Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 216

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 216 Stone Betting Master?

Her remarks made Lan Qingyue uncomfortable as Lan Qingyue stared harshly at the middle-aged woman.

"Old hag, don't disturb us here!"

Wang Xian gave a cold reply after hearing what the middle-aged woman said.

"What did you call me? Old hag?"

The middle-aged woman shrieked upon hearing Wang Xian and stared furiously at him.

"I'm talking about you! Do you need me to emphasize it again?" Wang Xian remarked emotionlessly at the middle-aged woman.

"Miracle Doctor Wang! Don't think you can be arrogant just because your ranking on the Miracle Doctors Chart is high. We are not the Liu Family. You are just a factionless doctor! You should take a look at your standing!"

A middle-aged man beside the middle-aged woman reminded Wang Xian in a harsh tone.

"Oh, is it so?" Wang Xian looked at the middle-aged man mockingly.

"Tsk! It's easy to die young when you are so arrogant!"

The middle-aged man showed no signs of weakness and retorted, "A factionless doctor isn't safe anywhere. It's easy to die away from home!"

"Hehe, I'd like to give it a try!"

Killing intent flashed in Wang Xian's eyes.

The middle-aged man laughed nonchalantly. His Lingyue Sect was a First-class Force similar to the Liu Family.

Although this juvenile had annihilated the Liu Family, Lingyue Sect wasn't fearful of him at all. In fact, he didn't even see Wang Xian as equal.

Although Miracle Doctors were strong and could summon experts who owed them favors, a factionless doctor had a huge weakness.

That was that they did not have any real supporting Force or incredible individual strength.

The Sacred Followers Guild did not exist in the past. The establishment of the Sacred Followers Guild was a gathering of various Miracle Doctors.

The purpose was to ensure the safety of various Miracle Doctors.

This was because many Miracle Doctors were often threatened and slain in the past.

The ninth-ranked Miracle Doctor was also killed by Maniac Ji! And yet Maniac Ji was still alive and kicking.

The reason was because the ninth-ranked Miracle Doctor wasn't from the Sacred Followers Guild or the Medical Saint Sect.

If he had a strong supporting Force behind him, Maniac Ji would definitely not act rashly.

This was because if he did, it would be equivalent to a slap to the supporting Force behind him and a declaration of war against it.

The strong supporting Force would definitely hunt Maniac Ji down.

However, those who owed the ninth-ranked Miracle Doctor favors were fearful of Maniac Ji's strength and didn't seek revenge for him.

Other than that, experts wouldn't be at the beck and call of the Miracle Doctors they owed favors to forever. Once they had repaid the favor, they naturally wouldn't help in the future.

These were the weaknesses of a factionless doctor and also the reason why Lingyue Sect wasn't afraid of Wang Xian.

If Wang Xian dared to summon two Inborn experts to Lingyue Sect, Lingyue Sect could also invite other Sects or friends to face them.

The Liu Family just happened to be caught by surprise! If the Liu Family had made preparations, they wouldn't have been annihilated!

At this moment, a Jade Nation local beside the middle-aged man suddenly added, "This is our territory. If Brother Zhou has any need, just leave it to us!"

"Haha, I don't have to trouble Brother with this. These are some small matters and Lingyue Sect can still settle them!"

The middle-aged man from Lingyue Sect laughed heartily.

"Hey brat, I'll offer you a piece of kind advice to the Deep-sea Jewelry. It's better if you guys act honestly in the future. You guys aren't a match for Zhou Jewelry. Retreat to the second tier silently or your losses will be grave!" the middle-aged woman said to Lan Qingyue with a smile.

"You guys sure are confident!"

Wang Xian looked at them with contempt and ridicule. "Not only will Deep-sea Jewelry not retreat to the second tier, but it will also grow stronger and stronger.

Wang Xian walked to the stone cutting machine and signalled to the master stone cutter. [1]

The master stone cutter moved away and made a hand gesture to ask Wang Xian to continue.

Wang Xian lifted the stone cutting equipment and placed the stone on it. With a confident grin, he cut it down decisively.

The owner of the stall was shocked to see the crowd. When he saw Wang Xian cutting the stone, he immediately looked over.

"Eh! It's green, it's green! It's a gain*, a gain! A huge gain!"

[Note: A gain in stone betting would mean that the value of the gemstone hidden within the stone is higher than the price paid for the stone]

The owner of the stall exclaimed loudly in disbelief after seeing the stone.

"It's really a gain!"

Lan Qingyue and Lan Quanfeng looked over. Their bitter expressions quickly turned to radiant smiles.

Wang Xian smiled. Everything was as he had expected. How could he not get a "gain" with his Piercing Eyes? If he had failed, he must be blind.

Using his Piercing Eye to scan the stone, Wang Xian could look past the impurities of the stone. He could already see approximately a thousand grams of Top-class Jade Stone in it.

"What a killing! Top-class Jade! This piece is worth at least $7-8 million. That's a hundred times profit.

The stone betting owner exclaimed loudly.

The owner's voice drew the attention of the nearby crowd as they came over inquisitively.

"Wow, what a huge piece without any impurities. That's at least $7-8 million.

"Hey brother, will you sell it for $8 million?"

A man shouted loudly from the crowd.

Wang Xian shook his head and threw the stone to Mo Qinglong!

"Huh? You guys sure are lucky to get a gain!"

The middle-aged woman from The Zhou Jewelry looked at that piece of jadestone in shocked and remarked coldly.

"My luck has always been great!"

Wang Xian replied the middle-aged lady. After which, he turned to Lan Qingyue and asked, "How is it? As I've said, I'm a master of stone betting!"

"Even you dare to call yourself a master of stone betting? Aren't you afraid of others cutting your tongue off?"

An old man behind the middle-aged woman spoke with disdain. He looked to the middle-aged woman and said, "Madam Zhou, leave the stone betting to us!"

"Alright, Old Feng, I'll leave this to the various masters!"

The middle-aged lady smiled and nodded her head. "Let them know that stone betting isn't just about luck, and who's a real master!"

"Hehe, just leave it to us. He's just a brat and his luck alone can't be compared with us!"

Five to six old men walked to the stall ahead. They took out professional tools and started examining each stone.

Seeing their proficiency, the owner was shocked and knew that these old men were experts.


Wang Xian glanced at the group of old men acting professionally. He signalled to the boss and pointed his fingers directly. "Boss, give me that stone right there, and this!"

"Alright, brother!"

The owner nodded his head and picked up two stones.

One was five to six thousand grams while the other was just the size of a fist.

Wang Xian gave the boss $150,000. After which, he brought the stones to the stone cutting equipment.

As he swung the blade down, glorious red light was reflected off the stone.

"Bloodstone! Supreme-class Bloodstone!"

"Oh my god! It's another gain. This is a huge gain!"

"Supreme-class bloodstone! Just a small spot like this is worth at least $3 million!"

"Oh my... Is this luck? How can one be so lucky?"

"Two consecutive huge gains! His luck is simply exceptional!"

Exclamations broke out moments after Wang Xian cut the stone. His lips curved into a smile as he looked towards the group of dumbfounded old men.

Master of stone betting? If you guys are masters of stone betting, I'll be the god of stone betting!


[1] "Master Stone Cutter" refers to the professional who helps stone betters cut open their stones

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