Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 220

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 220 Can't Afford To Offend Can't Afford To Offend

"This member of the Shamala Family accused us of stealing their jadestone and wanted to teach us a lesson. What an interesting accusation!" Wang Xian said plainly to Marain who was by the side.

When Marain heard Wang Xian, his body shivered. To the astonishment of the surrounding crowd, he went down on his knees and begged, "Leader of Gordanway, I... I didn't know... I didn't know that this man is your..."

"Alright, just get that old man from Shamala Family to explain to me. If he can't explain clearly, just don't let me see him ever again." the Leader of Gordanway looked at Marain and remarked emotionlessly.

Shamala Family was powerful and a top-tier Family in the entire Capital. Claiming this to be the territory of Shamala Family wasn't an exaggeration at all.

However, this was just a city after all. It was just the Capital.

As for the Gordanway Family, one could say that they possessed a similar standing as the Shamala Family throughout the entire Jade Nation.

The differences between the two of them were huge!

"Leader of Gordanway, please forgive me. I'm begging you to forgive me. I was wrong. Please!"

Marain kowtowed to the leader of Gordanway constantly in horror.

If he were to ask the leader of the Shamala Family to explain, without a doubt, he would be sent to the leader of Gordanway as a corpse.

"Scram!" The leader of Gordanway saw Marain and chided coldly.

"No..." Marain's eyes were filled with despair. He kneeled in front of Wang Xian and begged, "Your Honor! Please let me go. Please forgive me. Ignorance isn't a fault. I beg you!" [1]

"Oh, you know ignorance isn't a fault? It seems like you understand Chinese idioms pretty well. Hehe. What a shame! We are in Jade Nation and Jade Nation doesn't have this line!"

Wang Xian looked mockingly at Marain. "Didn't you say that you would show me the outcome? What's the matter now? You meant this outcome?"



A warrior saw Marain remain on the floor begging for forgiveness. Therefore, he walked straight over and kicked him in the head. After which, he dragged him away.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, I'll give you a satisfactory answer for this!"

The leader of Gordanway gave his promise to Wang Xian.

"I'll just leave him to you. Oh right!"

As Wang Xian was speaking, he turned to the people from The Zhou Jewelry and Lingyue Sect. He gave them a cold smirk before adding, "Leader of Gordanway, do you have a say on the jadestone trade of this place?"

"The trading of jadestone and similar activities are mainly in the control of the Shamala Family and a few other families. However, I have the same authority over these!" the leader of Gordanway replied with a smile.

"That's great. In that case, I'd like the leader of Gordanway to do me a favor by stopping all trade with The Zhou Jewelry in the future. On top of it, please help Deep-sea Jewelry get in contact with the respective families so as to discuss further collaboration!" Wang Xian said heartily.

"Not a problem. These are just some small matters!"

The leader of Gordanway nodded his head, turned to Madam Zhou and the group from Lingyue Sect and said emotionlessly, "Ban them from entering Jade Nation in the future."

"And expel them right now!" the leader of Gordanway said and gestured to the warriors around him.

"Get out of Jade Nation immediately!"

In that instant, a dozen warriors pointed their weapons at them and shouted coldly.

At this moment, Madam Zhou and the group from Lingyue Sect was completely stunned and embarrassed.

They had never expected a phone call from that juvenile to summon more than a hundred helicopters over in less than five minutes.

Moreover, his background was so strong that it sent chills down their spines.

They had heard of the reputation of the leader of Gordanway too. Yet, an existence of such status was so respectful towards him.

How... How could this be possible?

"Banning jadestone tradesl with The Zhou Jewelry?"

Madam Zhou shivered as she got fl.u.s.tered and terrified.

Banning The Zhou Jewelry from the trade of jadestone would be equivalent to chopping off their arms. How were they going to compete with the Deep-sea Jewelry in the future?

"Scram! Otherwise, we won't be courteous!"

A warrior chided coldly at Madam Zhou and the group from Lingyue Sect.

"Let's go, let's go!"

Zhou Hong from Lingyue Sect turned around bitterly. To be expelled from the Jade Nation and restricted from entering ever again was the greatest humiliation he ever received.


At this moment, a soft voice sounded from the side.

"So powerful! So powerful!"

The Gambling King from Gambling City wiped the blood off the edge of his mouth with his arm. He looked in shock at Mo Qinglong as fear flashed past his eyes.

In the clash of aura during the exchange of gazes, he threw out blood directly from the pressure he felt.

He was the strongest existence in Gambling City and an Inborn expert. Yet he was injured in the clash of the aura.

"Hey old fool. Don't act tough when you speak. It might just cost you your life!" Mo Qinglong said emotionlessly to the old man.

The old man was surprised and didn't say a further word. He took a glance at the leader of Gordanway talking to Wang Xian and was even more shocked.

"Can't afford to offend. We really can't afford to offend. No wonder he could sink the cruise of the Jiang Family and kill that brat from the Zhu Clan of the Jiang Family without reserve!"


He took a deep breath and looked at Mo Qinglong again. This horrifying expert that even he was wary of turned around and left briefly.


The Gambling King took out his phone and made a call briefly.

"Gambling King, what are your instructions?"

The Gambling City within the country was one of the four largest gambling cities in the world. In a grandly renovated casino, an old man answered the phone respectfully.

Despite being in a different country, this old man was still very cautious and respectful. From this, one could tell the influence of the Gambling King.

"Just forget about the incident of Gao Wen and your grandson. That Miracle Doctor Wang isn't simple!" the Gambling King said emotionlessly before hanging up directly without a second word.

"Forget it?"

The old man held the phone in his hand blankly as his expression changed.

"Forget about the billion dollar cruise and the life of my grandson just like this?"

The old man was bitter. However, the instructions were given by the Gambling King and he had to be cautious with them.

"Should I just give up like this?"

The old man was unwilling to. His eyes flickered as he picked up the phone and contacted the old man from the Zhu Clan.


"Xiao Xian... You... You..."

When the leader of Gordanway left, Lan Qingyue stared at Wang Xian, feeling stunned and speechless.

A phone call and five minutes!

And the highest existence in Gordanway rushed over with a hundred helicopters.

A request and The Zhou Jewelry was restricted from stepping into Jade Nation and restricted from getting any jadestone.

A request and the Deep-sea Jewelry would become the most loyal working partner with the Jade Nation.

Everything seemed so simple to the point that Lan Qingyue found it unbelievable.

She recalled the Gambling King from Gambling City who left spewing blood, and the sunken cruise on the seas previously.

The man, who was younger than him, seemed to possess unrivalled capabilities!

Lan Quanfeng, who was standing by the side, was equally dumbfounded. His hand, which was carrying his phone, was shivering a little.

He made a call to look for a contact in Jade Nation. The answer he received from his contact was that he was completely helpless, and that he couldn't offend the Shamala Family, and Lan Quanfeng was on his own.

Yet, to his astonishment, the future son-in-law of the Lan Family was able to get the top-tier force in the entire Jade Nation to help him with just a single call.

This was even more shocking than annihilating the Liu Family previously!


[1] This came from a Chinese idiom which could be explained as: the ignorant shouldn't be faulted and punished.

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