Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 225

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 225 Back To School

"If the food doesn't taste good, let me know, and I'll do it again!"

Sun Lingxiu sat opposite Wang Xian as she looked at him with a smiling face.

There was a faint smile on a fair and flawless face. Staring at her holy look seemed almost a disrespectful act.

Wang Xian was uncomfortable with her gaze. With slight hesitation, he asked, "Lingxiu, just call me Wang Xian. How's your cultivation progress going?"

"I think I'll still call you Xiao Xian since it is more cordial," Sun Lingxiu tilted her head slightly and beamed. "I'm at the 5th Divine Dragon Transformation, but I don't think I can transform into a Divine Dragon yet."

When Wang Xian saw her adorable look that was inconsistent with her holy appearance, he received a significant impact due to the stark contrast.

"Probably, it was not the right time yet!"

Sun Lingxiu was, after all, not a real Dragon Race. If she wanted to become a dragon, she would need an evolution process.

Hence, she was not an authentic female Divine Dragon yet.

"From now on, you can just follow me. I'll leave the Divine Dragon Medical Hall in your hands!"

Wang Xian hesitated before he spoke. Part of the reason he spent tremendous effort to treat her was because of the Divine Dragon Medical Hall.

"Really, Xiao Xian?"

A hint of excitement flashed in Sun Lingxiu's eyes. "The Light Divine Dragon Transformation which I'm cultivating can cleanse any impurities through the Light Energy. It is quite effective too. Given my current strength, I'm confident in treating some terminal diseases!"

"Okay, I'm kinda lazy. I'll leave Divine Dragon Medical Hall to you from now on!" Wang Xian smiled and nodded. "But you need to let Miracle Doctor Guang Hua know about this."

"I got this. Master is very kind to me. I'll tell him about it later!"

Sun Lingxiu nodded. Miracle Doctor Guang Hua could no longer guide her in her current medical skills.


Wang Xian smiled and took out his phone to check the time. He realized it was noon.

In addition, he had received many messages which included some from the school counselor from the school. The counselor sent him dozens of messages.

The school counselor sounded angry and anxious in his last message.

[You'll be expelled if you don't come back to school!]

Wang Xian revealed a bitter smile. His attendance for classes did not exceed ten days ever since the new semester began.

Earlier on, he had applied for a month's vacation, but it was already over.

Besides, he may have been a well-known figure in Rivertown, but not many people in school knew about it.

All the more, the school counselors were going nuts about it. They would deduct credits as long as he was absent.

Apart from his school counselor's messages, there were dozens of Wang Dahai's calls and messages. He was asking about his whereabouts and why he was not there for classes.

Then he stopped asking ten days ago. Probably he had heard about Wang Xian's updates from Xiao Yu.

Then, it was Old Qin and Old Xue's messages. Wang Xian replied to them one by one.

Let's go back to school!

Wang Xian pondered. No matter what, he could not be expelled from the school.

He intended to visit the principal or send some gifts to him.

"I need to go to school. I'll take you to the medical hall tomorrow!" Wang Xian told Sun Lingxiu.

"Sure, I'll look for my master later on!" Sun Ling Xiu nodded.

Wang Xian nodded. After lunch, he went outside with Mo Qinglong following behind him.

"Let's get a cab. We'll go to school."

Wang Xian instructed Mo Qinglong, who was following behind him.

"Young Master, we don't have to take a cab. I bought a car recently!"

Mo Qinglong chuckled as he told Wang Xian.

"You bought a car? What car?" Wang Xian was stunned and asked with interest.

When Wang Xian had told Mo Qinglong to buy a car some time ago, he was ready to get a Rolls Royce or Maybach.

Both of the car models were impressive, and they looked cool on the road.

"A caravan!" Mo Qinglong smiled and replied.

"Caravan?" Wang Xian was stupefied for a second. Immediately, he laughed. "Caravan is good. It's more comfortable to take a caravan!"

Mo Qinglong fitted the role of steward quite well. No car was as comfortable as a caravan.

"Young Master, the car is over here. Come with me!"

Mo Qinglong walked towards the back of the villa where there was an open car park.

When Wang Xian came to the carpark, he saw the huge caravan parked in the lot.

The entire vehicle was painted black. It looked more like a huge truck than a caravan.

The entire vehicle was at least ten meters long.

"This is the German-made MAN 8X8 cross-country caravan. It's 11 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and almost 4 meters tall. It weighs 21 tons. After some special modifications to the vehicle, it is explosion-proof. Even Level 8 Martial Artists cannot smash the door open easily. It will not be damaged, even when hit by a rocket!"

Mo Qinglong introduced the vehicle to Wang Xian with a beaming face. "How is it, Young Master? Do you like it?"


With his eyes brightened up, Wang Xian walked to the front of the vehicle. The entire car was overbearing after the modifications.

"If this vehicle collides with another vehicle on the road, wouldn't it crush the other car?"

Wang Xian was dumbfounded as he opened the door.

The entire vehicle was like a small house with a bedroom, washroom, living room, and dining area.

It even came with a spiral staircase which led to the "second floor" of the vehicle.

The roof of the vehicle was a convertible one. Once the roof was opened, it would turn into something like the flybridge yacht that has an open living room. An electrical-adjustable table was located in the middle.

The interior of the entire vehicle was extremely luxurious.

"Great, not bad!"

Wang Xian was delighted, as this vehicle was even cooler than those Rolls-Royces and Maybachs.

From the outside, the entire vehicle looked just like a pickup. Those who had no knowledge about caravans would not know that this was a luxurious caravan.

"The car took more than half a month and more than 10 million to complete the customizations and modifications," Mo Qinglong smiled and said. "Young Master, sit tight. I'll take you to school."


Wang Xian nodded and sat on the sofa inside while observing the interior.

The vehicle was well-equipped with smart appliances such as a TV and computers.

When the car hit the road, he could not feel any bumps from the inside. It was very quiet inside as the sound-proof walls were quite effective.


Wang Xian giggled as he lay on the sofa with a cup of tea. He sipped the tea with a beaming face.

"Young Master, the school guard forbade us from entering, as our vehicle is too big!"

Mo Qinglong's voice was heard after half an hour.

Wang Xian was stunned for a second as he was speechless. "I'll get down. You'll wait for me here."

"Yes, Young Master!"

Wang Xian opened the door and stepped down from the car.

"A bunch of students were driving sports cars a few days ago. This is even better, it's a pickup. Students are really full of ideas nowadays!"

As soon as Wang Xian walked out of the car, he heard the muttering of the school guard.

Wang Xian smiled and walked into the school as the school guard watched him curiously.

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