Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 223

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 223 Progenitor Tree


"I finally reached Prince Realm! What exhilarating and mighty energy!" [1]

Back on the other side of the world, Miracle Doctor Blood Man was roaring with excitement in the bas.e.m.e.nt of a castle in Europe.

Massive energy including oppression, darkness, terror, and the power to conceal sun and moon exuded from his body!


"Brother, Sister-in-law is here too. We're here to check if you're hiding any woman!"

Just when Wang Xian was staring at Doctor Sun, Xiao Yu's exclamation was heard from the outside.

He was stunned, and the door swung open immediately.

Three girls, Xiao Yu, Guan Shuqing, and Elder Fang went inside.


Three of them stared at Doctor Sun on the bed with amazement in their eyes.

Her pure and flawless face made her look just like a holy goddess.

Her perfect figure was envied by all the girls.

She was a goddess that could make countless men go crazy for her.

Even when Elder Fang looked at her, she could not hide her astonishment.

"No wonder Qingyue sent me a message to get me here!"

Guan Shuqing stared blankly at Doctor Sun as she whispered.

"Wow, Brother. Where did you get this stunning beauty from? She's so ravishing, pure and holy!"

That was her disposition. Doctor Sun, who was lying on the bed, was giving off a glow just like a goddess. This would make most of the girls ashamed of themselves.

"Eh, she's the disciple of Miracle Doctor Guang Hua and used to be a doctor from our city hospital. Something happened to her, so she needed treatment!"

Wang Xian looked at them and quickly explained.

"Hmph, you used to give treatments only in the medical hall. That's where you get your 'Mad Doctor' nickname from. But now, you brought a patient back home just because she's a beauty."

Guan Shuqing glared at him angrily.

"Ahem, this is a special case. Her sickness is quite complicated even when I'm the one treating her. I don't know when she can wake up!"

Wang Xian explained again. Immediately, he fished out pieces of jade jewelry from his pocket.

"Pigeon Blood Ruby. I bought this from Jade Nation especially for you!"

Wang Xian pressed near Guan Shuqing with a smiling face as he took out an exquisite necklace and passed it to her.

"Hehe, that's more like it!"

Guan Shuqing was pleased as she held the necklace up and gazed at it with love.


At this time, Wang Xian heard Xiao Yu's displeased voice.

"Hehe, how could I forget about my beloved sister?"

Wang Xian laughed and took out another piece of jewelry. Then, he turned to Elder Fang and said, "Elder Fang, here's yours. Everyone gets one!"

"Thank you!" Elder Fang smiled as she received the jewelry from Wang Xian.

"Shuqing, you've been practicing with Xiao Yu for a few days. How's your cultivation?" Wang Xian asked Guan Shuqing with concern.

When Guan Shuqing found out about Xiao Yu's cultivation, she was tempted to try too. Hence, Wang Xian got Elder Fang to guide her as well.

"I'm a Level 5 Martial Artist now. Am I awesome?" Guan Shuqing said animatedly.

"So fast?" Wang Xian was stunned as he asked with consternation.

"Brother, you don't know how crazy Sister-in-law is. She's even faster than I am now. I started my cultivation a dozen days ahead of her, and I'm only at Level 6. It was also the Spiritual Medicine that I took which got me this far!"

Xiao Yu went along with her words with a surprised look.

Wang Xian looked over with an astonished look as Elder Fang nodded her head slowly. Apparently, she was also shocked by the cultivation speed of Guan Shuqing. She was simply too crazy.

"Are you that powerful?"

Wang Xian was somewhat surprised, as he had not unblocked all the eight extraordinary meridians in her. Yet, her cultivation was much faster than Xiao Yu.

"Heh heh, that's my ability!"

Guan Shuqing lifted her chin complacently as she replied joyously.

Wang Xian smiled and nodded. "That's true. Shuqing, you're the best!"

"You've got a wife, so you forget all about your sister!"

Xiao Yu, next to him, rolled her eyes at him.

"By the way, did you see the Spiritual Medicines on the rooftop? That Fish Secretion Grass? You can use it if it's useful for your cultivation," said Wang Xian to Xiao Yu.

"Yes, I saw it. When Sect Leader Tang sent some Spiritual Medicines to me the other day, he was dumbfounded." Xiao Yu chuckled.

After Wang Xian was gone, Xiao Yu came to the rooftop for her cultivation every day.

When she went up with her master for the first time, they were stunned for five minutes after seeing the Spiritual Medicines.

The Level 4 Spiritual Beads and the Level 5 Spiritual Medicine, Fish Secretion Grass contained immense spiritual strength.

Sect Leader Tang found Level 2 Spiritual Medicine after some hard work. Hence, he brought them over. In the end, he was so embarrassed that he put his Spiritual Medicine away when he saw the Spiritual Grass lying around on the rooftop.

Thinking back, Xiao Yu found it extremely funny.

"If it benefits your cultivation, just use it. You don't have to save it for me. Elder Fang, you can use it to enhance your strength too!" said Wang Xian to them.

Elder Fang gave a bitter smile. It was Level 5 Spiritual Medicine -- even her Sect Leader swallowed mouthfuls of saliva when he saw it. He also stared at it with a shaky body for half a day, not to mention her.

Yet, the Spiritual Medicine was placed on the rooftop just like some weed. It was a total waste of resources.

They were chatting and laughing as they came to the living room. Elder Fang went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

After dinner, Wang Xian pulled Guan Shuqing into the room for a 'chat.'

Their m.o.a.ning was so loud that Elder Fang jerked her body slightly with flickering eyes on the second floor.

But Wang Xian missed the fiery flame flashing in Guan Shuqing's eyes during their intercourse.

Three hours later, Guan Shuqing pleaded with him to stop. Wang Xian came to the rooftop of the villa to enjoy the cold breeze while sobering himself up.

"I shall check out this thing then!"

Wang Xian picked up the stone beside him. It was the same stone he'd bought from Jade Nation.

There was no way he could break the stone in his human form.

Wang Xian took the stone and leaped into the sea.


With a soft growl, Wang Xian turned into a Divine Dragon. He immediately scratched the stone with his dragon claws.

Ka Ka Ka!

Finally, the stone cracked under his mighty force.

[Ding. A sapling of a Progenitor Tree was found. Do you want to plant it in your body?]

The moment the stone cracked open, he felt a gust of green aura coming at him. The system notification prompted him at the same time.

Wang Xian was stunned for a moment. But without further ado, he agreed.

[The sapling of the Progenitor Tree is planted. You may absorb the Azure Dragon Energy!]

The system notification was heard again. At that instant, Wang Xian felt a strong suction in his body that seemed to be sucking all the vitality he had in his body.

His facial expression changed slightly as he quickly closed his eyes. He began to meditate so that he could control the suction to absorb all the Dragon Energy in the world.

One hour. Five hours. Ten hours.

Wang Xian sat with his legs crossed in the ocean quietly without moving.

"This won't do. This is a fu*king endless pit. I must go for a retreat to suck the sapling of the Progenitor Tree dry!"

After twelve hours, Wang Xian opened his eyes and spoke with a grumpy look.

He immediately returned to the villa and quickly explained to Guan Shuqing and Xiao Yu about his plan before he went back to his room.



[1] Prince Realm is the equivalent of Inborn Realm in Europe

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