Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 217

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 217 God Of Stone Betting

"Sigh, Lady Luck is smiling on me!" Wang Xian sighed softly as he taunted. In just a few cuts, he cut out a piece of supreme-class bloodstone from it completely.

It was worth at least five million dollars.

Lan Qingyue and Lan Quanfeng stared dumbfoundedly at the jade stone in Wang Xian's hand with their mouths agape.

His luck is way too good, isn't it?

Madam Zhou and the rest of the people stared at Wang Xian, stunned as their expressions gradually turned nasty.

"It's too early to be happy!" Madam Zhou scorned at Wang Xian coldly.

"Let's continue!"

Wang Xian tossed the jade stone in his hand to Mo Qinglong before he picked up the stone that was the size of a head.

"This is the third one. He is not going to have a huge gain, is he?"

"How can he have such good luck? Even a master cannot guarantee he could double or triple the investment for all the stones in three consecutive rounds!"

"He has the luck of the Irish if the same thing happens again!"

The surrounding onlookers stared at Wang Xian as they discussed in whispers.

Madam Zhou and the rest of them fixed their eyes on him as well.

Wang Xian felt funny when he saw the crowd. Without much consideration, he wielded his knife.


Wang Xian exclaimed with a smile when he shook his head as soon as he saw the grey stone in it.

"The first knife fails!"

"This is normal. How can one have such good luck!" the people around them commented.

"Ha, he thought that Lady Luck is always by his side. What an idiot..."

Just when Madam Zhou was gloating over his misfortune, Wang Xian brought the knife down again!

"How is this possible!" Madam Zhou swallowed her words abruptly as she shrieked.

A hint of immense green was seen.

"Gosh, he got it again. Fu*k, it's a huge gain!"

"All three stones were huge gains. This is fu*king awesome!"

"Gosh, boss. Did you have all the best stones?"

The green one was not too bad. Despite the value not being any higher than those two earlier on, it still could fetch millions of dollars!

"My luck is really good!"

Wang Xian shook his head slowly as he cut the stone open.

"Xiao Xian, you're simply impressive!"

Lan Qingyue ran over exhilaratingly as she gazed at him with admiration.

"Haha, I was wrong. They are the masters. I'm the God of Stone Betting!" Wang Xian chuckled. "Let's go to another stall. We'll make huge money today!"

Wang Xian tossed the jade stone to Mo Qinglong and looked at those urban masters. "Old people, good luck!"

The several old men had their cheeks flushed as they stared at Wang Xian with shaky bodies.


Wang Xian laughed sarcastically and proceeded to the next stall.

Madam Zhou and the middle-aged man from Lingyue Sect glared at Wang Xian with nasty looks. They gritted their teeth. "Let's follow them!"

Wang Xian came to another stall as he scanned the jade stones. Immediately, he knew everything.

"Boss, give me these seven pieces!"

Wang Xian pointed at seven stones as he instructed the stall owner.

"Are you buying all these? They cost a total of $1.85 million!"

"Bring them over!" Wang Xian said immediately.

"Xiao Xian, aren't you buying too much?" Lan Qingyue hesitated and reminded him when she saw him buying seven pieces of rocks in one shot.

"Qingyue, just you watch!"

Wang Xian smiled at her as he received all the stones.

"He really thinks he can get a huge gain for all the stones he picked?" Madam Zhou looked at Wang Xian and said with a sullen look.

Wang Xian chuckled as soon as he heard that. He picked up a knife and wielded it at the jade stone.

"Tsk, tsk, why is it a gain again?" Wang Xian sighed and shook his head pretentiously. Those Stone-betting Masters were totally stunned as they witnessed it themselves.

It's a fu*king gain again! He looks at a stone, buys it, cuts it, and it's a gain! This is godlike!

Fu*king hell...

"It's a gain! Looks like it must be a Middle-class Jade Stone that costs over a million!" Lan Qingyue clapped her hands like a kid and exclaimed.

"This...this future son-in-law of the Lan Family is too... sick!"

Lan Quanfeng widened his eyes with his mouth wide open like a fool as he watched.

"Well, this should be more than a million. Here!"

He tossed the jade stone to Mo Qinglong before he continued. Another cut was done.

"Oops, nothing. It's a loss!"

"My luck is getting poor!"

Wang Xian revealed a smile on his face. Out of seven stones, three of them were gains, and three of them were wastes.


However, a commotion erupted around him when he cut the last stone.

"FML. Emerald Gemstone! Such a huge Emerald Gemstone that fu*ing costs a hundred million!"

"This is insane. The first Emerald Gemstone, highest value of a jade stone, was found in this year's Stone-betting Festival!"

'It was already impressive for someone to get a glass stone yesterday. Today, someone actually got an Emerald Gemstone!"

Emerald Gemstone, the most supreme stone among the jade stones. Any one of them could easily fetch at least over ten million.

The one that Wang Xian got was worth at least a hundred million.


Wang Xian exhibited satisfaction on his face. He held the Emerald Gemstone that was palm-sized and passed it to Mo Qinglong with a smile.

"Gosh, Xiao Xian. You're amazing! Really amazing!"

Lan Qingyue was so excited that she could not help but give Wang Xian a peck.

"Of course!"

Wang Xian grinned. "You don't have to procure the jade stones this year. Just leave it to me!"

"Great, then I'll leave this to you!" Lan Qingyue exclaimed with excitement.

Wang Xian nodded with a smile. "Let's carry on!"

"Okay. Let's continue!"

"How is this possible!"

Madam Zhou stared at Wang Xian with disbelief as she gritted her teeth.

"Madam Zhou, this is bizarre. He's picking up random jade stones, and he already made big bucks from them. This... this is totally illogical!" those Stone-betting Masters said with embarrassment.

They were the top-notch Stone-betting masters in China. Now, a young man had surpassed them totally. This was simply...simply...

"Yes, that fellow is bizarre to earn more than 100 million within a short period. If he continues, he can support the entire Deep-sea Jewelry!" Madam Zhou said with a sullen look.

"If that's the case, whatever plans we have to stop Deep-sea Jewelry from running their business are wasted!" the middle-aged man from Lingyue Sect said calmly.

Madam Zhou turned around slowly as she looked at the middle-aged man from Jade Nation with a malevolent face.

When the middle-aged man from Lingyue Sect saw the look on Madam Zhou, he knit his eyebrows as a hint of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes!

"Shamala, can you settle something for us?" the middle-aged man from Lingyue Sect asked gravely.

"Brother Zhou, the jade stones are ours. We cannot do anything to them since they are not from our country!" Marain understood their intentions immediately as he smiled.

"Okay, when should we strike?"

"Haha, we don't need timing. This is the turf of Shamala. We can strike at any time!" Marain said with nothing to fear.

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