Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 221

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 221 Glowing Like A Goddess

"Who are they to summon the leader of Gordanway and his troops here personally?"

"He must have formidable backings. Could he be the Young Master of some Chinese supreme-class families?"

"How scary. This time, Shamala Family has hit a snag!"

When the spectators around them saw the departure of the leader of Gordanway, they began to peer over the other side and whisper among themselves.

"Let's continue."

Wang Xian spotted Lan Qingyue's shocked look, so he stroked her head gently.

"Gosh, Xiao Xian. You're way too impressive. You actually summoned the leader of Gordanway over."

"Without the channel in Jade Nation, the Zhou Jewelry will not be the match of Deep-sea Jewelry in the future!"

"Xiao Xian, thank you. How about this? When I go back, I'll have a board meeting, and I'll distribute you some shares!"

Lan Qingyue was animated as she grabbed Wang Xian's arm and rattled on non-stop.

Wang Xian chuckled, "Forget it. I'm not interested in this. Oh, I'll pass the jade stones to you later on. Qingyue, help me get some gold and silver bricks with that. The more, the merrier."

"Gold and silver bricks? Sure, leave this to me!" said Lan Qingyue with a smile without asking anything further.

Currently, the Dragon Palace required 100 tons of gold, 100,000 of silver, 1 million tons of bronze, 10,000 tons of fine iron, 1 million tons of coral reefs, 1 ton of five colors of gemstones each, and 1 ton of Spiritual Stones.

He had collected 23 tons of gold, around 100 tons of silver, 5 tons of bronze, and 100 tons of fine iron. No progress on coral reefs and five colors of gemstones had been made yet, but he had managed to collect one-tenth of the Spiritual Stones.

On the whole, Wang Xian lacked many things. He needed to find coral reefs and five colors of gemstones in the sea.

Coral reefs were common though.

After touring the Stone-betting street once, about 500 stones were collected in two of Mo Qinglong's bags.

If Wang Xian cut out all the stones, he believed their value would not be less than two billion.

"Let's find a hotel and rest. My uncle and I will be discussing the jade stones' partnership with a few companies tomorrow. You don't have to follow me!"

After a busy day, Wang Xian and Lan Qingyue checked into a hotel in the evening.

"Sure. I'll get some rest tomorrow at the hotel!" Wang Xian smiled and said.

"Yes, we should be departing for China tomorrow afternoon. Get some rest!"

After dinner, Wang Xian chatted with Lan Qingyue for a while before he returned to his room.

"I wonder...what's that sapling in the stone?"

When Wang Xian returned to his room, he took out the stone that he had bought from the stall and observed it with amazement.

"Let me open it!"

He held the rock in his hand and began to apply force.

"Hur? I can't even break this stone, even with my current strength?!"

Wang Xian was shocked. He thought of the time when his eyes ached after staring at it with his Piercing Eyes. He knit his eyebrows and punched hard on that stone.

The stone remained unmoved.


At the same time, Wang Xian's phone suddenly rang. Feeling doubtful, he placed the stone aside for the time being.

"Hello, Miracle Doctor Guang Hua? Is there anything?" Wang Xian picked up the phone and asked puzzledly.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, I'm sorry to disturb you at this hour. Where are you now?" asked Miracle Doctor Guang Hua in panic.

"I'm at the Oye International Hotel. What's the matter, Miracle Doctor Guang Hua? Is anything wrong?" Upon hearing his tonality, Wang Xian hurriedly asked.

"My most junior disciple is in trouble. It's complicated. I would like you to come over and take a look!" said Miracle Doctor Guang Hua anxiously.

"Your most junior disciple?" Wang Xian was slightly stunned as he thought of Doctor Sun. Immediately, he asked, "Where are you now? I'll be right over."

"I'll send you an address!"

"It's not far!"

Wang Xian looked at the map and rushed over to Miracle Doctor Guang Hua's place.

Wang Xian arrived at a hotel ten minutes later. He headed directly to the Presidential Suite on the highest floor.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, you're here!"

It was a disciple of Miracle Doctor Guang Hua who opened the door. When he saw his arrival, he quickly led him into the room.

Wang Xian saw Doctor Sun lying on the sofa after he entered the living room.

Guang Hua, beside her, was poking her with a silver needle non-stop.

Wang Xian noticed that Miracle Doctor Guang Hua's clothes were in bits and pieces. Apparently, this was after a fight.

"What's going on? What happened?"

Wang Xian went over and saw Doctor Sun, whose entire body was as white as snow.

Her entire body was a milk color, exuding a faint l.u.s.ter. Not even a drop of blood was flowing in her body.

She was as white as snow, glowing just like a goddess!

"Miracle Doctor Blood Man did this!"

Miracle Doctor Guang Hua lifted his chin and looked at Wang Xian with a worn-out face.

"Xiao Xiu went back to the room in the evening. Subsequently, I didn't find her inside, but there were signs of a struggle in the room. I traced it and found Xiao Xiu lying on the ground in a mountain. Miracle Doctor Blood Man was battling with the Holy Priest. I got her back, but I realized all her blood had been sucked!" Miracle Doctor Guang Hua darkened his expression as he spoke.

"All her blood was sucked?" Wang Xian's heart sank as he walked to Doctor Sun immediately. With his Piercing Eyes, her perfect figure was exposed under his vision.

He scanned inside Doctor Sun's body and realized there was not a single drop of blood in it. Yet, unique white-colored energy was maintaining her vitality.

"This? Her heart is not beating, yet she maintained her vitality. How did you do it, Miracle Doctor Guang Hua?"

Wang Xian was shocked as he squatted down. With all the blood sucked dry, Doctor Sun should have been dead immediately. But yet, she was still alive.

If the white-colored energy completely disappeared, she would die immediately at such a state.

"I don't have this ability!" Miracle Doctor Guang Hua shook his head bitterly, "I guess this is her unique constitution. When I first met her, I found her special, as though she was carrying bright energy with her. She's suitable to be a doctor. She gave me a similar feeling to the Holy Priest. Hence, I accepted her as my disciple."

"Miracle Doctor Wang, I asked you here to see if you have ways to treat my disciple."

"Her blood was sucked dry, and her vitality is maintained by special energy. Once this energy disappears, she will die. Besides, she would reject other blood given her current state." Guang Hua continued to say, "I can only slow down the energy consumption through acupuncture. But I don't think this will last any longer!"

Wang Xian nodded and grabbed Doctor Sun's arm. A stream of Wood Energy entered her body.


The moment Wang Xian's wood energy entered Doctor Sun's body, the white-colored glowing energy intensified in her body.

It was as hot as the sun!

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