Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 218

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 218 You Guys Are Ants In My Territory

Madam Zhou and the middle-aged man from Lingyue Sect gave a cold smirk.

Shamala was a top tier Family in the Capital of Jade Nation. The Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect met the Leader of the Shamala Family by chance while on a mission.

Because of this, The Zhou Jewelry had been able to rise up rapidly.

Just before this, to take a further step forward, The Zhou Jewelry had allied completely with Lingyue Sect.

Since then, The Zhou Jewelry and Lingyue Sect would each receive fifty percent of the profits. As for The Zhou Jewelry, it also made its way to become the strongest jewelry business in the country.

This was the territory of Shamala Family and they were in Jade Nation. It was too easy for them to deal with some external people.

"Hehe. It's a shame that Miracle Doctor Wang has to die so early despite being so incredible!" Madam Zhou said coldly with a smile.

"Deep-sea Jewelry wants to compete with us? They are still a far cry from us!"

The middle-aged man from Lingyue Sect laughed.

"Huh? This is...?"

Near the center of the Stone-betting street, Wang Xian stood in front of a stall. Beside him, Mo Qinglong was carrying a huge bag.

There were all kinds of gemstones in the bag.

Adding them together, their value had exceeded $500 million.

And their cost was only slightly above $10 million.

This speed of earning money was truly horrifying.

To prevent others from following them, Wang Xian stopped opening the stones after purchasing them. He was preparing to send them back to be checked in a secured place. This was also to prevent them from attracting too much attention.

Wang Xian looked at the largest stone at the stall he came across.

Using his Piercing Eye, he found the interior of the stone to be extremely creepy.

It wasn't a gemstone in it, nor impurities. It was a sapling, a jade-green sapling.

At the center of the stone, there was a blue liquid. Weird! Extremely weird!

Moreover, Wang Xian found his eyes getting tired and extremely uncomfortable when looking into the stone with his Piercing Eye.

This was the feeling he would get only when he tried to look through some immense power.

However, why would a stone have such immense power?

This might be a treasure! That sapling is able to survive within the stone. It is definitely not simple!

Wang Xian thought to himself as his eyes lit up. He immediately said, "Boss, I'm getting this stone!"

"Alright, sir. It's $2.3 million!"

That owner was thrilled and replied immediately.


Wang Xian didn't say a word and simply reached his hands over to receive the stone.

This stone was much larger than a basketball and weighed thirty to forty catties.

I'll do a thorough examination when I get back! he thought to himself before placing the stone in the bag Mo Qinglong was holding.

"Hello, everyone! It seems like you're having quite a fruitful day!"

At this moment, the voice of the middle-aged man from Lingyue Sect sounded beside them.

"Huh?" Lan Qingyue and Lan Quanfeng turned around and saw that twenty-odd people had suddenly surrounded them.

"What are you guys trying to do now?"

Lan Quanfeng looked at the group of young men from Jade Nation. It was clear that they weren't friendly.

"How dare you guys steal in my territory? You guys must be really daring!"

Marain's eyes lit up when he saw the bag in Mo Qinglong's hand as he remarked sarcastically.


Lan Quanfeng and Lan Qingyue were shocked. Soon anger raged up.

"Steal? Since when did we steal? Which eyes of yours caught us stealing?" Lan Quanfeng growled angrily.

"When? Just today! The loot is right in the bag you guys are carrying!" Marain smiled.

"I can attest to it!" Madam Zhou said with a smile confidently. "Why did you have to resort to stealing? How shameless!"

"Come with us!" Marain said mockingly.

"Slander! What proof do you have of us stealing? It is clear that we bought these. Moreover, what authority do you have to order us to go with you?" Lan Quanfeng said solemnly.

"The authority comes from being part of the Shamala Family!" Marain replied arrogantly. "And based on the fact that this is our territory!"


The owner was shocked when he heard the middle-aged man. He quickly lowered his head and greeted respectfully. "Good afternoon, sir!"

"Shamala? You are from the Shamala Family?"

"Shamala is an exceptionally strong Family in the Capital. This group of people must be eager to die for them to be daring to steal the items of the Shamala Family!"

"Isn't that middle-aged man the one in charge of this place? His standing in Shamala is really high! How did this group of foreigners offend them?"

"This is the territory of the Shamala Family. No one dares to offend the people of Shamala Family in this place!"

Some passersby looked across in shock, and at Marain.

"Madam Zhou, aren't you going a little overboard to accuse us without evidence?" Lan Qingyue said coldly to Madam Zhou and the crowd from Lingyue Sect.

With the strength of their country, the Ancient Martial Arts Families in Jade Nation wouldn't dare to beat them up.

Moreover, the business circle restricted assassination of the other party.

Once a party broke the rules, the party would be penalized.

"You stole the gemstones and it's only natural that they will be confiscated. Moreover, we won't harm you. However..."

The middle-aged man looked at Wang Xian and gave a murderous stare. "Miracle Doctor Wang is from the Underworld. Hehe. He might suffer some injuries or even death!"

"Haha, Miracle Doctor Wang is really incredible at stone betting! I'm really convinced. However, I've forgotten to tell you that this is my territory!"

Madam Zhou laughed loudly and looked at Wang Xian.


Wang Xian turned solemn. He had not expected The Zhou Jewelry and Lingyue Sect to link up with the local forces to target them.

Moreover, they were so blatant.

"You guys are no different from robbers!"

Upon hearing them, Lan Qingyue stared coldly and chided them!

"Hehe, brat! You are now in my territory and you should watch your words. Otherwise, it's still fine to teach you a small lesson!" Marain replied coldly.

"Incredible! Incredible! To ally with Shamala Family and frame us directly!"

Wang Xian looked mockingly at Marain and remarked emotionlessly, "Are you sure the Shamala Family would want to go against us? I'm reminding you to think this through!"

"Hahahaha!" Marain laughed loudly. "Brat, I don't have to think about it. So what if we are going against you?"

"Who the hell are you? Using the words from the Chinese, this is the territory of the Shamala Family. Even if you are a dragon, you better stay down in front of us. Even if you are a tiger, you shall bow down in front of us. In my territory, you guys are just like ants!"

"Is it so?" Wang Xian revealed a cold smirk. "I don't like to remain down!"

Wang Xian turned and stared harshly at the people from The Zhou Jewelry and Lingyue Sect.

"Since you have chosen this, it's only courteous that I return the favor!"

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