Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 219

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 219 Miracle Doctor Wang Please Give Me Your Order

"Haha, returning a favor? Then I shall wait and see what favors you are going to return us!" Marain looked at Wang Xian and laughed haughtily.

For centuries, since the establishment of Shamala in Jade Nation, they had a strong foundation for over a hundred years. How could a foreigner crush it as he wished?

Shamala had nothing to be afraid of over here!

"Such arrogance. You're insolent when you're on someone else's turf. Seeking your own death!"

The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes and stared at Wang Xian scornfully, "This is not your Rivertown!"

"Heh, five minutes!" Wang Xian took his phone and said without any expressions.

"I'll give you five minutes. After that, you'll find out the consequences!" said Marain sarcastically. He felt funny when he heard the remarks, and could not be bothered by them.

"Xiao Xian, we..." Lan Qingyue walked to Wang Xian and looked at him with worries.

"It's okay. Just wait for five minutes!" Wang Xian beamed at Lan Qingyue.

"They are too powerful. Let me see if I can think of ways!"

Lan Quanfeng was unsure if Wang Xian could find a way to shake them off within five minutes. With panic, he took out a phone and made calls.

"Marain, what are you doing here?" Just then, an old man's voice was heard.

Marain was slightly stunned as he quickly put a smile on his face. He looked at that old man. "Gambling King, they are trivial matters. A few people stole our things, and we're here to nab them. Yet, one of them told me to wait for five minutes. Hehe!"

"Oh?" The old man smiled and nodded. "Someone actually dared to provoke you guys in your territory?"

"Some ignorant people!" Marain laughed and said. Apparently, he was fearful of the old man before him.

"Gambling King! He's the Gambling King!"

"Gambling King of Gambling City who went into seclusion five years ago. Never did I expect him to show up in Jade Nation!"

"I heard the Gambling King has been addicted to gambling his entire life. He's invincible in the Gambling City. After his gambling skill became almost godlike, he was addicted to Stone-betting!"

"Never did I expect Gambling King to be here!"

The people behind Madam Zhou looked at the old man with wonder.

"Senior Gambling King, I'm Zhou Hong from Lingyue Sect!" The middle-aged man from Lingyue Sect greeted the old man before him.

"Mm, carry on with your business. I'm here for fun. Hehe!"

The old man beamed and waved his hand before he looked at Wang Xian and the rest.

Suddenly, the old man paused and stared at Wang Xian. He narrowed his eyes. "You look familiar. You killed Gao Wen, didn't you? And the kids from Jiang Family and Zhu Clan. You did it, right?!"

"Hur?" Wang Xian froze for a moment as he looked at the old man.

The old man stared at Wang Xian with a darkened expression. "Gao Wen is considered half a disciple to me. He's now working for Jiang Family and those kids from Jiang Family and Zhu Clan. You can take your death penalty from the Gambling City!"


Everyone around him was stunned as they fixed their eyes on Wang Xian with disbelief.

"Hehe, you even offended the Gambling City. Ignorant fellow!"

Madam Zhou and Zhou Hong from Lingyue Sect had their eyes on Wang Xian as they gloated over his misfortune.

"Gambling King, I didn't know that this fellow offended the Gambling City. He's asking for his own death!" Marain peered over and jeered at him.

"Ignorant indeed. Didn't he stir trouble in the Shamala's territory too?" the old man said with a stern face.

"Old thing, you better watch what you're saying if you want to have a longer life."

Just then, Mo Qinglong, who was standing at the side, glared coldly at him when he heard the old man asking the Dragon King to take his death penalty in Gambling City.

"Hur?" The old man had a slight change in his expression. The aura around him began to alter as he stared at Mo Qinglong.

Mo Qinglong continued with his stare while a black and soul-catching flame flashed in his eyes.



At this moment, a booming sound was heard abruptly from the sky.

Everyone was shocked as they shifted their attention from Mo Qinglong to the sky.

Helicopters, armed helicopters!

Hundreds of helicopters whirred in the sky, as the sound of the engines echoed through the Stone-betting street.


Everyone was peering at the hundreds of helicopters which were 20 meters away from the ground.

At this moment, all the armed elite solders slid down from the helicopters.

An old man, at the center position, slid down from the helicopters as he scanned below him with a pair of cold eyes.

When he saw Wang Xian's location, his eyes narrowed.


All the armed soldiers landed with weapons in their hands. They were waiting for orders with icy-cold eyes.

The old man landed on the ground and walked towards Wang Xian.

Everyone around was dumbfounded and shocked to witness this.

They did not understand why hundreds of helicopters and armed soldiers were present.

"General Gordanway!"

"Leader of Gordanway!"

The crowd cried out with their eyes wide open when they saw the old man taking majestic steps.

The leader of Gordanway, General Gordanway, the founder of Gordanway Family.

The top figure in Jade Nation.

He was a legendary figure who made his way to the top of the Jade Nation from a nobody.

"Leader of Gordanway!"

Marain was taken aback as he looked at the old man fearfully.

Those who knew the inside stories would understand how powerful this legendary figure was.

Leading a congregation of buddies, this man and his pangolin had built the mighty Gordanway Family.

Over thirty years, the leader of Gordanway and his pangolin had dug up half of Jade Nation.

Less than five people in the entire Jade Nation could compare with the Inborn Experts under him.

Earlier on, he had encountered some issues with his cultivation. As such, all the experts in Jade Nation went to visit him.

Why is he here? Looks like he's fine! Marain pondered to himself.

Just when Marain, Madam Zhou and Zhou Hong were shocked by the line-up, the leader of Gordanway was already walking towards them.

Under everyone's shocking gaze, the leader of Gordanway walked to Wang Xian and lowered himself with respect.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, please give me your order!"

"What?!" Marain could not believe his eyes.

All the people around them were watching in disbelief.

The leader of Gordanway from Jade Nation was bowing to that young man with respect?!

The legendary leader?

"You're fast!" Wang Xian was shocked by his speed as he spoke with a smile.

"Your matter is my priority. I wonder which ignorant fellow offended you?!" The leader of Gordanway wore a smiling face as he spoke.

However, Marain, who saw his smiling face, was trembling in his boots.

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