Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 215

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 215 Stone Betting

"Qingyue, how many jade stones do you intend to procure?" asked Wang Xian to Qingyue, who was looking sulky.

"I need about 600 kilograms of Low-class Jade Stones, 100 kilograms of middle-class ones, 50 to 60 top-class ones, and more than 1,000 grams of supreme-class ones," Lan Qingyue answered.

As the top-notch jewelry company in China, the Deep-sea Jewelry had to spend more than billions annually in procurement just to support the sales of the entire group.

They worked with an established company in Jade Nation in previous years through installment payments. However, that group had refused to work with them this year.

With this, Deep-sea Jewelry would be in trouble.

Without sufficient jade stones to produce jade jewelry, there would be a severe shortage in this category.

This would be a huge blow to a top jewelry group.

"Can't you change to another supplier?" asked Wang Xian doubtfully.

"No!" Lan Qingyue shook her head and said with a depressed look. "We don't have enough capital. We only have more than half a billion liquidity in the group. Most of them were reserved for managing other risks. Currently, we can only afford to take out one or two hundred million!"

"Besides, the process will be too long to find a new working partner. By that time, the Stone-betting Festival of Jade Nation will be over."

"Qingyue, why don't we take a bank loan just to tide us over through this crisis first?!" At this time, Lan Quanfeng suggested this to Lan Qingyue.

Lan Qingyue nodded her head. "I guess this is the only way out. We cannot have a shortage of jade stones as they are important. Otherwise, we'll suffer a significant impact from it!"

"Qingyue, don't you have some masters in Deep-sea Jewelry who are proficient in stone-betting? I believe if you purchase some jade stones through betting, it would be much cheaper than a direct procurement!" Wang Xian asked as he looked at Lan Qingyue with questions.

Stone-betting is like life-betting. One can become a millionaire or bankrupt with a single bet. But, a top-notch stone-betting master could still guarantee a profitable business.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, we had a stone-betting team in Deep-sea Jewelry in the past. But the entire team has been poached!" Lan Quanfeng shook his head as he said with a heartache.

"It's unrealistic to rely on stone-betting. Even if we have a team, we're just saving a little money."

Lan Qingyue was not concerned about the Stone-betting team that had been poached.

"Let me do it. I'll act as the Stone-betting Master for today!" Wang Xian straightened his clothes and said to Lan Qingyue as though he was some master.

"Enough, Xiao Xian. You don't have to worry about this. I'll get the group to send me all their funding!" Lan Qingyue chuckled at his funny look.

Wang Xian raised his eyebrows. "Since you're free now, you can join me in stone-betting. Let's go!"

"Xiao Xian, are you serious? If you want to bet, go ahead. I'll give you some suggestions on the side!" Lan Qingyue smiled and said.

Since they had insufficient capital as of now, they could only put a stall on the procurement.

"Stone-betting is not easy. I learned from a few masters for a long time in the past. But, I lost most of the time!" Lan Quanfeng said to Wang Xian.

"I'm good at stone-betting!" Wang Xian laughed as he spoke. He looked at Lan Qingyue. "I didn't reveal my other identity. I'm actually a Stone-betting Master."

Lan Qingyue rolled her eyes at him with apparent disbelief.

She knew better than anyone else about jade stones and stone-betting. It was not only about experience, but it was also about luck.

Wang Xian smiled with confidence. With a pair of Piercing Eyes, Stone-betting was totally chicken-feet!

"This place is known as Stone-betting street. The entire street is three kilometers long, and more than ten thousand stones can be found here. Someone used more than one million and won two hundred million worth of jade stones before over here!"

Lan Qingyue introduced this place to Wang Xian.

Wang Xian nodded as he observed the place that he'd passed by just now.

There was a variety of stalls, displaying stones and their prices.

Wang Xian walked to a stall. The stall owner was a middle-aged man. When they walked over, his eyes brightened up.

"Take a look. Just now, someone won a million worth of jade stones with one hundred thousand dollars. My stall has the best Fengshui in the entire stone-betting street." The middle-aged man raised his voice as he introduced his stall to them.

Wang Xian narrowed his eyes as he swept his gaze across the few hundred pieces of stones at the stall.

Wang Xian was speechless when he saw all the common stones in that stall. There were no jade stones at all, and he claimed he had an excellent Fengshui?

"During the Stone-betting Festival, the Jade Nation will bustle with the highest number of tourists. Some people might make use of this opportunity to gain advantages. If you are not skillful, it would be hard to win a jade stone during these few days!" Lan Qingyue reminded Wang Xian when she saw him staring at the stones seriously.

"Got it. The Stone-betting Master never fails!" Wang Xian turned around and smiled.

He came to the second store, pointed at a stone, and asked, "Boss, how much are you selling this for?"

"There's a price tag on it!" The stall-owner looked at Wang Xian and smiled. "The entire Stone-betting street is clearly priced!"

Lan Qingyue, next to him, nodded too.

"Great. I'll get this!"

Wang Xian went over and picked up the stone. The stone was about the size of two fists with green dots on the outside. This type of stones was not exactly good.

It was not cheap for a price of $80,000 either.

"Sure, do you want to cut the stone here? We can do it for free!" asked the stall-owner with a smile.

"Can I do it myself?" Wang Xian asked.

"Certainly!" He nodded.

"Oh, look who I saw? Someone from Deep-sea Jewelry! Why? Do you intend to rely on Stone-betting to support the sales of the Deep-sea Jewelry? Haha!"

At this time, a chuckle of sarcasm was heard.

Lan Qingyue and Lan Quanfeng were stunned for a moment. When they turned around and saw the group of people, their faces sank immediately.

There were more than twenty people with one lady and four middle-aged men in the center.

Several old men and young men were following behind them.

The one who spoke was a lady. She fixed her eyes on Wang Xian and the rest who were gambling with a taunting look.

"Hehe, the Zhou! What a huge line-up!"

Lan Qingyue stared at the lady and the rest of the people with a darkened expression.

"The girl from Lan Family...you've got quite an ability. You were going to marry into the Liu Family a few days ago. But now, you are sticking to Miracle Doctor Wang. How nice it is to be a youngster!"

The middle-aged lady mocked Lan Qingyue. She then turned to look at Wang Xian. "I bet you're Miracle Doctor Wang. What a young and promising man!"

"Hur?" Upon hearing what the middle-aged lady said, Lan Qingyue had a nasty look. "You're already old, so don't be jealous."

"Hehe, even if I was not old, I would not be a loose person!"

A hint of coldness flashed in the middle-aged lady's eyes as she followed up with a sarcastic remark.

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