Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 226

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 226 Exchange Student

Wang Xian looked at the time and sent Wang Dahai a message. Soon, he got a reply.

[The lesson just started, hurry up and come over!]

Wang Xian quickened his steps to the classroom after reading the message.

When he reached the doorstep of the classroom, he heaved a sigh of relief after realizing that the lecturer wasn't the strict one. Instead, this lecturer, who was teaching Information Technology Engineering, was funny.

"I am here to report!" Wang Xian shouted at the doorstep when he saw the lecturer didn't notice him.

"Woah, isn't this the famous student, Wang Xian? How many lessons have you skipped? I reckon you will need to retake the module!" the middle-aged lecturer said mockingly while looking at Wang Xian.

Wang Xian smiled but remained silent.

"Come on in. There is still a seat in the first row. Listen attentively!" said the Lecturer while pointing to an empty seat in the first row. The lecturer didn't question further.

Wang Xian smiled bitterly while walking to the first row.

The tables of the classroom were all arranged in rows of four and there happened to be an empty seat in the first row of the room. Wang Xian went over to sit down. However, when he looked to the side, he was shocked.

He did not know any of his classmates in the first row.

There were two rather good looking girls who looked like twins, and a lean and modest guy wearing a pair of glasses.

Wang Xian truly couldn't recognize them. There weren't that many people in the previous classes.

He looked around and was surprised to find more than ten unfamiliar faces

While Wang Xian observed his classmates, they were observing him too.

The current Wang Xian was well-known throughout the entire school. Not only was he chosen by two goddesses, but he was also filthy rich.

He was the owner of First-grade Restaurant and had bought a luxurious car for his sister, which was worth about $3-4 million. Furthermore, he possessed formidable individual strength.

One could say that he was the most eye-catching student in the University of Rivertown.

Even those whom Wang Xian did not know were looking at him.

Wang Xian was about 1.8 meters tall and well-dressed. His handsome face also had a unique quality.

With his smiling face, his disposition and his handsome looks, many male celebrities weren't as attractive as him.

Being handsome would naturally attract more attention.

If he was not in a lesson, there might be some students who would surround him.

Wang Xian looked and smiled at the beautiful twins beside him before looking forward.

The lesson started and the lecturer was lecturing like usual. With Wang Xian's current memory and comprehension skills, he could easily catch up with the progress simply by flipping through the contents taught previously.

Wang Xian came to understand where these new joiners had come from while listening to the lecture.

They were exchange students from University of Modu.

The discipline of Information Technology Engineering in the University of Rivertown was top notch in the entire country and attracted various exchange students who would come to the University of Rivertown each year.

Similarly, some students from the University of Rivertown would also head to the University of Modu for exchange.

Often, the exchange would last two semesters, which equated to a year.

"Class has ended!" announced the lecturer.

An hour later, the bell that signalled the end of the lesson rang. The lecturer knocked on the table and left.

"Brother Xian, you are finally here, I thought you had died from a mishap and wouldn't be returning!"

"Wang Xian, you still know you have to come for lessons? Even the school counselors couldn't reach you! Incredible!"

"You should bring some things to bribe the school counselor, after skipping classes for so many days!"

"Big boss, when are you bringing our class to your restaurant for a meal?"

Wang Xian was surrounded by his classmates immediately after the class had ended. Wang Dahai and Zhang Wen even ran over while questioning him.

"Uhm, I was busy for the last few weeks and hence I didn't attend the classes!" Wang Xian explained with a smile.

He continued, "Just wait a few more days. I will definitely bring everyone to my restaurant a few days from now!"

"We've got to hug his thigh tightly! Wang Xian, you have the thickest thighs in our class!" the students joked. [1]

The beautiful twins were looking at the crowd around Wang Xian, feeling puzzled.

"Hey, can you guys stop pushing around!" A displeased voice sounded at this moment. Instantly, the commotion around Wang Xian died down substantially.

"I'm sorry, Hua Zeming."

"We are sorry, we are sorry!"

The classmates quickly apologized. Wang Xian looked over to check what was happening.

Four people were sitting there and every single one of them was wearing a branded outfit and a branded watch.

The one that spoke was the guy sitting in the middle. He was good-looking and his hair was slightly long. He looked just like a rich young man often portrayed in dramas.

"Dahai, Zhang Feng and Zhang Wen, let's go outside," Wang Xian said to Wang Dahai, Zhang Feng and Zhang Wen. As they walked out, the trio laughed.

The four guys sitting at the back stared at Wang Xian as he left. The one guy who was seated closest to the door asked a girl beside him, "Who is that?"

"Han Junming, that is Wang Xian. He's the most well-known person in the school currently. He established his own business and is now very rich. Oh, right, the restaurant where you gave the class a treat a few days back belongs to him. Two goddesses in school openly declared their love for him. Even the coach of the Taekwondo club, Yan Hu, said he was not his match. He's incredible!" replied the girl with a bright smile.

"Oh, is it so? A well-known person?"

Han Junming laughed and looked at Hua Zeming.

Hua Zeming snorted and showed contempt.

"There are lots of unfamiliar faces in class!" Wang Xian said to Wang Dahai and the group when they walked out.

"Yes, there are quite a number of them. The four that came to our class are relatively influential. They were all born with silver spoons in their mouths. A few days back, they brought the whole class to your restaurant and spent more than $500,000 after discount. Furthermore, Hua Zeming defeated Xu Qingcheng with a single strike. He is really strong. Although they just came to our school, they are quite well-known. All of them drive supercars and are a little arrogant!" replied Zhang Wen enviously.

"I think the most incredible exchange student is the girl named Mu Wanwan. You might know about her, but she is simply stunning. She's comparable to Lan Qingyue and Guan Shuqing. More than ten rich second generation guys have confessed to her since she came. I heard she's the reason why many other rich second generation guys from Modu came here for exchange. Tsk Tsk. Our school is rather famous now!" Wang Dahai continued.

"Really?" Wang Xian replied with a smile. "The twins in our class are pretty good looking too."

"Those twins are a pair of internet celebrities with a few million fans online. They are pretty incredible but I already have Su Qian. They are destined to not be able to be with me," Wang Dahai exaggerated.

He continued, "Oh yes, Old Wang! Lan Qingyue has returned to school and she was seen with Guan Shuqing each time. Brother, what's your view on this? Is there something fishy going on?"

"Errr, is there?" Wang Xian shook his head slightly and said.

Wang Xian was stunned as the trio stared at him. Guan Shuqing and Lan Qingyue clearly had some agreements between them. He was probably going to be penalized if they caught him looking at other girls.

"Let's go, Old Wang. We can continue our chat at the back of the class!" Wang Dahai said to the rest as the bell that signalled the start of class rang.

Wang Xian nodded and the four of them headed back to class.

Huh? When they were at the back of the class, Wang Dahai, Zhang Wen and Zhang Feng were surprised to see their seats taken.

There were four more seats at the back but these seats were also taken by the beautiful twins.

"Hey, friends, these are our seats. Our books are still on the table too!" said Wang Dahai as he frowned at Hua Zeming, Han Junming and the group.


[1] Hugging one's thigh is Chinese lingo which means getting close to someone influential and rich to obtain benefits.

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