you a chauffeur later to bring you around in Jade Nation. If you ever visit the Jade Nation in the future, let me know in advance. I'll definitely be a good host!"

The leader of Gordanway smiled and stood up. "Miracle Doctor Wang, the medical techniques of China indeed have incredible effects and you are really a worthy young hero! Enjoy your meal! I'll be leaving now."

Wang Xian heard his last sentence. He smiled and bade goodbye to the leader of Gordanway.


When the leader of Gordanway left, everyone was shocked.

They had been watching the entire development attentively.

The feeling they got was that the leader of Gordanway had put himself down a little too much. The tone he was using when talking to that juvenile was completely deferential.

Even when Miracle Doctor Qi She had found a way to treat the illness of the leader of Gordanway yesterday, he wasn't treated as such.

However, that juvenile's response was even more shocking.

He seemed to take everything as a given, acting nonchalantly.

One should know that this was a top-class Family with several Inborn experts in the clan, and it even had a strong army. They could be considered as elite even when compared with the rest of Jade Nation.

"From what the leader of Gordanway said, his illness was caused by Miracle Doctor Qi She and his clan members. The plot seems to have been seen through by Miracle Doctor Wang."

"Miracle Doctor Wang from China is really incredible to be able to see through the conspiracy. Moreover, he seems to have cured the illness of the leader of Gordanway."

"There a saying in China that goes along with the idea that heroes are often young. Miracle Doctor Wang has such astonishing medical skills at such a young age. His future will definitely be extraordinary!"

"Miracle Doctor Yin-yang was really arrogant. He was still mocking Miracle Doctors from China yesterday. Now that his plan has been exposed, he's most likely finished!"

"No wonder Miracle Doctor Yin-yang has ways to treat the leader of Gordanway. It was all his doing in the first place!"

The surrounding group of Miracle Doctors sighed emotionally. The remaining followers and disciples of these Miracle Doctors looked across in awe.

No one had expected such a young juvenile to be in possession of such astonishing medical skills.

As for those who were still crowding around Miracle Doctor Qi She a while ago, they immediately walked out with blushing faces.

"Haha, Miracle Doctor Wang has truly made Chinese Miracle Doctors proud. This is really beyond my imagination!"

Miracle Doctor Guang Hua brought his disciples along and laughed heartily to Wang Xian.

"I guess I'm just lucky too!" replied Wang Xian with a laugh.

"Miracle Doctor Wang's medical skills are truly exceptional and much better than ours!" another Miracle Doctor walked over and said respectfully to Wang Xian.

When one reached a certain level of proficiency, he could be the tutor of others. They had not looked down on Wang Xian just because of his young age!

Through this incident, Wang Xian had also become famous.

Poison Doc walked over and asked inquisitively, "Miracle Doctor Wang, can you share with us how you diagnosed the illness of the leader of Gordanway?"

"The truth was that the leader of Gordanway wasn't sick at all, but someone poisoned the pangolin beside him. Poison Doc's poisonous snake had probably discovered this. However, it was probably fearful, and the pangolin and didn't dare to go over!" Wang Xian said heartily.

"Oh, so that's how it is!"

Poison Doc nodded his head slightly. "No wonder so many Miracle Doctors couldn't find the source of illness. The problem wasn't with the leader of Gordanway after all. Miracle Doctor Wang, you are really incredible. I'm truly convinced this time!"

Wang Xian exchanged pleasantries and smiled with them.

Doctor Sun who was standing by the side looked at Wang Xian with even more admiration. As for the white-shirt young man, his eyes popped wide open and he was clearly shaken.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, are you heading back to China in a while?" asked Guang Hua.

"Nope, I still have something to attend to and will be leaving later!" Wang Xian shook his head.

"We will also be hanging around here. Since we are here, we have plans to play for a few more days!"

After finishing their breakfast, Wang Xian bade goodbye to Guang Hua and his disciples. He boarded the car assigned to him by the leader of Gordanway and headed towards where Lan Qingyue was.

The end of the Jade King Mountain Range was the liveliest region in the entire Jade Nation.

To ensure the local customs would continue, the local government dug a lot of caves around the area to attract customers.

And for the next few days, it would also be the busiest few days of the year.

The annual stone-betting festival would be held over the next few days. During this period, stone betters, jade stones lovers and jade stones businesses would be here to bet and purchase!

Wang Xian saw a huge crowd gathered in the area they just went past.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, I'll be waiting here. If you have any instructions for me, you can give me a call!" the driver said deferentially to Wang Xian.


Wang Xian nodded his head. He alighted from the car and looked ahead of him.

This was a magnificent entrance. The center of the Jade King Mountain Range had been dug through and both sides along the path had various stone caves.

Within the stone caves and at the entrance, there were various stones on display.

Some stones had a faint green shade while others had a tinge of red.

These were none other than stones for stone betting.

Wang Xian called Lan Qingyue and walked in.

Passing through the entrance, there were more exquisite caves. At the entrances of these caves, there were jade stones that had been cut open with clear prices.

Wang Xian saw Lan Qingyue standing with her uncle at the entrance of a rather luxurious-looking shop.

Lan Qingyue had a bitter look on her and stood solemnly there.

Wang Xian was confused and frowned. He walked over and shouted, "Qingyue!"

"Xiao Xian!" Seeing him walking towards her, Lan Qingyue forced out a smile.

Wang Xian could tell Lan Qingyue was unhappy and asked caringly, "What happened?"

"Nothing. It's just some matters relating to purchasing jade stones. A supplier we have been working with for a long time suddenly decided to stop working with us."

Lan Qingyue frowned slightly, "They said someone is preventing them from working with Deep-sea Jewelry. Tsk! The ones behind this must have been The Zhou Jewelry and Lingyue Sect!"


This chapter refers to the doctor as "Qi Shan." In 212, it is "Qi She"

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