Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 222

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 222 The Female Light Divine Dragon

"This... This..."

When Miracle Doctor Guang Hua saw his disciple emitting a brilliant light, he was shocked.

"Junior sister looks so holy and pure!"

The white-shirt young man by the side was dumbfounded and simply stared blankly at Doctor Sun who was on the sofa.

Her current pure and beautiful looks were similar to the records of Holy Goddesses in mythology!

Seeing Doctor Sun emitting radiant light, Wang Xian was stunned. He started observing her body carefully.

Pure and flawless, fair without impurities! Even her eight extraordinary meridians have no signs of blockage at all!

Inborn Constitution! This is what a real Inborn Constitution is!

Wang Xian looked at Doctor Sun's body in shock.

Pure and flawless! This wasn't the Inborn Constitution created using dragon energy by Wang Xian, but a naturally-formed Inborn Constitution.

And there's unique white-colored energy of the light attribute around her. No, it can't be!

Wang Xian squinted his eyes and recalled the time when he had encountered the Five Elements Stone Plate.

Five Elements Source Stone was the Origin Sources of the five attributes. The light that Doctor Sun was emitting currently was almost identical to the energy emitted by the Five Elements Origin Sources.

Origin Source Constitution? This is comparable to the Divine Dragon's bloodline! Why would this appear on Earth!

Wang Xian's eyes popped open.

When looking at races in the universe, one could look at bloodline or constitution. The Divine Dragon's bloodline was the bloodline of the highest level. As for Origin Source Constitution, it was the Constitution of the highest level.

"I would never have expected this!"

Wang Xian's eyes flickered. However, Doctor Sun's blood had been sucked dry. I have to inject fresh blood into her. However, the Origin Source Constitution will reject an ordinary bloodline!

Wang Xian hesitated for a moment before squeezing out a drop of essence blood from his hand.

He dripped the blood onto Doctor Sun and directed it slowly into where her heart was.


At this moment, her heart beat. A concentrated stream of dragon energy entered the heart of Doctor Sun.

Thump, thump, thump!

Not good. This won't work unless I inject all my blood into Doctor Sun's body.

Wang Xian frowned instantly. He wanted to use his blood as a starter and rely on the blood creation ability of the heart to restore blood in Doctor Sun. However, things weren't as simple as he had thought.

"Her heart's blood creation ability isn't sufficient. Although her Constitution is exceptional, she is still an ordinary person. She has not even contacted Ancient Martial Arts previously!"

Wang Xian frowned and pondered.

"How is it? Is there nothing Miracle Doctor Wang can do?"

Guang Hua saw the light disappearing and commented bitterly.

"I can give it a try but I have to get back to the country!" Wang Xian recalled something and said to Guang Hua.

"Phew! Are you confident, Miracle Doctor Wang?" Guang Hua frowned and asked.

"Rest assured, it shouldn't be a problem. I can still maintain her vitality at this moment!" Wang Xian said with a smile.

"That's great, that's great! Miracle Doctor Wang's medical skills are indeed incredible. There's nothing I could have done!" Miracle Doctor Guang Hua shook his head and sighed emotionally.

"I will also need to rely on some spiritual medicine." Wang Xian shook his head and continued, "Do you want to hand Doctor Sun to me or would Miracle Doctor Guang Hua prefer to go to Rivertown with me?"

"I'll go to Rivertown with you. Although I have just accepted this disciple, she has only encountered this catastrophe because she followed me. If I can't see her recovery, I won't be at ease!" Miracle Doctor Guang Hua replied.

"Hmm, alright. We will head back tomorrow afternoon. At that time, we can travel together."

"Alright, Miracle Doctor Wang!"

On the second morning, Lan Qingyue and Lan Quanfeng went to negotiate the details of the collaboration. As for Wang Xian, he continued his examination of that stone.

In the afternoon, the group took a plane back to Flow City.

"Xiao Xian, I have told Guan Shuqing about you helping to treat the disciple of Miracle Doctor Guang Hua. Don't harbor other ideas!"

When the two of them were about to separate, Lan Qingyue took a glance at Doctor Sun, who was on the stretcher, and warned Wang Xian.

Wang Xian was speechless and found it hilarious. Nonetheless, he nodded his head and commented, "I'm a doctor!"


After giving a cold sneer and rolling her eyes at Wang Xian, Lan Qingyue pouted and left.

Wang Xian shook his head and looked to Miracle Doctor Guang Hua. "Miracle Doctor Guang Hua, send Doctor Sun to my place!"


After sending Doctor Sun to Wang Xian's villa, Miracle Doctor Guang Hua sat around for a little while before leaving with his disciples.

Wang Xian looked at Doctor Sun, who slept silently on the bed like a holy goddess, before taking a glance at the time.

Let's go get that thing over! Wang Xian thought in his mind.

He went to the top floor of the villa, removed his clothes and jumped into the sea.


He swayed his tail and swam towards the coral region of Bohai Sea rapidly.

Swish swish swish!

Along the way, Prime Minister Turtle, Roving Heavens, Roving Lobster and Roving Girl joined in and followed behind him.

After half an hour, Wang Xian arrived at the coral region once again.

That was the dangerous territory of the Devil Flowers.

Devil Flowers: Level 12

Extractable Dragon Energy from the flower sac: 1,112,343

Looking at the giant Devil Flowers ahead of him, Wang Xian turned serious.

The Level 12 Devil Flowers were the strongest marine animals in the entire Bohai Sea.

Wang Xian could only choose to avoid it when he encountered it previously. However, with his current strength, he definitely could defeat it.

"Restrict all the tentacles of the Devil Flowers and kill it!" Wang Xian instructed his subordinates.

"Yes, Dragon King!"


Wang Xian shifted his body and turned into a golden dragon of the metal attribute. He immediately attacked the flower petals using his razor-sharp claws.

Swish swish swish!

At the instant Wang Xian launched his attack, hundreds of tentacles wrapped towards Wang Xian.



At this moment, Roving Heavens and Prime Minister Turtle also acted. They immediately attacked the various tentacles.

Wang Xian grabbed towards the huge petal with his dragon claws.

With the powers from the entire Dragon Palace and Wang Xian's level increment, the Devil Flowers were slowly being ripped apart.

The tentacles were being chopped off one after another.

"It's done!"

Wang Xian reached downwards and pulled up a huge flower sac.

"I can get more than a million points of dragon energy if I devour it. It seems like I have to let Doctor Sun repay this slowly in the future!"

Wang Xian shifted and swam back towards his villa.

His subordinates dispersed to the surroundings and continued with their cultivation practice.


Back in his room, Wang Xian noted that Xiao Yu had not returned. He went into the room where Doctor Sun was.

Extractable Dragon Energy from the flower sac is 1,112,343. It could restore and strengthen one's heart. This flower sac is equivalent to a Level 12 spiritual medicine. Its effects are definitely insane! Wang Xian thought in his heart. He looked at Doctor Sun and slowly slipped the flower sac into her mouth.

With a thought, the flower sac turned into liquid and entered her body.

In that instant, her body glowed in glorious white light and her heart started beating violently.

With Wang Xian's blood as a trigger, drop after drop of blood was being created.

Blood of the divine dragon was being created and slowly flowed into her body and limbs.

Wang Xian looked at Doctor Sun and hesitated for a moment. With a thought, he injected the Cultivation Arts of the Light Divine Dragon into her mind.

The current Doctor Sun had completely shaken off the bloodline of a human and was metamorphosing into the bloodline of the divine dragon.

This form of bloodline was not something the dragonians couldn't compete with.

A female Light Divine Dragon!

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